I would like to leave this open letter of retirement to everyone on this wiki. a goodbye. to this place. to the people here. to anyone who might read it in the future, to people returning from times past to see an old friend, etc, etc, my time here, has been.. educational, to say the least. i never knew i could hate human beings so much until i came here. nor however, did i know how much i could love other people. indeed. this place is the reason i have any friends i have at all. yes i do so owe this place in its own ways. and i felt i had been, paying my debt by moderating the chat. and that was fun whilist it had lasted. however. i'm afraid as i have been recently, unfairly stripped of my position. i see no more reason to stay here. no, i feel very inadequate now. and let it never be said i am one to outstay my welcome. i would like to just list off some names of people i would like to say i enjoyed my times here with, even though most of them i can talk to still anyway.

Bug2buga, Brokensquid, Eternalnightfall, diamondzarebright, twinarmogeddons, emily4ever, child of mantra, kingkrule, walkingditto, lei omaki, anna monroe, deathgirl12, NeveRsLeePwitHme, willow, demontickitty, devincooper64, finnonymous, frozenfire2, andytags, criticofsadness, candyboyqueen, somepersonhere, grammatik, zyranne, casualarsonist, eyeless karkat, beccalovegood, TTRoseLalonde, lil miss rarity, princess callie, fatal disease, SOMEGUY123, clericofmadness, hiddenspirit, shotgunhobo, irishninja, darkstride, nightshade of darkness, dempugs, castiel's nipples, wolfenmaus, kill1mes, satanictechnologist, scorch, shawn howells, catalystcat, fallmorse, vampire venganza, karkat vantas/L lawliet, skunkette, 41488p, aeterna chaeo, chaoZstrider, ecuinach, jamesthekiller, ahri-chan, thebrexter, gnome, lightflower, wavedimensionmultiplexer, meta, defrether, talymorton. etc, anyone whom i may have missed. do not fret. i still will miss you just as much as everyone else.

i could come back later on down the road, but until then i've decided to take my leave. i see no reason in staying without a real reason. and so i do so say goodbye friends, it has been a fun ride, i'd like you all to know that i genuinely loved my time spent here. even if near the end i got more cynical about it. i enjoyed my stay here. and i wish each and every one of you good luck in life.

i just have one more request though,


Stay Cool.


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