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Hi, welcome to Creepypasta Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Thread:609404|Looking for writers interested in having their stories narrated page.

Please be sure to read all of the Site Rules, as it is important to follow them. Failure to abide by them may result in your account being blocked.

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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything!

ClericofMadness (talk) 19:04, March 16, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, thanks for your interest in my stories. And yes, feel free to narrate one or more of your favorite pastas by me.

HopelessNightOwl (talk) 03:34, April 5, 2018 (UTC)


Hey man, just lettin you know you can't add vids to videos without the authors permission.

Custom signature? pfft, as if I were that creative (talk) 14:29, April 11, 2018 (UTC)

To piggyback off this, you can leave them in the comment section of the story or drop a message on their talk page.
Vngel W (talk) 14:33, April 11, 2018 (UTC)

Hi, to further piggyback on what Ice and Vngel said, I thought you did a fantastic job narrating my story The Trivia Channel. However, I prefer to keep narration videos off my articles for a cleaner presentation. Thanks for narrating it and again I think you did a great job, but this is one of the reasons why you need to ask permission first.

HopelessNightOwl (talk) 19:39, April 11, 2018 (UTC)

YouTube Channel

Hey there!  I was very excited to find your YouTube channel!  I love discovering new narrators!   If you'd ever like to narrate any of my stories, just let me know.  I add new ones pretty frequently.

Be well!

Jdeschene (talk) 22:28, April 16, 2018 (UTC)

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