Greetings fellow writers! I'm very knew to this website and I hope to excel in my writing skills just writing pastas and such ^-^. Anyways with that aside I'll tell you guys a little about myself! First off I'm a geeky nerd from California and I'm also a furry...I'm sure most of you on this website know exactly what a furry is because of the internet. Also I'm a HUGE fan of A LOT of game frachises,if there's any you'd reccomend tell me! I also have a steam account which I might mention later on if I get to know you guys better!

Well i guess that concludes it,I'm not a very mysterious person but I may have a few more things I haven't told you :3 *maniacal laughter*. So yeah I'll probably start writing a pasta since I have an idea for one!

Aidan the Shiny Umbreon (talk) 00:20, October 18, 2014 (UTC)Aidan the Shiny Umbreon.


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