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As voted by a panel of your peers (admin and users), your admin rights have been removed pending a behavior change and a growth in maturity.

I've let your shenanigans and drama-whoring go on long enough. We are first and foremost a literary community, not a dropping-off point for talking about vandalizing, vandals, or other people who are not in chat.

I expect better than this from my admin, and as we are not paid to do this job, someone has to keep order and law around here. Your actions both in blogs, offsite, and in chat have continued to be unbecoming of an admin, let alone a user, and it is because of this and your repeatedly broken and seemingly empty promises to change that I am regretfully and duty-bound to remove your admin rights.

If, in the future, you feel you are up to the task of reapplying to be an admin, you must have first proven yourself better than you are at this point in time.

ClericofMadness 23:57, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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