Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know about a new front page feature I've been working on recently with the admins.

When we first started the Writer's Showcase, it was intended as somewhere for authors to bring attention to those works of theirs which had "slipped through the cracks", and were greeted to the site with little fanfare. Anyone can post their stories to the showcase, and we hoped it would be a popular destination for readers looking for new content, but unfortunately it's become somewhat stagnant. We had originally intended to automatically display threads on the front page, and I've finally gotten round to writing a script to do this.

So, there is now a new section on the front page featuring your stories (you may need to clear your browser's cache for it to display correctly). This will automatically update with new threads whenever anyone decides to post their work to the showcase.

If you're a writer on the site, we hope this should help to give your stories that first push they need to start gaining attention. However, it's now actually important that you use the {{WS}} template when creating threads. This allows the script to show your desired description alongside the link & your name, rather than a placeholder message.

If you're a reader, and didn't know about the showcase, you may be surprised by how many hidden gems it contains. Here is a link that will take you to a random story from the board.


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