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Alright. So as of lately, my behaviour in chat has been more or less unacceptable. Everything I said in the last few days I absolutely hate myself for, and I regret it all. After the event, I came to realisation what I had just done. It hit me like a tonne of bricks....I was devastated.

I know I may have lost many friends due to this, I just wanted to create this blog post in order to let you know that I truly regret my actions and I am deeply sorry. I honestly understand why you would reject this apology, I was an ass.

So now I am stuck. I am still debating with myself whether I should get myself unbanned and return to chat, or just let it be, and not return. The only thing stopping me is having to face you all, knowing what I had done, and fearing your new opinions about me. 

I know this shouldn't be an excuse, but my mental health hasn't been....the greatest. I have outbursts, not just on chat, but in real life too. I am being taken to a doctor after Christmas. I accept that I have a problem that should be sorted. Perhaps I should return when this problem is at least improved, so that I don't risk anything like this happening again. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.