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  • I live in Gehennom
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is High priest of Moloch's sanctum
  • I am A Chaotic Human Wizard
  • WaveDivisionMultiplexer

    I know this is a pretty tiny thing to get excited about, but I had to. And now I /must/ write a blog about it. I checked up on this wiki after a long time and I decided I might as well read through my uploads here so far (because sometimes I find faults, sometimes I find that I'm still proud of my work, and other times I request deletion) and I came across two more encouraging comments on my stories. Which makes me really happy, and I know quite well just why.

    I'm aware that I'm not an amazing writer. I might be somewhere around average (although I like to fancy myself a little above that). And that's why little things like these make me want to do a backflip out of joy -Not that I can do a backflip-.

    And it was a really teensy tiny thing too.…

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  • WaveDivisionMultiplexer

    This blog is about is about poetry in general, in case that wasn't clear already. It's about writing better poems, things that one must understand about poems, and, of course, poetry types and forms.

    But on to the pleasantries. For the sake of being pleasant.

    Hello there! It's DaveRevisionWhatplexer. Nice to meet you, too.

    Now that I've got formalities out of the way, let's get to the purpose of the blog post.

    Now, what one must understand, first and foremost, is that there is always room for improvement. In everything we do. Not because we have to cope with a judgemental society that insists on putting us down every chance it gets, but because we have to cope with our judgemental selves. Or perhaps our egotistical selves. Either way, it's abou…

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  • WaveDivisionMultiplexer

    I have this habit of writing about profound crap as blogs on public websites; I can't help it. I like to think that everything is very detatched from myself, and I don't know if that's a good thing -I don't know many things- or not, but it's something that helps me observe my surroundings and myself as a third party who has nothing to do with any of this. Almost. There's always that thing that keeps me here, constantly conscious and extremely receptive. It's just impossible for even a second, to not be me. I'd like to lose that thing; I have no idea how I acquired it. Maybe we'd all do better without it.

    That's not the point. What I initially say is never the point. The point is, even though I have a bit of me -even though we all have a bit…

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  • WaveDivisionMultiplexer

    So this blog post is, well, exactly what the title says. It's going to be another addition to my many blog posts that are never read. But whatever, it pretty much allows me to rant.

    Now I had a blog of the same name a while ago. A long while ago, really. I, of course, wen't all emo over it and poured my heart out (for no reason whatsoever. My life is pretty great), and then days later, realized how stupid it was of me to write that shit. So you know what I did? I vandalized it. Replaced the content of the post with 'no'. Nobody found out, for some reason, so I wasn't blocked. Before you block me for this post (hey, I'm just being honest. This has been on my conscience for a while now), let me say that I was a newbie, and I didn't really kno…

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  • WaveDivisionMultiplexer

    I'd name this something along the lines of 'Drawing Requests', but all my blogs have started with 'something' so far, and it's become a pointless tradition with a lot of sentimental value.

    Any who, this is a bit of an extension of Ecuinach's blog post (linked here). I'm helping out with the digital drawings.

    So link your requests here, or on my talk page, and I'll se what I can do. You can describe what you want precisely, or just leave it up to me. It doesn't really matter.

    But first I must establish some rules where we can draw the line:

    • No NSFW. (I mean, how do you even draw that?) o_o
    • I can draw gore, machinery, humans, animals, etc. But really, I'm awful at places.
    • Leave the link of the pasta here only if you're the author.
    • If you don't like…
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