First of all, Welcome.

As a seasoned user, I like to check up on current trends regarding new user uploads. Mistakes are oft made as per human norm, so I’d like to jot down a few quick tips that’ll help your browsing and writing experience so much easier.

0) Users with colored usernames are staff, you can ask them for help on anything. However, users with lots of edits (500-1000) are often regulars and may be able to help you too.

1) You can click on genre tags to read what they’re used for. This will help you avoid putting inapplicable ones on your story or deciding how to categorize.

2) When editing, always switch to Source mode. You can view what your pasta looks like on desktop pr mobile using the Preview buttons on the right side.

3) Yellow Links are clickable. Have fun exploring!

4) Don’t romp around the site making arbitrary edits; its a bad look, it makes it seem like you dont know what you’re doing, and frankly your chance of getting banhammered rises from it.

5) Profile Tab is for personalization, the Talk Page tab is for leaving messages on OTHER user’s pages (ie; someone leaves one on your page, you leave one in turn on theirs).

6) Backup your work on googledocs, wattpad, notepad or other writing platforms. You’ll need it for when you inevitable write a pasta that turns out to not live up to the guidelines.

7) Check the dates left on pages and comments before responding. Theres no point telling someone info they desired 5-7 years ago, and it especially gets tiresome when the activity feed is filled with one word/sentence replies to a single page.

8) Check the recent activity tab to see the latest updates and get a better understanding of how edits work.

9) Don’t be intimidated by M4R notices or critiques. It happens to the best of us, we’re not furious with you for posting a story with a couple typos.

10) Breathe and relax. This site is for fun horror fiction, meaning nothing bad is coming for you. And as always, if you feel too stressed or unsettled by the content here, talk to someone about it! It helps to get your feelings out.

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