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Me and CP

Greetings: as you may already know from glancing some of the articles around these here parts, I am a CreepyPasta writer and narrator. I'm mostly known for writing and narrating TV-related stories, though I occasionally dabble into theory and depressing ramblings. I'm an avid believer in Lost Episodes: it takes a gifted writer not to make them the same-old-same-old, but there's all sorts of untapped potential in that genre.


Hey, please do not add videos to pastas without the author's permission. It's the author's decision on whether they think a reading/video will add or detract from a story, and we can't choose that for them. Additionally, they may have other readings they want to feature. You can easily contact the author by pressing the little dropdown arrow next to the edit button on a page, scrolling down till you find the earliest edit to the page, and pressing the "talk" link, where you can leave them a message.

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