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  • WhyAmIReadingThis

    So, this is directed to everybody.

    It has been almost a year since I got the first taste of power of this place. During this year, taking care of the chat at first and then two months later being promoted to take care of the wikia itself has been...certainly an experience. I'm really glad that I was seen as deserving of receiving such duties.

    It's true that in the last month or so I have been...much more inactive as an Administrator than in the past times. Very sorry about that. During the year a lot of things has changed as well, but eh, no excuses for that behavior, eh? I still have this wikia as a priority in internet-related matters, and I'll try to be even more active (although it seems that i just cant do deletion appeal goddammit five…

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  • WhyAmIReadingThis

    Hmmmm...okay, this is the story.

    I recently was told by another user that, since I got Moderator obligations I have changed. And looks like it weren't good changes, either. After all, I was told that I'm a serious person. I have always been one, but now...maybe I'm being too serious, so serious it isn't enjoyable.

    I feel that, if it were good, I wouldn't have been told that I have changed. 

    So I ask directly, and please, answer me honestly. Don't be afraid of saying what you think:

    Have I changed since I received my Chat Moderator powers, two months ago? And if I have changed, are these positive changes? Or should I backpedal and try to reverse those changes?

    Please...I need answers.

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  • WhyAmIReadingThis

    So around these days it'll have been four weeks since I got my Chat Moderator AND VCROC powers, and I think it was enough time for most to have an opinion of my way of using them.

    I think that, in an effort to do my job better, I should ask the following: have I been a good Chat Moderator/VCROC during these four weeks? Is there something I can improve, something you don't like about what I do, something you would like to point?

    Am I doing a good job as a Chat Moderator and VCROC?

    I appreciate any answers and/or criticism you may have. Thank you

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  • WhyAmIReadingThis


    February 11, 2013 by WhyAmIReadingThis

    Okay, I have thought about this and eh.

    As far as I know, the purpose of hyper-realism in creepypasta is to make the story look more real in media like, eh, videogames, illustrations and others. You know, to make it scarier.

    But when it is always mentioned, it seems that my mind takes it literally. Just to set an example. In a recently deleted story, the cliche'd description said something along the lines of: "Spongebob in his dark room with hyper realistic eyes and no mouth and he had pinkeye". I suppose that the writer meant to say that Spongebob had some kind of scary eyes and other stuff, meant to be portrayed in a realistic style not seen in the cartoons. 

    And despite my efforts, I kept imagining this: 

    I know it is a bad story to pick, b…

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