RedNova and Banning got ya pretty well covered, but you could also jazz up your profile page. Ya know, put a little something on there about yourself and most importantly post links to your stories. I often click on people's usernames if they post an intriguing comment on a page. Plenty of people link their stories or favorites from the site on their profile page.

I've discovered a lot of good stories this way, plus it gives users a place to easily find all of your stories. Go ahead, click on Banning's or RedNova's username (even mine if you want) and see some of the ways you could spice up your page and hopefully draw people to you and your writing.

Okay, now lets talk about categories. The more applicable cats ya add to your story, the more chances people will have to find it. It's kind of a mountain/mole hill type scenario since there are over 10K stories on the site like Banning mentioned below. Still, if two, three, or more cats fit your story then put 'em on there. Each cat is a page people can access your story from. Every little bit helps.

When the random pasta button is giving me nothing but stinkers or I'm in the mood for something a bit more specific, then I go here and pick a category that fits my mood. Kinfroket is an interesting title, so it could easily jump out at someone scrolling through a long list of stories in search of something juicy to read.

Well, that's all I got. Have fun, keep writing, and I hope ya stick around. This is a great site for reading, honing your writing skills, and even lurking. d:

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