Many of you may remember the Creepy Art Contest from a while back: see here for the original contest blog.

This contest is the first of its kind on the Wiki, and was set up by myself , Doom Vroom and The Damn Batman to try and promote a different creative task for a change - in which users had the chance to express the dark side of their imagination with pictures rather than with writing. After all, a picture is a thousand words! (Like that hasn't been said before)

We had many submissions, most of which were of brilliant quality, but in the end only three could come out on top. To see judging and other comments, please refer to the original blog.

So without further delay, it's time to announce the winners! 

3rd Place: "Another Me" by Thealienonearth

Congratulations to Thealienonearth for third place!

Another me

I was born in a world where everyone likes me, A world where everything is perfect. But then, I know that it won't last, for I have another me. She who is jealous, she who wants to be me, she who was unborn. A twin who try to kill me, a twin who try to hurt me from the day I was born in a world she dreamed of.

She who hates me more than anyone else. Final score: 77/100

2nd Place: "She Came At Night" by Vngel W

Ghost Little Girl

Entry by User:Vngel W

She Came At Night

I was frightened by the little girl who appeared in my room and I told her so. She pointed to my dresser, saying I should be more afraid of the man in the photo. When I looked, I saw the picture of me and daddy.

Final score: 78.7

1st Place: "The Man Eater" by Karategirl2012

Congratulations to Karategirl2012 for this stunning piece which will be displayed on the front page of the Wiki soon:

The Man Eater

Soaked in warm blood that is not its own, two sets of gnashers and four eyes of hollow bone. It stalks the shadows in the dead of night, its fleshless frame rattling... as it searches for its next bite.

~Amy Nobuyuki 

Final score: 88.7/100

Final Word:

Everyone worked very hard to get their submissions in, so don't be disappointed if you didn't get a place in the top three - there may be future creative competitions in store and more prizes to win! The remaining entries will be added up here shortly, so everyone can see your hard work.

Don't forget to congratulate the winners!

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