William See William See 12 February

Sorry again.

Life went back into crisis mode. I’ll try to help out as often as I can but no promises. - J

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William See William See 10 January

Author Binge!

Hey guys, my next semester is coming up so I unfortunately won't be able to do as much editing on the site.

However, I did want to find some new stories by authors who I see regularly uploading but haven't read through yet. Feels kinda sucky only leaving negative criticism on pastas that never make it out of the oven, so if you have any series you want me to approach or stories you enjoy that aren't yours, please leave some recommendations down in the comments. I could use some mental stimulation!

Stay cool,

- J

Edit: Prefer if the stories are on the shorter side, but longer works are appreciated as well.

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William See William See 1 January

Happy New Years, Creepypasta.

It’s been a long and horrible year out of most people’s nightmares. Perhaps some of us have faced worse by now. But y’know what, that’s fine. It just means we only have forward to go. Just keep faking it until you actually make it.

Stay safe, make sure your new year is spent doing things that are meaningful and fulfilling to you.

- J

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William See William See 7 December 2020

A thank you for the regular contributors.

Just wanted to pop on and say thank you to those certain users who’ve come on and helped clean up pastas now and again. Its a small gesture but I like seeing this site being taken care of. You know who you are.


- J

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William See William See 30 November 2020

The Estate series may go on indefinite break.

I know not many people read my series but this goes beyond that. This year has - without a doubt - been the most stressful year of my life. I’m struggling to finish college, trying to get a job, lost my girlfriend, lost my will to write or draw or do anything fun. I’m sorry but I don’t know if I can finish the next chapter this way.

Keep on writing, my dudes. I’ll be watching from the sidelines.

- J

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