Break the Worm

Aw, thanks!  :-D I'm glad to hear from you, and to hear that the worm situation is dying down. See, things like this are why I get aggravated when people brag about doing things electronically. "All patients' medical information can be easily accessed in the cloud!" "Oh, great, that means some hacker can access it easily! That's just great!" Because of this I've thought about having various teams in my comics do things old-school. For instance, I've decided that Basilisk issues a book with pertinent information to all its members. It's print only so that way hackers can't steal an electronic copy. I'll have to talk later because I have to go now. Raidra (talk) 20:59, May 15, 2017 (UTC)

Okay, I'm back! We joined my brother and his family to have a birthday dinner. They were up to visit yesterday too. I showed my brother a clip of Palossand in Pokemon Refresh and he found it hilarious that you can feed a sandcastle. I think you can upload Pokemon from games to Pokemon Showdown, meaning I'm not ruling out the chance of facing a freshly evolved Salamance when we face off. Yeah, they were cool. I also found out that Kukui's wife is a professor from a different game (I want to say Pokemon Rumble), which is interesting. Even though I didn't fully understand them, the cameos were great. I watched the Let's Play Pokemon Sun videos by JohneAwesome and TheJWittz. It was a sad week at church because a beloved old lady passed away recently (We got the message last Sunday morning, May 7th). She was a sweet and funny lady. The kiddies jokingly called her "The Toe-Crusher" because she'd jokingly act like she was going to hit their toes with her cane or her rollator (a sort of combination of rolling walker and seat) when she passed by. Things have generally gone well. It's supposed to be warmer this week, so I'll have to be careful doing any yardwork. It feels good to go outside and not have to worry about a cold air mask or a jacket. I hope things go well on your end. Raidra (talk) 01:10, May 16, 2017 (UTC)

I found a website that talks about all kinds of scams and how to avoid falling for them. Sometimes it's basic stuff, like never give your banking information over the phone. If that's true, then I agree that it should have been easily preventable.
"We have a new member. Go fetch me a couple binders from the storeroom." Basilisk members receive two books. The first is a blue book which contains information on all Basilisk members (name, aliases, rank, birthplace, occupation, contact information, and any special information) and any other necessary material (by-laws, notes on subdivisions, etc.). The other is a black book, similar to the Bingo Books in Naruto, which lists information about opponents. I've thought of an interesting development for the next issue. The superheroines Ultra Kate and Karate Kate, along with their allies, go to confront Dart Tongue alias Gerard Ripley. After their confrontation ends in a stalemate, Dart Tongue turns to leave, but the Super Kates ask, "Hey, how do you become a member of Basilisk?" Most of the people there are shocked at how blatant they are at attempting to become double agents, but Ripley chuckles and replies, "Very well. I'll reward your chutzpah." He knows that they have sterling character, he appreciates their honesty and boldness, and he knows they're able to handle Basilisk members who might go rogue and attack their comrades or, even worse, innocent people, so he grants their request. Shortly afterward they receive their blue book and a black book along with a gift from Ripley (a Tony Stewart collectible since Ultra Kate had mentioned being a fan of the racer during their confrontation).
Still Life with Yorkie 2
"The Pokedex says it's a vengeful entity that feeds on the life-force of those who become buried in its sand." "Well, aren't you just cute, with your little shovel and everything! Here, have a bean!" ~Palossand squeals in delight as hearts fly from its top~ No, both people have to be on-line. One time I lost a battle because I got knocked offline, so as soon as I could I went back and asked, "Could we play again so I can lose honestly?" The player obliged and I did indeed lose honestly. :-D How about ten tonight? That'll give me some time to play with my aunt's Yorkie. Remember, the name's ToxicRaidraLady. I'm looking forward to it too!
Thank you. That's the truth. I noted that it's sad news for us, but really we should be happy because she's in a better place and not in pain anymore.
That's good. Earlier today I tackled the rest of the thistles in the front side garden; the back yard will have to wait. Hopefully things will improve. I'll be praying as always. Good luck on the job hunt! See you shortly (hopefully). Raidra (talk) 01:04, May 17, 2017 (UTC)
Actually, Brady the Yorkie decided he doesn't want to play after all, so I'm ready when you are. Raidra (talk) 01:23, May 17, 2017 (UTC)
I can relate because nearly two hours ago the power cut out. :-0 Luckily it didn't last too long. Thank you, I appreciate that. Sounds good to me! about 6:00 PM Eastern Time? We could try for sometime next week. Catch you later! :-D Raidra (talk) 23:55, May 17, 2017 (UTC)

Hey, how's it going? Mom's been doing well, though she has some aches and pains she's been dealing with. I've just finished working on Jeong Do, the Korean offshoot of Basilisk. Hit Hailey back when you can. We'd both love to hear from you. Take care and God bless. Raidra (talk) 21:31, June 20, 2017 (UTC)

Long time gone

Hey! I had to search the world in order to find my login info. First off I'd like to apologise for having not been on steam to speak with you. Sadly I can't run it anymore and I haven't been able to find another means of getting ahold of you. It was taking me a long time to get back into my wiki account, and then I remembered that I could probably find it from one of my comments on your creepypasta. Which I did xD I knew my password, just not my username, silly me. How have you been? I hope you have been well and again, I am so sorry! PastaMeCreepy (talk) 16:53, May 16, 2017 (UTC)

Ah! How'd I forget about that! Though I'll probably have to make another, I've never been too good with login info xD I'll make one so that we can talk privately, as I understand not wishing to talk where everyone can see. That is if you actually want to talk about it. ^^ I'm very happy that you have something to help you see the silver lining, because life can get really rough, and as humans, silver linings is all we really have.
I wish you luck on finding a job, and I know it will happen! Storms are horrible, and I hope that things go okay! This may be a dumb question, which makes sense because I'm not the smartest tool in the shed, but is there a reason you unplug your electronics during storms?
I'm happy to hear this! I hope that your anxiety continues to improve. That is amazing, Vroom! I've been forcing myself to write more as well, and I'm happy to see that you've been getting some done! I'm really happy for you :) I'll have to go on a reading marathon of your work, which I still want to narrate when I finally get the nerve to start that channel. Your work is really good, and I can't wait to read it.
I've been amazing to be honest. As I've said, I've been forcing myself to write more, though not nearly as much as you have gotten done. I have a short story chilling there, almost done, but I'm afraid to continue it. It seems I have an issue with rushing my work, everything happens way too fast, so I don't want to complete it and then see that it's complete crap.. again. xD
I'm still the same old me, which I think drives my boyfriend crazy. He's on a mission to help me out of my depression and anxiety, bless his heart. But... as crazy as it sounds, he has helped me quite a lot. Usually when in a relationship I would freak out the time before meeting them in person and end things, but I didn't with him. And I got to meet him :D He took me out, and I think because of him being there, me seeing him, I didn't have a panic attack, for the first time ever. So it seems that if anyone is going to help me, even just a little, it'll be him. That aside and another comment on my writing life, I actually have a couple creepypasta ideas in mind, but it will probably be a while before I post them. xD
My laptop would lag out when I tried using Steam, sadly. Though it's not dead, so I mostly use it for writing and Skype. I haven't turned it on since the last time it crashed though, from Steam opening itself. So I'll have to turn it on and uninstall, I think. I mainly use my main desktop though, which ironically also can't run steam xD It won't even let games download, so it's like my minecraft/youtube/skype computer. xD
No new anime, though I do need to pick it back up again. It's nice talking to you again! And sorry for the overly long message. I will get back on that site as soon as I can so we can talk privately, if you wish. PastaMeCreepy (talk) 22:57, May 16, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Awesome Birthday" Message

So I meant to send this message yesterday but I was all partied out. I went out to eat at my dad's friend's resturant and I had a buffalo chicken pizza and instead of a cake, I had Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. In other words, I had a great birthday.

I recently finished playing the first chapter of Bendy and The Ink Machine since it was free to download on GameJolt. I'm not going to spoil anything plotwise in case you haven't played it but I thought it was legitamatly terrifying, even when playing it in the day time. I also like the graphics so far have a limited colour scheme (beige, black, and sometimes white) which made it seem like I was in an old movie. If I had the money, I would get the second chapter. I really like how they handled the chapter prices. Making the first chapter free was a neat idea as it can act as a little sampler for the people who aren't sure if it's a game they would get into. I think if you're going to split a game into chapters that's probably a good way to go, as long as the price of the other chapters isn't too out there.

After Yuki guesses Hiroki's last name incorrectly, Shiro asks who she really is. Yuki says, “I um eh uh you see it’s uh,” before bolting out of the apartment with her shoes in hand. A few minutes later, she finds herself a good distance away from the apartment building. She puts on her shoes and takes a moment to catch her breath. As she’s doing so, she wonders what time it is. She takes out her phone and looks at the screen to see that it says 11:30. She quietly gasps and says, “Oh crap! I’m supposed to be at Kathy’s workplace by now!”. She says that on Fridays, Kathy is allowed to take longer breaks compared to the rest of the work week. Because of this, her and Kathy usually meet up on Fridays to spend a good amount of time together.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 20:00, May 16, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "3rd Rock from The Tokyo" Message

"You know how she's wronging a bunch of people right now? Hotel Lady and Apartment Guy? Well, what if at the end of the story she enters a room for something, turns on the light to see and they are all there to confront her?" Holy crap! That's a great idea! It reminds me of this scene from 3rd Rock From The Sun where a character is confronted by all of his past girlfriends and he's all like "Gah!" for each one he looks at. Since the outline is barely past the first act, I'm not sure of where this scene will go but I'll definitely consider adding it. I'm also thinking about making Kenji a girl. I'll keep the name and say that her parents wanted a boy. I think this might be a good idea because it might make the story seem a bit more fresh. A lot of popular love stories involve a guy and a girl as the main couple and I feel like if I make the couple both female, it might make the story seem a bit more fresh if that makes sense.

So I've been doing more work on my Sunny Hill Farms pasta. Here's the latest version if you haven't read it already. So I'm currently on the part where the protagonist comes across the job listing for Sunny Hill Farms on Craigslist. Now I'm trying to decide on two things for the next part. One, should the protagonist summarize what the listing says? Or Two, read the listing word for word? I asked Raidra about this and this is what she had to say: "I like how you had the character acknowledge Craigslist's reputation. As for whether the narrator should read the ad word for word or summarize it, I could see it going either way. Summarizing it would give it an informal feel, but reciting it verbatim might give it an urban legend feel."

If you're making a game, this is a good rule of thumb to follow. Is your game episodic? If yes, make the first episode free and have every other episode after cost the customer somewhere under ten dollars. If no, release the full game the first time around.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 17:34, May 21, 2017 (UTC)


So a couple of days ago, I completed the first act of Sunny Hill Farms! Tonight, I plan to work on the second act of the story. The beginning of the second act has the protagonist (James) getting ready to go to Sunny Hill Farms. I'll add in a detail where he says he packed a steak knife for protection as that was the closest thing he had to a pocket knife at the time. I also added a few things to the plot outline of the Kenji and Yuki story. I'll explain more in my next message.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 01:44, May 29, 2017 (UTC)

It's Me Again!

Hi Doom! So on June 5th, I sent you an email and I haven't recieved a response since then. Did I send it to the right email address? Is everything okay? If you see this message, feel free to get back to me as soon as possible.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 23:38, June 15, 2017 (UTC)

You've been showcased!

You were selected for one of my random writer's showcases, you can read your own showcase here .

Reply to "Congrats! You Survived the Apocalypse! You Get a Gold Star!" Message

I'm glad to hear you're okay. Raidra told me a little bit about what's been going on and I'm sorry to hear about that. Hopefully things turn around in the future.

I just got back from vacation and the hotel I stayed at can be summed up by this one movie scene: ( Other than that, I had a great time.

I've been doing quite a bit of work on a few projects such as the plot outline for Kenji and Yuki and Sunny Hill Farms. For Kenji and Yuki, I split the plot outline up into chapters, as I plan to have the story structured like a chapter book. Speaking of Kenji and Yuki, I've been going back and forth on whether or not I should make Kenji a girl. I feel like if I make Kenji a girl, it might help the story stand out a bit more. I've also been expanding on the existing character sheets for the story and I've added as few new ones as well.

As for Sunny Hill Farms, I'm currently on the second act of the story. Part of this section has the protagonist (who I decided to name James), go to the titular Sunny Hill Farms after getting the job and meet with Becky and her husband Roy in person. I included the plot outline for Kenji and Yuki in the email but I'm not sure if I included the Google Docs file for Sunny Hill Farms in there. If I didn't, I can send it to you.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 03:01, July 6, 2017 (UTC)

Scissor Tongue- the new Dick Tracy villain

That used to happen to me all the time. I'd ask someone, "Did you get my email?" and no, it never made it.

Oh, my gosh, I remember those countdowns! I have a lot of thoughts and memories about those. If you have no objections, I'll share one every message (like a bad hostage negotiation or something). The lists on that page are well-compiled, though seeing Oldboy listed as "Old Boy 2003" made me die a little inside. Yeah, I don't like that Hostel was number one either. Here's something I don't get. They talked about the tendon slicing scene and how even crew members were unsettled, but then they talked about the guy getting revenge in the bathroom. I mistakenly thought that was the moment (since that's what they ended the segment with), so I wondered why did they pick that (a moment of revenge that the audience presumably wanted to see) as the scariest moment instead of the tendon slicing. Parts of that countdown made it seem like they were just sucking up to Eli Roth (since he was a commentator and had a couple movies on that list). They talk about the leg shaving scene from Cabin Fever when they should be asking, "Why in blazes is she shaving her legs? She's infected with a disease and people are ending up dead all around her, and she decides, 'Hey, it's time for some grooming!'? This makes zero sense. Can't this guy do anything other than cheap shock value?" If they had realized, "Hey, this guy's a hack who does things just for shock value," they could've had a better countdown. Gah, I don't like the splatterfilm genre...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. You try to get a drink, and suddenly life becomes a Bounty commercial. It's bad enough when you spill your own food or drink, but I think it's worse when you spill someone else's. It was actually Mom's soup I had spilled (because I was trying to pour the leftover soup in a bowl to be refrigerated). I felt bad about it, but she was very patient and understanding about it, and there was still plenty of soup left. One of these days I'm going to do a blog or thread about the time I had what I call a slasher film headache, which is a headache so bad it makes you want to scream like a character in a slasher film. "AHHH! Oh, dear G-d! NOOOO!!" To end on a cheerier note than that, here are a couple of short videos I found hilarious. Raidra (talk) 18:40, July 8, 2017 (UTC)

Hmm, Hailey's signature looks different... ~looks closely~ Oh, hey, it's Vroom! Welcome back! ;-)
That's okay; I know how busy things can get. Thanks for staying in touch! :-D Hopefully you can get a break soon, and maybe we can play a game or have a nice conversation. Also, hopefully Stimpy won't try to read you a bedtime story. By the way, this morning we had our second blackout in a fortnight. It didn't last long, but I just wanted to let you know that if I don't respond to something for a while, that's probably the reason. Hopefully we won't have another one for a while. The irony is Creeparoni included a story I wrote about a blackout in a video and I've experienced two since then. Raidra (talk) 16:46, July 22, 2017 (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes life can make you feel like this- Is it wrong that I like that video because I dislike Dawn's Piplup? One time Mom and I were having lunch at O'Charley's. They have a promotion called "Free Pie Wednesdays" in which you get a free piece of pie when you buy an entree. We finished our meals and were ready for our pie, but the waitress didn't come by. We waited and our drinks got low, but the waitress still didn't come by. Finally another waitress came by to check on us. We asked for refills and said we were ready for our pie. When she came back with the drinks, she seemed a little confused and explained, "I just found out- your waitress left without telling anyone." Yep, our waitress had gone AWOL at some unknown point. We were surprised, she was surprised, and I imagine the management was surprised too. Mom noted that this was something that had never happened to her before. The replacement waitress took our pie orders and got a nice tip. If the first waitress had an emergency come up, she should have said something to someone so her tables would've been covered; we would've understood. We don't know why she left. All I can say is it's not like we were horrible and did anything to make someone go, "All right, that's it; I'm outta here!"
That reminds me of the homework board in one of my elementary school classes. I used to get in trouble because I missed homework assignments because the teacher would apparently add things after I'd looked (Not on purpose, I'm sure, but it was still irritating). Hopefully you'll get the chance soon. I'm glad you got to hang out with your friend. :-D
We've had thunderstorms lately, so I'd say that's it. There was an episode of Johnny Bravo with a scene with a squirrel causing trouble by chewing on a line. Based on things I've heard and seen that must happen more frequently than we'd realize. "It turns out a squirrel blew a transformer and set fire to the power plant; luckily no severe damage." My gosh. Marvel Comics has a superheroine called Squirrel Girl, and that sentence made me realize how big a threat she'd be if she ever turned to villany. :-0 Thanks!
Thanks, you too. :-D Raidra (talk) 03:04, July 24, 2017 (UTC)

I assume your Piplup was a lot less annoying than Dawn's. ;-) I'm thinking about asking for GameStop gift cards for Christmas so I can start working toward getting a Nintendo 3DS and maybe Pokemon Y.

That makes me wonder how much time she had left on her shift. Sometimes we wonder whatever happened to her, if she ever came back or what. That Pizza Hut story is odd on so many levels. It's bad enough that she expected to get the tip, but to assume you would just automatically assume that it was for her and hand it over, and that the table would want to tip her instead of you, makes it worse. Do you know if she treated any of her other co-workers this way?

Yeah, she could have at least said, "Remember to check the board before you leave," near the end of the day. She was cool overall, but that always bothered me.

Hopefully you'll get some soon. Remember to keep hydrated. That was from the episode in Johnny thought time was frozen for everyone except him. That was a pretty funny one.

  • Johnny- That's all I have to say, Your Majesty.
  • Judge- Your Honor.
  • Johnny- You don't have to call me that.

Sometimes you hear about things like that, things that make you say, "You've got to be kidding me," but no, it's real. Have you ever read any of these lists of unusual deaths? I can share some if you want. Here's a rumored one I found interesting.

  • 270 BC: Philitas of Cos, Greek intellectual, is said by Athenaeus to have studied arguments and erroneous word usage so intensely that he wasted away and starved to death. British classicist Alan Cameron speculates that Philitas died from a wasting disease which his contemporaries joked was caused by his pedantry.

Yep. His peers joked that he starved to death from thinking about things too much. I thought, "Oh, my gosh, I know how I'm going to die now!"

Cool! Hopefully we can talk then. :-D Raidra (talk) 15:46, July 26, 2017 (UTC)

Are you still on-line right now? Raidra (talk) 17:17, July 26, 2017 (UTC) If so, then come to Pokemon Showdown.
Yay! :-D
In that case they should have said, "Here's something for What's Her Name," or, "Make sure What's Her Name gets this." She could have also worked out some arrangement ahead of time. Her assuming she'd automatically get the tip for a table she didn't wait on, and that she didn't need to say anything about it ahead of time, is what makes it presumptuous.
"The dude shouted 'F*** Gators!' and jumped right in; he got eaten by an alligator within seconds." I'm guessing that as a follow-up his friends were shocked that that could happen and his family sued for damages saying the lake owners didn't make the danger clear enough. :-/
It was Garfield. After some looking, I found that we actually discussed this briefly before [1] [2] [3]. Some things are so bizarre that one discussion isn't enough. The Big Book of Losers talked about how numerous surgeries were performed (without anesthesia) to try to find the bullet and to "relieve infection". Um, what? I guess next you're going to do some bloodletting to relieve anemia?
My gosh... That's You know you're incompetent when you accidentally kill people you're not even operating on! :-O If I find an article about that guy, I'll let you know.
It sounds like, "I want a gay hoss," or "I want a gay haus," to me. After the first forty seconds I was just hoping for something that didn't sound like "Boo-yah." That video is hard to distinguish from many actual anime openings. Raidra (talk) 17:51, July 26, 2017 (UTC)
That's okay! :-D I think you're Central and I'm Eastern, so you're just an hour behind me. Yay! I'm actually glad you said next week and not today because I need to take a break. I've been on the computer so much the last couple days that I've given myself eyestrain. Luckily I don't have a headache (I just started feeling nauseous), so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead and take a couple days off. I'll still be checking email, though, if you want to talk. I won't be entirely off the computer.
~shakes head~ Some people just refuse to listen to warnings. I like how the picture is a sign that appears to say, "No swimming alligators." That makes it sound like there are no alligators that are swimming, which is the opposite of what they meant to say. Grammar is important, kids!
I'm sure I do the same thing (or else just repeat things on purpose because I enjoy the topic and don't care whether or not I'm repeating it). That just means we can have the same fun conversations! :-D I'll have to check Planet Dolan after my vacation and see what I can find.
Remember when I did that blog about Batman vs. The Ugly Horde? When I searched "The Ugly Horde", one search engine asked, "Did you mean The Ugly Horse?" It could just be because the S and D keys are close together, but that made me wonder how many people are searching for ugly horses on the Internet. In any case, that is impressive!
Last month I posted a piece called "Becoming a Demon", which I dare say is one of my most chilling and horrifying creepypastas. I have some ideas, so I just need to start writing drafts. Mmpratt and Banning have some stories I'd like to read/review, and maybe then I can work on some of my own stories. Yay! :-D I was going to ask if you were going to keep with the Arthurian legend theme or go with a different legend, but then I thought, "No, I want it to be a surprise!"
Okay! Take care! Raidra (talk) 18:51, July 28, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you; I appreciate that. :-D I actually read your message earlier, but I wanted to rest a little more before responding to you and Hailey because I didn't just want to dash something off. I am feeling much better, thank you. That first day I took a long walk and after that my nausea dissipated, so that was a relief. I'll continue to take it easy, but I'll still be able to respond to you (unless, of course, there's another blackout).

It's an important part, but I don't know that it's as necessary as some people make it out to be. Some people rely on it so much they can't do anything without it. "Oh, my gosh, my phone's not working! How will I listen to music!?" I don't know; turn on the radio, or grab some albums, get in the car, and go for a nice drive? "How will I know what the weather's like!?" I don't know; go to a window? In any case, there should be one from me. It has a scene I wrote with Ki/Cole talking about a bad day he had on the job. Let me know what you think.

~throws life vests~ Here, gator! Try to slip these on someplace!

Sometimes in conversation I have to ask, "Did I already talk about such-and-such?" The answer is often, "Yes."

Some of them are photoshopped (For instance, you might see a fish head on a horse body), and others make you wonder why someone considered them ugly. Really, aren't ugly horses in the eye of the beholder? Sometimes when you search something a suggestion pops up that's so weird you feel compelled to click on it to find out what it's talking about. Years ago there was a story that people were trying to make it so that when you Googled "complete failure" (or something to that effect) the first result would be George W. Bush. Not nice, Googlers, not nice.

Banning is always good about that. He let me read/review the stories 1-3 sections at a time so I wouldn't have to worry about eyestrain/headaches. I think that was best for him too because I could give more detailed reviews. I'm pretty sure Creeparoni has narrated all of his Tobit stories, so you could listen to the videos of the last story. Ah, thanks! Right back atcha! :-D

That's exactly why I have both a folder and a word file of scenes and stories in various stages of completion. Write to live, and live to write! Raidra (talk) 01:57, August 1, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "So Much to Do. So Little Time" Message

It's okay. Take as much time as you need to sort everything out. I'm not in a big hurry to finish everything and I'm having Raidra look over some of my work as we speak.

I've been doing a lot of research on Japanese culture for Kenji and Yuki. For example, one of the things I plan on doing is have Yuki partly act as a guide for readers to understand a bit more about the culture of the setting. For example, there's one part of the story where Yuki forgets to take her shoes off and hears the voice of her dad in her head scolding her for not taking her shoes off. Yuki says, “As soon as I stepped into the hallway, I looked down and noticed that I forgot to remove my shoes. I quickly jumped back as I could practically hear my dad’s gruff voice echoing in my head and reprimanding me for this.” She then says, “You might think that he was overreacting a bit but here’s the thing. From an early age, people around here were taught to remove their shoes before entering a building like a house or an apartment, especially if they had tatami mat flooring, which were supposedly quite difficult to maintain.” Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 23:27, July 8, 2017 (UTC)

On the Night Shift

My gosh! :-O I was going to wait until after I'd processed that a little more before responding, but then I realized that I wasn't going to be any less socially awkward than I am, so why wait?

Here's someone else who just left, apparently- How weird would it be if the worker who left and never came back turned out to be the waitress who went AWOL when Mom and I were at O'Charley's? If you couldn't trust the schedule before, things like runaway co-workers and health problems don't help things at all. I'm sorry to hear about all that. I'm glad the timing on the E.R. visit was good, though. Hopefully the kidney situation will improve soon. I appreciate the updates.

We're doing pretty well, though Mom has her aches and pains. I felt sick the other day, but I've felt better since then. I understand. I hope so too. Get well soon! [4] [5] Raidra (talk) 01:50, August 10, 2017 (UTC)

"I don't care about You Know Who at the You Know What doing I Don't Care!" Let Vroom's day off begin! Shall we try for Pokemon Showdown at 4:30 your time/5:30 mine tomorrow? It's okay if you'd rather do something else because I'm sure there are other things you've been wanting to do. I don't want to be demanding.
That's great to hear. :-D I know how it is. Sometimes you want to do everything, but you'll never be able to. You do what you can and care about others, but you don't try to do everything because you'll only ruin yourself in the attempt. Even Moses needed help with his burdens. Like you said, you can't put everything on yourself, and you shouldn't feel guilty about not being able to fix every problem (especially when the problem is someone facing the consequences of their actions).
I agree completely. Right now I'm helping Mom and others, and you know what? That's what I should be doing. I'm not doing world-shaking things, but mowing the lawn and putting dollars into charity jars is still doing something. Things like fame and fortune are traps because if you start chasing after them, you'll never be satisfied. You'll just find yourself in competition with people who don't care, and that's a sad life. Who's to say what constitutes a meaningful career?
Yay! I appreciate you letting me know. :-D
I've been doing pretty well, although I have a leg cramp this morning. I stretched my left leg and suddenly it felt like my muscles were being tied in a knot. :-O It'll pass, though. I also got a Pokemon guidebook yesterday, which a YouTuber named Ruth Miser did a great review of. I sent you some emails with drawings of some Basilisk members; I hope you enjoy! Raidra (talk) 14:10, August 23, 2017 (UTC)
It's great to hear from you! Thanks for touching base. :-) Yay! We're all right, thank you. You don't even need to explain that one. Yesterday evening I fell asleep about 5:30 and woke up about 8. "Raidra slept and became healthy!" Raidra (talk) 22:37, September 13, 2017 (UTC)

This incident went on to inspire this anime (0:36-1:21). Seriously, though, I'm glad you finally got some rest, and I hope you get the job too! I don't remember if I mentioned this site already, but lately I've been visiting and reading the stories from delivery drivers. Some are funny, some are bizarre, and some are just bad. So very, very bad.

It is, thank you. :-) Luckily it didn't last too long. I hope you like them. After reading so many stories on Tip The Pizza Guy, maybe I'll create a pizzeria-themed Basilisk team. The only trouble would be names and individual themes. "This one is Bacon...and this one is Garlic Butter...and this one is Napkin... Come on, what do you want from me?!" You're certainly welcome! It's no trouble at all. It's a shame that more people aren't being understanding. :-( I once read some words of wisdom- "You can't please everybody, and after a certain point you should stop trying." You take care too! It's good to be able to chat a little! ~hugs~ Raidra (talk) 00:42, September 16, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, here's something else. I thought of another smart moment from manga/anime, and it’s from early on in Naruto (the third volume if I recall correctly). Naruto and his team were up against their first real challenge- Zabuza, a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and an assassin with a very high body count. Zabuza had their sensei, Kakashi, trapped in a water bubble so he couldn’t help them. After steeling his resolve, Naruto managed to get to his backpack and toss a giant shuriken to Sasuke. Sasuke threw both that shuriken and a second one he had at Zabuza. The second one was hidden under the first so it was hard to detect, but Zabuza was able to avoid both. However, one of the giant shuriken suddenly turned into Naruto, who threw a kunai at Zabuza. The surprised Zabuza was able to dodge that too, but he was so distracted that Kakashi was able to escape and battle. It turned out that Naruto had used two techniques, the Clone Technique and the Transformation Technique, in order to foil Zabuza. He created a shadow clone, transformed into a giant shuriken, and had the clone throw shuriken-Naruto to Sasuke. The perceptive Sasuke was able to realize what his plan was and help carry it out. A couple volumes later, Zabuza and Kakashi had a rematch. Zabuza created a blinding mist so Kakashi couldn't use his ocular powers against him. He managed to stab Kakashi, but it turned out that was part of Kakashi's plan. Since he couldn't see anything, he let Zabuza wound him on purpose. He then summoned his ninja hounds, who found him easily because they could smell Kakashi's blood on his weapon. As much as some people dismiss anime as a bunch of people shooting energy at each other (a charge that’s sometimes accurate), there really are some smart battles. Raidra (talk) 20:10, September 16, 2017 (UTC)

I'm sorry that the pictures didn't show up very well. I'll figure something out, maybe post them to your talk page. As for Bushopawa, I just checked and whoops. I've sent a new message with the pictures. I'm glad you liked them! :-D
That was a great episode. Another great one is the one that introduced The Scarecrow. Bruce was saddened because some jerk who couldn't look beyond the surface told him his father would be ashamed of him, and then he had to overcome his doubt and fear, and then he beat Scarecrow at his own game like a boss! I'll see what else comes to mind. Have a good one! Raidra (talk) 12:42, September 20, 2017 (UTC)
I knew there was an old issue in which Robin had to impersonate Batman, and I found it- Detective Comics #165. Here's an article about it (and these pictures actually do enlarge so you can see them). Raidra (talk) 12:58, September 20, 2017 (UTC)

Hello There!

How's it going?

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 19:11, August 25, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Dare He Izz!" Message

Title Quote brought to you by Cool Cat Saves the Kids! Giving children all across America totally accurate information for dealing with everyday problems like how to deal with cartoonish bullies that literally steal candy from babies, how to run across the street without looking both ways, how to go further into a potentially dangerous situation involving kids bringing guns to school, and how to mispronounce the words, "There he is!"

While you've been away, I've been doing a lot of work on the plot outline for Kenji and Yuki. I've completed chapter two of the plot outline and am currently on chapter three where we get some more character development such as finding out that she doesn't seem to be a fan of alcohol, how she seems to be hyped about the then upcoming Pocket Monsters Sun and Moon game, and a little but more insight into what she looks like. Here's the plot outline in case you misplaced it: (

Last week, I started taking my online college classes. This semester, I have Intro to Computers and Fundamentals of Web Development. The first week wasn't so bad and I was able to complete this week's assignments for the latter class but I'm having trouble doing this werk's assignments for the former class. So this week's assignments involve taking an exam and a practice test on a separate website. However, when I click "Start", nothing happens, which is weird because I was able to do last week's assignment on the same website without a problem. I've talked to my professor about this but so far, nothing has worked. I'm waiting to hear back from him again and hopefully he might find out what's really going on before the deadline.

So I've made a big decision for one of the characters in Kenji and Yuki. I've decided to make Kenji a girl. I'm not sure if told you this already so forgive me if I'm just giving you repeat information.

I've also done a bit of work on Sunny Hill Farms. Here's the link to the story: (

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 23:59, September 13, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Frustration" Message

So tonight I finally got an answer for why I couldn't open the assignments. To make a long story short, a lot of other students couldn't open the assignment and it seems like it's a site glitch as the professor couldn't open the assignment either. I found all of this out from technical support. I saved the chat but it's on my mom's computer so I can try and send it tomorrow. Because it's a site glitch, I'm supposed to hear from the higher ups sometime soon but I don't know when that is. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one having an issue.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 13:45, September 16, 2017 (UTC)

You got it brother!

Go right ahead and add your category! You've certainly earned it. Keep writing!

K. Banning Kellum (talk) 17:43, September 20, 2017 (UTC)

Hey There

Hey, we have been thinking of featuring you on the front page, for the *Featured Author* thing we have been doing. Would you be up for it? You can contact me at Cheers! MrDupin (talk) 11:23, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

Death Not

My Internet and phone were out part of the day. I noted that they came back on after I was too tired to do much of anything. Another smart moment from Batman: The Animated Series is when The Riddler was introduced. There was this riddle that was supposed to be so difficult, and Batman thought for one second before stating that the answer was simple, giving the answer, and explaining the answer fully (I also thought the riddle and its solution were great). B:TAS had so many ways of showing how awesome Batman is or can be, showing him as a strong fighter and a brilliant detective, tough & formidable and compassionate, etc.

Wow! I didn't know the Death Note movie was produced on Bizarro World! Seriously, though, my jaw dropped when you told me that. My gosh. How can an adaptation be botched so badly? Incidentally, Misa was on Anime America's list of the Top Ten Most Annoying Characters. Robin said, "Misa Misa loves Lighto-kun! Misa Misa wants to have Lighto-kun's baby! Robin Robin wants Misa Misa to shut the h*** up!" Raidra (talk) 03:29, September 22, 2017 (UTC)

Yesterday was a hectic day, and I might not be able to post much the next couple days.
That may have been the episode with The Riddler's virtual reality program. I remember that Robin was quicker to realize some of the puns and wordplay in that some. It's always good to see Robin treated as competent and not some joke. I once saw a book that had a full diagram of Batman's utility belt, but only a quick look at Robin's. I noted that it was like they thought, "Who cares what's in Robin's belt? He's just Robin!" I think "Fear of Victory" was Robin's equivalent of the episode that introduced The Scarecrow. Since they're both Scarecrow episode, I wonder if that were on purpose.
I had heard people complain, but I had no idea it was that bad until you told me. I know some people were making an issue about L being black. They should have focused on, you know, how they totally botched the adaptation! "Light Turner"? Really? You know what's also messed up? Light fangirls. I've actually seen people say, "Light was so handsome, I hate how they killed off my sweetheart!" Once more, with feeling- Really!? He was arrogant and coldhearted with a god complex, and he was ready to kill everyone close to him in order to protect his own rear! What do you think would have happened if you lived in that world and tried to make him your boyfriend, hmm? Congratulations, fangirls- you're more deluded than Misa was! Raidra (talk) 13:20, September 23, 2017 (UTC)

I'm okay, thank you. It's all right, and yes, a week-long delay is better than a month-long delay. :-D

What, they just got tired and said, "I don't wanna do this poop anymore! I want some tea!"? That's messed up.

Congratulations! :-D Sure, go right ahead and send it!

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post a couple more smart moments I thought of recently, one from B:TAS and one from Hunter X Hunter. In the meantime, here’s something I finally got around to typing up- a description of Ranma ½ (usually pronounced “Ranma Half”), a weird anime I mentioned months ago. Ranma’s father wanted him to become a great fighter, so he took him to train at this legendary training ground which had a number of cursed springs. Ranma fell in the Spring of the Drowned Girl, so he now he turns into a girl when splashed with cold water. Likewise, his father fell into the Spring of the Drowned Panda, so he turns into a giant panda when splashed with cold water. Ranma was betrothed to a short-tempered girl named Akane. She has a dislike for boys, but hey, Ranma’s a girl part of the time, so it works out okay, I guess? However, there are also two or three other girls in love with Ranma. Yep! On top of everything else, it’s a harem anime! One of the other girls is named Shampoo. She has a great-grandmother named Cologne and a suitor named Mousse. Mousse, a rival of Ranma, is a skilled fighter that fell into the Spring of the Cursed Duck, so he turns into a duck when splashed with cold water. At this point I had read so much weirdness related to the series that I thought, “Sure, why not?” To prove I haven't just been making stuff up, here’s the website- I watched a little of an episode and can say it doesn’t look like something I’d be interested in. Raidra (talk) 00:38, October 2, 2017 (UTC)

It looks good! I only found a couple minor things, and one of them is simply optional. One, there should be a dash in "well-being" (in the description for "The Endeavor"). Second, in the sentence, "When I sit down to write, I only have two goals in mind; make a story that I like, and do something that I feel is unique," I would've used a colon or a dash instead of a semicolon, but that's just me. A semicolon should work just fine, so it's merely personal preference instead of an error. It's really cool to get to know how you got started, what your writing process is, etc.
The reason the topic first came up is I created a Ranma 1/2 theme team for Pokemon Showdown (not out of any fanship, but just to see if I could). It included a Farfetch'd named Mousse, and you understandably asked why I had a duck named after a hair care product. "Quick, Mousse is coming! Get me some water!" "Oh, I like mousse! Is it strawberry flavor?" "No, not that kind of mousse!" Okay, see you later! Raidra (talk) 01:57, October 2, 2017 (UTC)
Here are those moments. During the two-parter that introduced Clayface, this thug was sent to kill someone at a hospital. The thug wasn’t keen on going to a hospital because he was afraid of germs/diseases, something Batman found out about. Batman dragged the thug into a storage closet with shelves stocked with various jars. Batman took a jar, told the crook, “Crimson fever. Terrible way to go,” and put the jar so it wasn’t entirely on the shelf right above the crook’s head. Every time the thug was hesitant to talk, Batman hit the wall, causing the jar to be closer to the edge. Finally the thug told Batman all he knew. As he shuddered in fear, Batman gently grabbed the jar and moved it back so it wouldn’t fall off the shelf. As he did, the label “Seawater for analysis” could be seen. Batman used Fake-out! It was Super-effective!
During the Yorknew City arc of Hunter x Hunter, Kurapika and his allies attacked the Phantom Troupe (the group that slaughtered Kurapika's clan), managing to kill one of their members. However, Gon and Killua were caught. They allowed themselves to be captured as a distraction so Kurapika and the others could escape. The Phantom Troupe didn’t know what Kurapika looked like (They only knew him as “the chain user” because of his powers) or what the others looked like, so they were able to form a plan. They knew where the Troupe was going (I missed how, but presumably it was because Melody had super-hearing), so they formed a plan and arrived there first. After being brought to the hotel, Gon and Killua overheard Leorio in the lobby. He pretended to be chewing out someone over the phone, so the Troupe thought he was just some businessman scolding an employee. Leorio announced that he’d close his eyes to the employee’s failings that time, but he’d better have the report ready by such and such a time. Gon and Killua realized from his verbal clues that the power was going to be turned off in a few minutes. They closed their eyes to adjust them to the darkness while playing it off as them being so disgusted by the Troupe they couldn’t even look at them. Gon and Killua weren’t able to escape because the members of the Phantom Troupe were so strong, but in the darkness and confusion Kurapika and the others managed to kidnap the Troupe’s leader. Gon and Killua were released in exchange for the leader, the leader had his powers sealed by Kurapika, and another member of the Troupe was killed as a result of Kurapika’s powers. For the record, Kurapika also disguised himself as a woman at the hotel. Since the Phantom Troupe knew that the chain-user was a man, they didn’t take any notice of the “woman” at the hotel. It is good to know I’m not the only one who ever mistook Kurapika for a woman. Raidra (talk) 16:08, October 2, 2017 (UTC)

You're certainly welcome! I can understand wanting something like that to be as mistake-free as possible. Someday we'll be able to battle again, and I have a team I'd like to use. It's bad when you think you have the schedule and then, no, someone's changed the schedule. :-/

Batman: The Animated Series- being awesome and funny at the same time! Exactly! It's sad how many people fail to realize that Batman isn't some thug. Shoot, the writers of the Pokemon cartoon show the members of Team Rocket with more depth than some Batman writers (Not that I'm complaining about Team Rocket having depth). It's good to see writers who understand that Batman has depth and allow the readers/viewers to see that. I was thinking earlier today about an episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Batman and Plastic Man were having a disagreement, and Plas blamed Batman for his condition. See, in that continuity, Plastic Man was a henchman for the villain Kite Man, and when Batman tried to stop him, he accidentally ended up in the vat of chemicals which gave him his powers (Plastic Man was a reformed criminal in the comics too, but Batman and Kite Man weren't involved in any way). Later on Batman gets captured and a sad Plastic Man reflects on the past. In the flashbacks we see a worried Batman keeping vigil by Plas's hospital bed, Batman supporting Plas while he's testifying against his former boss, and Batman vouching for Plas at the parole hearing. Back to questioning criminals, if the writers aren't going to be as smart as the cartoons, they could at least have the interrogation be funny. Have it imitate that scene from A Fish Called Wanda in which one guy is calmly dangling another one out a window and the guy being dangled is just nonchalantly apologizing for his supposed wrongdoings, or have it like the scene from The Naked Gun in which the detective and the informant end up bribing each other.

I don't remember you mentioning that, but that is great. Use your enemy's overconfidence and arrogance against him!

Lately I've been doing some work on a draft for my comics. It's the same graphic novel that will have Flying Fox visiting Specter's hideout and later facing a deathtrap, so I'd like to share these new scenes when they're done. I've also thought about doing some work on a Specter origin issue. Continuing the tradition of making the talk page longer, but hopefully more interesting, here's this.


  • Secret identity- Casper Dugan
  • Birthplace- Gotterville
  • Occupation- gardener/jack-of-all-trades
  • List of powers, abilities, and weapons- intelligence, stealth, mechanical ability, combat skill, weapons expertise, marksmanship, weapons jacket, bullet-proof vest
  • Status- member of Basilisk, member of Re’em, member of the Super League of Justice, member of Shophetim
  • First appearance- SLJ#78
  • Hobbies- writing Lion King fan-fiction
  • Personality- Specter is known for his confidence, but he is far from overconfident, being clever enough to know plans can fail and to make back-up plans. This was seen by him setting up a death-trap for Flying Fox, yet noting to himself that the hero might have survived and acting accordingly. He generally remains unfazed by situations and rarely loses his composure (seen by him reacting casually to Flying Fox finding his hideouts and even to being defeated & captured). However, there are times when he becomes solemn, surprised, sorrowful, or otherwise moved with emotion. He was shaken when Pathology died and insisted on attending his funeral. While there he began sobbing due to a combination of sorrow over Pathology’s death, being moved by the kindness the leaguers showed him despite his history with them, and the thought of the sorrow he would have caused if he had succeeded in killing Flying Fox. Specter always viewed The Flying Fox as a formidable opponent. In the beginning he looked at the bat man as a challenging opponent that nevertheless needed to be eliminated. His respect for the vigilante grew over time, not so much because of Fox’s skill as his heart and character. They also had an unspoken bond because of the tragedies they had suffered. Specter and Flying Fox continue their rivalry as friends & allies, sharpening each other’s skills. Specter has expressed interest in fate, likely due to the events of his past, and would formerly surrender if he felt he was fated to lose a battle. He also described himself as a lapsed Christian. He never stopped believing in G-d, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, or in the mercy and power of G-d, but he felt that someone actively trying to kill someone for selfish reasons could not be considered a real Christian. Even during his criminal career he had his own sense of integrity and sometimes displayed virtues such as compassion, gratitude, candor, and humility. He also made sure his crimes hurt as few people as possible, and while some were flashy and threatening, he kept the damage minimal. As his conscience began to bother him more, he felt a lack of balance in his life. After his reformation he found inner peace and entered a right relationship with G-d (noting that he was lapsed no more). Now he only surrenders if he feels it will benefit others, noting that he now fights for others. It has been noted, both by Flying Fox and by Specter himself, that his crimes were never just about money; he also wanted a challenge and a reputation. He wanted to be known not just for his crimes, but also for his skill and boldness. However, his reasons for joining with the SLJ were sincere and not to gain prestige or power. He has displayed a penchant for poison gas. He used it in his deathtraps for The Flying Fox, and he sometimes fills the solitude chamber at his hideout with it to prevent unwanted intrusion. When Solvent, in her failed assassination attempt, told him she was going to gas him to death, he chuckled in amusement and replied that that was exactly how he wanted to go. This is due to a tragedy in his past causing him to view death by suffocation as an honorable death. He has a habit of expressing gratitude to women by kissing their hands, seen by him kissing Kayla Dimera’s hand after she helped rescue him from Solvent. He is interested in Chinese art, using various pieces of art, symbols, and motifs in his decorating. He has also studied the Chinese martial arts Mei Hua Zhuang (a branch of Mei Huaquan) and Xing Yi Quan, and his arsenal contains a number of Chinese weapons (such as his gui tao dao or ghost head broadsword).
  • Appearance- Specter is a male Caucasian human with blond hair with three tufts. He wears a blue jacket, blue gray pants, and white shoes. He sometimes wears a protective mask based on Beijing Opera masks.
  • Entry- A series of bombings and robberies occurred in Gotterville. The media named the mysterious criminal “Specter” because it seemed he could come and go at will. Super Creature came to see if The Flying Fox could use some help, but the bat man turned him away. Flying Fox was rethinking his actions when he was hit by a paralyzing dart. As he stood helpless, a poison gas trap was activated. Thankfully, Super Creature’s super-hearing picked up the sound of bats flocking out of the Flying Fox Cave. He returned to investigate and was able to rescue his teammate. The two discovered that Specter had stolen The Boa’s devices, enabling him to hypnotize Flying Fox and his other victims. Working together, the heroes put a stop to Specter’s crime spree. However, that wasn’t the last time Fox had to combat the cocky criminal mastermind. Fiendishly brilliant and undeniably dangerous, Specter plotted to finish off The Gotterville Guardian and make easy pickings of the city. However, his respect and admiration for The Flying Fox grew as he saw the heart and character that the hero had. They also had a connection since both had experienced tragedies in their lives. Specter began to have a change of heart which was strengthened when Flying Fox and the Super League of Justice granted his request to attend Pathology’s funeral. Feeling a lack of balance in his life, repenting his past transgressions, and admiring those he had fought against, Specter boldly yet humbly requested to join the SLJ or else become an ally. Seeing his sincere desire to change and atone for his past, and thankful to have him on their side, the SLJ made peace with the former supervillain. He assisted them and eventually went on to join their ranks. Specter now uses his remarkable mind and abilities to help Shophetim and others, and he and Fox enjoy their friendly rivalry.
  • Description of powers, abilities, and weapons- Specter is highly intelligent with a great degree of stealth. He also knows how to build and repair machinery. He knows how to fight, use a variety of weapons, and use ordinary objects as weapons, and he can throw a weapon with accuracy. He wears a jacket with various weapons and other items and a vest which protects him from bullets, arrows, and blows to the chest.
  • Weaknesses- Specter is susceptible to the same weaknesses as an ordinary person (extreme temperatures, poison gas, etc.). In the past he would give himself up if he believed he was fated to lose a battle. However, he is now less likely to do this since he now fights for others, and will do so only if he feels it will benefit others.


  • Specter is not a parody of any particular character. I wanted to create a challenging opponent for The Flying Fox and Super Creature to team up against. Later on I decided it would be a great plot development if he reformed, and that giving him a tragic past would add depth to the character and provide a parallel to Flying Fox.
  • I chose the name “Specter” after looking up synonyms for ghosts. There is a DC Comics character with a similar name, but that’s The Spectre while my character is just Specter. The name “Casper” comes from Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • I decided to give Specter an interest in Chinese art and martial arts after reading Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs by C.A.S. Williams and The Way of the Warrior: Martial Arts and Fighting Styles from Around the World by Chris Crudelli. After reading about Chinese martial arts I decided that Mei Hua Zhuang and Xing Yi Quan sounded like good fits for Specter. Many of his weapons came from Ancient Chinese Weapons by Yang Jwing Ming and from Specter’s protective mask is based on Beijing Opera masks. The color blue represents staunchness, fierceness, and astuteness, yellow represents fierceness, ambition, and cool-headedness, and black represents roughness and fierceness (and can indicate either a rough & bold character or an impartial & selfless personality). Lines representing folds on plump cheeks and foreheads are marks of ease and comfort, and long, thin, three-cornered eyes with lines at the corners represent craftiness. Raidra (talk) 00:26, October 3, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Late to The Party" Message

Sorry for the long wait. I just saw your message today, as I've been caught up with other things. Also, Wikia only seems to notify me via a box in the corner of the screen when a new section appears on the talk page as opposed to adding to an existing section.

Unfortunately, I still can't get into my assignments, as the glitch is still there. One of the site's higher ups informed me of another way to access my assignments but this method requires a password that is given out by the instructor. However, my professor never gave me or any other student the password to access the assignment so I'm still stuck. I did leave him a voicemail asking for a password, as he hasn't been responding to any of my emails recently. I'm not sure how often this sort of thing happens with the site but I think there should be some sort of backup plan in case it does.

Whenever I'm working on multiple projects at once, I feel like a bunny jumping on a pogo stick as I hop from project to project. I think for now the P.O.I (Project of Importance) scale is going to go as follows:

1 - Kenji and Yuki Plot Outline 

2 - Pokemon: Johto Quest

3 - Sunny Hill Farms

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 15:42, September 28, 2017 (UTC)

To Be Featured

Hey, sounds good, thanks! MrDupin (talk) 00:04, October 2, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "They Remembered Everything But The Kitchen Sink!" Message

So on Saturday, I got in contact with Pearson's technical support for the third time. The first two times were through the site's Live Chat system and the one on Saturday was done via phone. I told the guy on the other end that I couldn't get the password from my professor and they gave me the password for the first exam. Thankfully, this password allowed me to access the assignment. However, I'm not sure if this password will work for the other assignments that aren't practice tests but I'll try it tomorrow.

If I'm going to work on a story, I have to be in the right mood for it, even with a priority list. As of late, I've spent almost all of my time working on the plot outline for Kenji and Yuki because that's what I've been in the mood for. While I am able to switch to other moods without too much difficulty most of the time, I sometimes struggle to do this when I'm really invested in a project.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 02:18, October 3, 2017 (UTC)

It's a brannndddd used car!

I know, time flies. I've told this story already, but years ago I was watching the episode of B:TAS which introduced The Clock King, and when he introduced himself as "Temple Fugate" my Dad laughed. He got the joke that it was based on the phrase "tempus fugit", Latin for "time flies".

Things are hectic, but not too bad. Mom is undergoing physical therapy for some health issues, so I've been holding down the fort. I probably mentioned this already, but my nephew has started his second year of college. He has a break coming soon, so he and his parents are going on a family trip, which is good. I've been working on some new members of Basilisk, and I plan to work some more on that graphic novel draft I mentioned. How's your family doing?

Ouch! There should be some kind of penalty for people who quit without telling anyone. It's fine if you want to quit, but give your two-weeks notice so people can adapt. Planet Dolan had a couple countdowns with unprofessional people, and there was a story about a pair of brothers who worked in some factory. One complained that he was bored, and later that day the foreman approached the other brother saying that his brother wasn't at his station and things were getting backed up. It turns out he had decided to quit without telling anyone. They found him outside playing on his phone and waiting for his brother's shift to end so he could get a ride home. ~shakes head~

Yay! By the way, have you seen the "three-quarters of a car" memes? Liberty Mutual had a commercial with a woman complaining that she wasn't getting the cost of a full replacement for her car before asking, "What am I supposed to do? Drive three-quarters of a car?" There are videos playing that quote and then showing a car missing a wheel, fender, etc. driving down the road.

I thought you'd like that. :-) His fan-fiction would, of course, be better than anything Lion King-related that Disney has produced since 1994. ;-) Here's actual fan reaction to Specter's excellent writing- I can imagine Specter making friends in prison because of his fan-fiction, like, "Write one about how Mufasa and Sarabi met!" or, "Write one with a hyena Mafia!" Of course, he'd only accept reasonable requests because he's not that kind of fan-fiction writer. I agree. A villain with a short-temper can easily become a joke, but one with composure and self-control can really be intimidating. It says something about their heart and their skill because it shows their dedication to avoiding unnecessary damage. Raidra (talk) 14:38, October 14, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you. She's making progress, so that's good. I hadn't mentioned the trip before because I just found out about it recently. I'm glad they get to have one because they've been through a lot lately. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad they're better physically, but sorry to hear that they're having other issues. I'll keep praying.
From time to time we wonder about our O'Charley's waitress that went AWOL. If she had some emergency, we would have been sympathetic. She just should have told someone she was leaving so they could cover for her. I think the story ended with something like, "He apologized for his failure of a brother."
Wasn't that a hit Meatloaf song- "Half a Ship Ain't Bad"? The guy being so calm reminded me of the car chase in The Naked Gun. A would-be assassin carjacked someone and tried to drive away, so Lt. Frank Drebin commandeered a vehicle. The older gentleman riding shotgun started giving the woman driving instructions, and that's when Frank realized he had gotten into a Driver's Ed car. The instructor was nonchalantly giving the driver directions and offering commentary the whole chase ("Now normally you would not be speeding down the wrong way of a one-way tunnel..."). Some trucker started yelling at the driver and the instructor calmly told her how to flip him off. The chase ended with the culprit crashing his car into a fireworks factory and exploding. There fireworks were going off everywhere, and Drebin told the crowd, "There's nothing to see here!" I haven't seen it yet, but I know it was highly advertised. They were promoting it more than the actual game it premiered during. Raidra (talk) 01:16, October 17, 2017 (UTC)
Amen! That could very well be. I plan to make a word file of our correspondences on here (as well as correspondences with some other friends on here). It'll be convenient to have both sides in one place because sometimes you'll read your talk page, or read something you posted on someone else's talk page, and wonder, "What was the other part of this conversation? Why were we talking about oyster juice?"
I've found that I'm the same way. Some movies I'll watch no matter where it is in the story, but generally I'll skip something if I haven't caught it from the beginning. There have even been times I've skipped TV shows if I've missed the first minute or two. There are also some things that require you to watch from the beginning because otherwise you'll be very confused. One Superbowl Sunday my dad and I watched a movie on the Sci-Fi Channel. It was about some sort of blue alien slime that could shape-shift. Good times.
Although I have an interest in werebeasts, I don't think so. Good luck with your entry! "I wrote a 40,000 word script for a Visual Novel thingy that I was working on and ended up scrapping." My gosh! "That was a different one from the Ikari one." That's a relief! It's a shame about the other one, though. There's one story I've worked a lot on, but I'm considering scrapping it. I could send you a copy after I'm done with the draft. I'm looking forward to your werewolf pasta.
I found this earlier today, and it may be the most fandom thing I've ever seen- X-D Raidra (talk) 02:41, October 21, 2017 (UTC)

RE: Thanks?

Hey Vroom, no problem. I have to be honest though... I didn't fix any grammar mistakes, haha. I simply added the by-user and sorting template at the end. I skimmed over the story though, and I didn't notice any blatant mistakes. I am planning on fully reading the entries later on, since I don't have much time right now.

Cheers anyway! MrDupin (talk) 09:48, October 27, 2017 (UTC)

RE: Fixes

Sure thing! Good luck in the contest!

Vngel W (talk) 12:32, October 27, 2017 (UTC)

Feeling drafty in here

I remember some movie about a giant mosquito. There was a scene in which someone's eyes cartoonishly popped from being attacked and Dad & I laughed because it was so comical. It was cool back then and now it's just lousy horror movies and rip-offs of whatever's popular. Comet TV is much better, what the Sci-Fi Channel used to be.

Oh, that's rough! Cool, I'll check it out later today. :-)

Any way you look at it, it's your fault my only friend is a computer. Yeah, if you're not feeling a story anymore, it's best not to force it, even if that means leaving the work unfinished. That's good. If you're going to shelve a project, it's better that it's one you haven't spent a vast amount of time on.

Hopefully I'll put the finishing touches on it tonight and post it. Doesn't it seem sometimes the last sentence is the hardest? I don't necessarily mean the last sentence in the story; I'm referring to the last sentence you write regardless of where it is in the story. You just look at the paper or screen like, "Eh...gah...GEHHH! If I could just get this one sentence right, it'll be perfect! C'mon, don't blow it!"

At least the original Pokerap tried, unlike the Johto Pokerap. I know what you mean about numerical order because there are all these evolutions and pre-evolutions that were introduced in different generations, so the number of one stage may be in the 100s and another in the 400s. That's probably one reason they have regional Pokedexes, but I'm not a fan of those.

I recently saw a video reacting to embarrassing moments in anime, and there was one from Watamote on the list. It was the scene with Tomoko trying to make conversation by saying she was sweating like someone in a basketball anime. The guy reacting asked, "Does she ever sleep?" Raidra (talk) 19:13, October 27, 2017 (UTC)

Okay, here it is. I started writing this late spring or early summer, but started to lose interest at some point. This started as a writing exercise (both to describe a villain’s hideout I had designed and to create a sense of dread), and I welcome any critique you could give. It’s dark, but I don’t view it as hopeless.

The Facility for Becoming Useful or CPL

How you got into this situation isn’t important now. As you sit there, wedged between two formidable-looking men in the backseat of the vehicle, you wonder how this will end. During the ride you look out through the tinted windows and look for any landmarks you can use later to retrace your journey. The driver is mainly silent, but the man in the front passenger seat banters with your guards in the back. From time to time they try to engage you in their small talk, asking things such as, “Hey, remember a few years ago there was that movie about that actor’s daughter who became a bounty hunter? What was that one called?” The front passenger keeps his visor down the whole trip. You suspect he’s using the built-in make-up mirror to keep an eye on you.

Eventually you reach your destination. It appears to be some kind of medical or office building. There appear to be some skylights, but there are hardly any windows that you can see. The five of you exit the vehicle. With two of the men in front and the other two behind you, you are directed to the building. One of the men holds open one of the double doors, and after all of you have entered the vestibule, he locks them both. You proceed into the anteroom. Once again the door is locked behind you, further preventing exit from the building. You take in your surroundings. To your right is a pair of bathrooms. In front of you is a door with an intercom button next to it. There’s a small window in this door, but all you can see through it is another door, this one solid, so there’s no way to see what lies further in that direction. To your left is a pair of doors. One is labeled “Storage”; the other one has a window and appears to lead to a hallway. The anteroom has sparse decoration, but no other features which would indicate the presence of people. Your thoughts are interrupted by one of the men instructing you to use the bathroom if you need to. You use the facilities, and when you re-enter the anteroom your guards are waiting for you. Once again positioning themselves so two are ahead of you and two are behind, they instruct you to enter the door leading to the hallway.

The hallway consists of three narrow rooms or corridors separated by doors. Each one is locked behind you, and you find a sensation of fear running down your spine each time you hear the sound. You come to a door labeled “Processing Area” and enter the room. Along the right side of the wall are a small room and some storage closets. At the far end of the room is a man sitting behind a desk. He gestures to the door to your right and instructs you, “Please change into the provided clothing and place your clothes & any valuables in the provided bin. Be sure to put your driver’s license or ID atop the stack.”

You’re reluctant, but you fear that if you don’t comply, the guards will drag you into the changing room and change you forcibly. You enter the closet-like room and find a rack of clothes. You find an outfit your size and change into the comfortable yet drab clothing, and afterward you exit the changing room with your bin of clothes and valuables. One of the men brings the bin over to the desk while the other three frisk you to make sure you haven’t kept anything. After they’re finished the processor gestures you for you to join him. You walk over and sit in the provided chair.

“I’m glad you chose to comply,” the processor tells you. Confirming your suspicion, he adds, “If you hadn’t, we would have had to be forceful. Also, if you had tried to smuggle in something, it would have gone badly for you.” He takes your ID, copies the information on a clipboard, and sets it back atop the stack. He produces a lancet and a small adhesive bandage, then holds out his hand. “It’s standard procedure to do a blood test.” You allow him to prick your finger. He collects the drops of blood with a small device, bandages your finger, and inserts the device in a small analyzer sitting on the desk. It seems he approves of the results, but he says nothing, merely making another note on his clipboard. He takes a small card, writes your name and “#46” on it, places it in a clear plastic name tag holder, and gives it to you to pin to your shirt. “Make sure to hold onto that. Your belongings will be kept here for safekeeping. Now that you’ve been processed, your keepers will escort you to your quarters in the recruit ward.”

Recruit ward? You tell the processor, “I didn’t ask to come here.”

“‘Recruit’ is not the same as ‘volunteer’,” he replies casually. “Sometimes we have the need to replenish our membership. Some are volunteers responding to offers we’ve made. Some arrive from other facilities, or are referred by others. Some are brought here more forcibly. In the end, though, everyone’s treated the same regardless of how they were recruited.”

“What is this place?”

“It’s a facility to train people to be useful. You know, like job training. Don’t worry; you’ll find your place and purpose here.” He removes his gaze from you, looks toward your keepers, and nods, subtly indicating the interview is over.

The processor goes to put the bin with your belongings in one of the storage closets, but you’re prevented from watching him further as the keepers lead you out of the room and into another hallway. Like the previous one, it is divided into smaller sections, and the keepers lock each door after you. After the first narrow corridor comes a slightly longer one with two doors. One of them is labeled “Preparation Room”. You expect to hear speaking, but hear nothing. You are led through the room at the far end and through a small room with a bathroom. The next room is larger, and one of the walls catches your eye. A shelf along the wall has transparent pouches holding what appear to be protective masks. Underneath are coat hooks with what appear to be straitjackets hanging from them.

“Don’t worry about it,” one of the keepers tells you, urging you onward.

Finally you arrive at the recruit ward and are led to a holding cell. On the wall outside the cell are two buttons similar to doorbells. The cell door has a window, allowing people to look in and out, and a slot for a food tray. The interior of the cell has a mattress, a bathroom with a toilet and sink, and a shower with a curtain.

“Eventually you can be moved to the refined ward,” one of the keepers informs you. “It has a dormitory with nicer beds, and while the bathroom is communal, it has a shower-bath if you prefer baths. There’s even a kitchen area and a gym, and you’ll be allowed more freedom to move around. I guarantee you that after you’re assigned there, you won’t complain.”

A keeper locks you in your cell and then the quartet leaves. With nothing else to do, you inspect your quarters. You’d welcome a cheesy brochure explaining the building’s purpose, but there is none. There are, however, some various magazines and puzzle books stacked neatly, giving you something to do. Surprisingly, there’s a TV up on the wall, and a remote control to go along with it. You turn it on and flip through the channels. There’s not a variety of channels, but they can provide another distraction from boredom. The bathroom has a few hygiene and grooming products, such as a toothbrush, a hairbrush, soap, and rolls of toilet paper. The shower has some towels and small bottles of soap and shampoo, as if this were a hotel room. Feeling overwhelmed by this development in your life, you sprawl out on the mattress. As you look at the ceiling, you notice nozzles, like the kind used for sprinkler systems.

As time passes the light in the cell grows dimmer, mimicking the cycle of day and night. It’s the same with the lights in the hallway. The clock on the cell wall has glow-in-the-dark numbers and hands, so at least you can tell what time it is. Eventually you decide to go through your nightly routine as best you can and retire to the mattress. It’s hard for you to sleep, however, because so many questions and fears run through your mind.

Suddenly the light from the hallway becomes brighter and you hear a nearby disturbance. Someone else is being escorted into the recruit ward, and he doesn’t like it. By the sound of his voice it’s a young man no older than his 20s, perhaps even his late teens. He becomes more defiant, yelling threats and resisting the keepers’ verbal commands. Trying to overhear all you can, you quietly sit down in front of your cell door and rest your head and arms on your knees so if any of the keepers peer through the window, it will look like you just fell asleep in a sitting position. There’s more shouting and the sounds of disturbed movement as a scuffle breaks out between the newest recruit and the keepers. Finally there’s a thud followed by a slam and then a click, indicating that the keepers had picked up the recruit and flung him into the cell hard before slamming and locking the door. After that there’s a beeping sound. This is followed by a loud hissing sound, and then the footsteps of the keepers and a coughing fit from the young man. As his cries fade, you realize that one of the keepers pressed a button that filled the cell with some kind of gas; the masks and straitjackets you saw earlier were so the keepers could restrain any inmates that had been subdued this way. A moment after you realize this, another thought hits you. You look up at the ceiling again and look at the nozzles. You shudder as you realize that those are for gas, not water or fire-extinguishing foam, and that the keepers can flood your own cell with gas at any time.

After a couple minutes there’s another bleep as the other button is pressed, and you hear the sounds of fans running to drain the gas from the cell. A minute later your heart skips a beat as you hear one of the keepers approaching. He stops by your cell, and you freeze as his shadow falls into the cell & you feel a pair of eyes watching you. Thankfully the moment passes quickly as he turns and leaves. You hear his muffled voice as he tells the others, “This one won’t be any problem.”

You hear movement as the keepers enter the new arrival’s cell, place the defiant recruit in a straitjacket, and exit the cell again. Soon their voices sound less muffled, indicating that they’ve removed their protective masks. One of the keepers, evidentially talking on a phone, relays the young man’s violence and defiance to someone, presumably a higher-up. At the end of the conversation he gives a professional closing, terminates the call, and tells the others, “No points for guessing what the professor said.”

“A forty-five day CPL as soon as possible, right?”

“You got it!”

“I’ll go ahead and examine his medical records,” volunteers one. “In the morning we can get started.”

“Sounds good to me.”

The keepers dim the light in the hallway again and then leave. Slowly you return to your mattress and lie down. You cover yourself with your blanket, as though it might provide some kind of protection, as more fears and questions race through your mind. What kind of a place is this, what will happen to you, and what is a CPL?

The next morning you awaken, arise from the mattress, and take a shower. You didn’t sleep well, but you figure it’s best to have some kind of routine. As you finish putting your clothes back on, you hear footsteps down the hall. This is followed by the beeping of the button and the whoosh of gas filling the young man’s cell. There’s a sound of a struggle, but it doesn’t last long. The recruit is quickly overpowered by the keepers and by the gas. You hear the sound of a cell door being closed, and then the corridor becomes eerily quiet.

Shortly afterward a keeper comes to visit you. “How was your night?”

“Not good,” you reply.

“That’s understandable.” He slides a piece of paper and a pencil through your food slot. “Here, give this a look-over and tell us what you’d like for breakfast.”

Trying not to sound too suspicious, you ask, “I heard a commotion last night, and then this morning. What happened to the recruit that was brought in after me? The young man?”

“Don’t worry about him; he won’t be harmed. He was violent and defiant, so we had to move him to a separate area.” He adds, “Hopefully you won’t give us trouble like he did.”

You merely nod and then look at the breakfast menu. You don’t ask what a CPL is since you don’t want to give the impression you know too much.

You mark your order and hand the menu and pencil back to the keeper. He looks it over and remarks, “Good choice!” He leaves and returns minutes later with your breakfast. As you eat, you have to admit that whoever cooked it did a good job. “See, things aren’t so bad,” the keeper tells you.

After breakfast another keeper comes into your cell. He opens a plastic bag and takes out a number of small electronic devices resembling digital watch screens with gel-like adhesive on the backs. Holding them in one hand, he reassures you, “Don’t worry, these won’t hurt you. Have you ever had your temperature taken with one of those thermometers that the nurses put on your forehead for a minute or two? These are similar. They monitor a person’s heart rate and other vital signs. I assure you that they’re perfectly harmless.” He has you roll up your sleeves and open your shirt, then attaches the thin devices to your chest, limbs, and forehead.

The keeper proceeds to conduct a physical examination and a mental state evaluation. The latter includes what they call neuropsychiatric testing, a test of things such as intelligence, memory, and other cognitive & executive functions. They also subject you to a questionnaire about your past medical history as well as what they call your psychosocial history- basically your habits and lifestyle. Like the processor, it’s hard to read him. He seems to like your answers, but he says nothing, merely taking notes on a clipboard. There are times during the interview in which it seems like he already knows some things, as if someone has already done some research on you & your past.

Afterward he removes the scanning devices and returns them to the bag. As he thanks you for your cooperation, the keeper who took your breakfast order joins you. He has a stack of clothes matching the kind you had to change into during processing, and atop the stack is an opaque plastic bag of underclothes. “Here’s some fresh clothing for you,” he announces. He sets the stack down and then the keepers depart and lock the door back, leaving you alone again.

You retrieve the bag of underclothes to inspect it. Hopefully they got some in your size. As you examine the bag’s contents, you realize something horrifying. The underclothes are exactly your size because they are yours. Sometime between your processing and this morning, someone from this place entered your home, found your room, went through your drawers, and retrieved your underclothes. Your stomach begins to cramp with shock at this revelation.

You talk to the keepers very little after that. Between the shocking revelation about your underclothes, the anger and confusion concerning your circumstances, the relative insouciance of the keepers concerning your feelings, and the boredom you feel as time passes, you don’t feel like talking much. The days begin to tick by. You try to keep yourself as entertained & distracted as possible, and you wonder how long you’re going to have to wait here in this cell.

You get your answer about a quarter to ten on your fourth night there. A keeper opens your cell door, and when he steps into the doorway you see that on his hip he wears a transparent pouch with a mask. You see at least two other keepers behind him, and they have their mask pouches as well. This is a show of force. They have their masks clearly at the ready so if you resist, they can don them, activate the flow of knock-out gas, and overpower you like they did the recruit who was brought here after you.

The first keeper extends his hand. “Your name tag, please.”

You unpin it from your shirt and hand it to him. He removes the card from the clear plastic holder, places it in a semi-opaque, amber-colored holder, and hands it back to you. As you pin the holder to your shirt, the keeper announces, “It’s time. We’re ready for you.”

“Time for what?” you ask.

“For your preparation. You’re going to receive training and eventually be advanced to the refined ward.”

“At this time of night?”

“That’s the procedure we follow. Everything will be explained.”

With no choice, you exit your cell and step into the corridor. There are eight keepers in total, all with their masks at the ready, and they surround you so you can’t escape. As you’re escorted out of the recruit ward, you see a chart on one of the cell doors. It must belong to the young man that was brought in after you, but you’re not given the time to study it.

You’re led through the room with the masks and straitjackets, though most of the mask pouches are currently being held by the keepers, and into the small room with the bathroom. You’re invited to use it if you need to, which you’re glad for because your nervousness is affecting your bladder. You spend some time using the facilities and trying to absorb whatever is happening before the keepers politely order you to exit. You’re then led to the corridor with the door leading to the Preparation Room. One of the keepers opens the door and you’re escorted inside.

Inside the room are four clinical-looking reclining chairs, similar to dentist’s chairs, and two lab tables with drawers & built-on sinks. In one of the corners you see a young man. He appears to be strapped into one of the chairs, which is in a reclining position. Some kind of a headband with a visor covers his eyes. What appears to be an anesthetic mask covers his nose and mouth, and a band of fabric around his head indicates that he’s wearing a gag under the mask as well. He also appears to have something inserted in his ears. For a minute all you can do is stare in shock and fear, wondering what exactly is going on.

“He hasn’t been harmed,” one of the keepers tells you.

“That’s the one who was brought in after me?” you ask.

“That’s right. We’ve been taking good care of him despite his initial lack of cooperation.”

You realize that whatever’s happening must be the “CPL” you heard them mention. Your eyes dart around the room. There’s a door in the far corner of the room, but you’d have to escape from the keepers just to get to it. You also have a suspicion in the pit of your stomach. Your mind overwhelmed with fear, you allow the keepers to bring you to one of the chairs. Actually, they have to half-drag you since your legs have begun to lock up, becoming as rigid as wooden sticks. All the chairs have the same equipment- a headband with a visor, some kind of ear nozzles, and a gag. Near the chair sits both a tank of gas with an attached breathing mask and an IV stand with a bag containing a clear fluid. You start to resist as you’re seated in the chair, but the keepers overwhelm you easily. One of them opens your shirt as the others begin applying the restraints. Soon you’re secured in place with strong straps placed around your ankles, wrists, chest, and waist. Your arms are strapped in such a way that your forearms are facing up, positioned for easy needle insertion. One of the keepers has the bag from before, and he once again opens it & takes out the small scanning devices, attaching them to your limbs, breast, and forehead.

“Would you like us to recline the chair?” one of the keepers asks. Unsure, you can only shake your head no. “Okay, then. Next we’re going to clean your ears. It’s procedure. Just try to relax a bit.”

They proceed to clean out your ears thoroughly using water picks and cotton swabs, then dry them with ear syringes and a tube gently blowing warm air. After this one of the keepers presses a call button on the wall near the chair. “Subject 46 is in the preparation room.”

“Very good. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Shortly afterward a man in a lab coat enters the room. His face bears an arrogant and triumphant expression. “Hello. I am Professor Cerdis. I’m in charge of this facility and operation.” Confirming your suspicion, he nods toward the door in the corner and tells you, “It was smart of you not to try to escape through that door. As you might have guessed, it leads to a gas chamber, an efficient method of preventing patients from escaping.”

Your throat feels dry, but you manage to ask, “What is all this?”

“I’ll explain shortly. Right now you need to be quiet. If you don’t, then I have no qualms about gagging you.” He chuckles and adds, “Then again, I don’t have any qualms about being gagged, either.”

The keepers look at him in surprise, then look away awkwardly. Ignoring the effect of his awkward admission, Cerdis takes out a small recording device, activates it so he can keep record of the proceedings, and clips it to his belt. “Subject 46 has been secured in a preparation chair. The examination will now commence.” Looking directly into your eyes, he informs you, “Things will go a lot easier for you if you cooperate.”

He performs a test similar to the one previously given you to check your consciousness and memory. “The test of mental status shows the subject is conscious, alert, and oriented. Now I shall study the vital signs and analyze the electrodiagnosis.” He uses a flashlight to check your eyes both in the light and in the dark. “Pupils are equal, round, and reactive in the light & the dark and to accommodation.” He listens to your chest with a stethoscope. “Lungs sound clear to auscultation.” He continues to check your temperature, pulse, and respiration along with the other readings from the scanning devices attached to your body. “The subject displays elevated TPR, with the EEX also indicating increased stress levels. That’s certainly understandable.”

With the examination concluded, he announces, “Since subject 46 is conscious, alert, and oriented, vital signs are stable and in defined limits, and the device has been pre-programmed, the forty-two day CPL will commence.”

Nervously, you mange to ask, “What’s a CPL?”

Cerdis smiles. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. It’s effective, but completely harmless. It’s a technique I’ve developed and mastered. The acronym is short for ‘Continual Psychological Lavation’- ‘continual’ meaning ‘occurring at regular intervals’, ‘psychological’ meaning ‘of or relating to the mind’, and ‘lavation’ meaning ‘the act or instance of washing’.”

You begin to tremble as his meaning becomes clear. Unconcerned by your anxiety, and speaking as casually as a grade school student explaining a science fair project, he tells you, “This device is similar to one of my earlier inventions, the hsi-nao device, ‘hsi-nao’ being a Chinese term meaning ‘cleansing of the mind’. It uses a combination of sound pulses, energy waves, and hypnotic imagery- which I’ll admit you won’t be able to appreciate until later on- to place the brain in a state in which the subject is highly open to suggestion. The subject’s willpower becomes suppressed, and continued treatments cause it to stay suppressed for an extended period of time.”

He proceeds to place the nozzles securely in your right ear & left ear, then takes the headband and places it so the visor covers both your eyes. You can make out him saying, “Nozzles have been applied auris dextrae & auris laevae, and visor is situated over oculi uterque.” He instructs one of the keepers, “Since Subject 46 has avoided being gassed thus far, it’d be a shame to use gaseous anesthetic, at least for the initial treatment. Administer general anesthesia via injection.”

You feel like screaming, but before you can a gag is placed in your mouth. You feel a scrubbing sensation on your arm followed by a mild stabbing sensation. Shortly after that an irresistible feeling of sleepiness starts to envelop you. You try to stay awake, but soon you lose all consciousness.

You wake up back in your cell the next morning. It feels like you’ve awoken after a night of vague and unsettling dreams, but this is no dream. You take several minutes to gather yourself and reflect on last night. You don’t feel noticeably different, aside from your feelings of terror, unease, and dread. You feel nauseous due to the combination of anesthetic and fear, and you begin retching. Two keepers, who had apparently been on stand-by outside your door, enter your cell and begin administering medicine to treat your nausea. You’re told not to worry because you’ll be treated for any nausea or vomiting you may experience, kept well hydrated and well nourished, and allowed to sleep as much as you need or want to between sessions. You’re also reassured that they’ll monitor your vitals and general condition throughout the preparation process to ensure your well-being. They act as though what’s occurring is normal, even desirable. What’s horrific for you is just a job to them, and one they seem to have no trepidation in doing.

For the next nine nights the keepers return you to the Preparation Room for a treatment. No matter how much you struggle, you’re overpowered, strapped into the preparation chair, and rendered unconscious via gas or injection. You wake up each morning in your cell. You still don’t feel that different. You have a sense of fear and unease, but that can be viewed as a good sign at this point because it means you’re still thinking for yourself.

On the morning of the eleventh day of preparation, the keepers tell you that the previous ten nights could have gone worse for you. Since the young man brought in after you was so resistant and hostile upon arrival, his initial session lasted eighteen hours while yours only lasted eight, and his next nine sessions were eighteen hours long instead of ten. Your CPL is scheduled to last forty-two days in contrast to his forty-five, but it’s noted that the preparation period for either one of you can be extended if need be, with the number and length of sessions increased. They inform you that the sessions will now be conducted twice daily, assuring you that it’s simply part of the process. That afternoon they bring you in for a four-hour treatment, and that night they bring you in for a twelve-hour treatment. They check your vitals and condition before and after each session. Though they aren’t malicious, their calmness and efficiency throughout every step of the process furthers the impression of them being cold and clinical. On Day 16 they conduct a follow-up to assess your progress and reaction to verbal orders. You’re still resistant, but they note that your condition is typical for this stage of the process.

During the first eighteen days of preparation you’re kept under general anesthesia, administered through gas or injection, during the preparation sessions. True to what the keepers told you after that first session, you’re treated for any nausea and vomiting you experience. On Day 19, however, they begin to lessen the amount of general anesthesia. They gradually reduce the amount of anesthesia each day, and they administer some kind of sedating syrup orally to prevent you experiencing withdrawal. Since you’re no longer unconscious throughout the sessions, you can observe the hypnotic imagery produced by the visor, and hear the pulses and instructions being broadcast through the ear nozzles. You try to resist, but you find yourself resisting less each day.

Day 31 is notable. Another follow-up is conducted to assess progress and reaction to verbal orders. This time, while still somewhat resistant, you’re much more compliant and open to suggestion than you were on Day 16. Afterward you’re told that for the remainder of the preparation period, the sessions will consist of one daily eight-hour treatment, unless it’s determined changes need to be made. That day also marks them stopping the use of general anesthesia entirely. The syrup you had been given is likewise stopped on day 35. As usual, they check your vitals and condition before and after the daily sessions. You previously mulled on how detached they were, but now you don’t feel that way. They’re just helping with your training, after all.

During the scheduled final five days follow-up is conducted daily to assess your progress and see if further sessions are warranted. After the session on Day 42, it’s determined that your CPL is complete. It’s the same with the young man brought in after you. A keeper congratulates the two of you before escorting you through a laboratory with a number of chambers and into a separate wing.

You and the young man are welcomed to the refined ward, which is already occupied by eight other subjects. Just as the keeper described, it has a dormitory with nicer beds, a communal bathroom with a shower-bath, a kitchen area, and a gym. There’s also a row of showers along one wall, a combination laundry room and linen closet, a clinic where subjects can be taken if they fall ill or otherwise need to be held for medical observation, and what they call the maintenance room, which is basically a larger version of the preparation room with ten preparation chairs instead of four. The accommodations are nice, but you’re more concerned with your purpose than your quarters.

Your purpose is to go the lab when called, enter one of the testing chambers, sit in the chair, and wait for Professor Cerdis. There you serve as a test subject for Cerdis’s experiments with medicines and other chemical concoctions. Other than that you’re free to do as you wish, provided you don’t leave the refined ward or interfere with anything. Every three days the ten of you are summoned to the maintenance room for an eight-hour CPL session. If someone is confined to the clinic they’re given a treatment with the hsi-nao device so they don’t fall behind the others. That’s awfully thoughtful of them. You may be rescued someday, though for the most part you don’t think about leaving this facility. You have a place and a purpose here, and it feels good to be useful.

CPL Procedure

  • Preparation via Continual Psychological Lavation is to last between forty-two and forty-five days. Between post-admission day one and post-admission day three the patient is to undergo physical examination, mental status evaluation, and neuropsychiatric testing as well as respond to a questionnaire about past medical history & psychosocial history. If these examinations are unable to be conducted due to psychological or neurological illness, the patient will begin forty-two day CPL as soon as possible. If these examinations are unable to be conducted due to violence and defiance, or if it is discovered post-examination that the patient has been deceptive, the patient will begin forty-five day CPL as soon as possible.
  • During the preparation process the patient is to be kept well hydrated & well nourished and have as many hours of sleep as desired. During Days 1-18 of preparation the patient is to be kept under general anesthesia during the preparation sessions. The general anesthetic will be administered via gas or injection as necessary and as much as suffices. The patient will receive treatment for any postoperative nausea and vomiting resulting from the use of general anesthesia. During Days 19-30 the amount of general anesthesia is to be lessened. A sedating syrup is to be administered orally to ease in this transition. On Day 31 general anesthesia is to be stopped entirely, and the administration of the syrup is to be stopped by Day 35.
  • Before the initial treatment, the patient’s ears shall be cleaned and dried thoroughly as part of preparation. Following this the patient shall undergo physical examination & electrodiagnosis to determine vital signs and a mental status examination to determine mental state. If the patient is conscious, alert, and oriented and vital signs are stable and in defined limits, and the device has been pre-programmed, preparation will commence. If there is an issue, the appropriate drugs can be administered so that the issue can be resolved and preparation can begin. The nozzles will be applied to the right ear & left ear and the headband will be placed so that the visor is over both eyes. After general anesthesia is applied and the patient is rendered unconscious, the device will be activated. The initial session will consist of one eight-hour treatment. However, if the patient is defiant and violent, the initial session will consist of one eighteen-hour treatment. If it is determined that CPL cannot be conducted, the subject will be quarantined in the laboratory until a purpose for them can be determined.
  • During Days 2-10 of preparation the sessions will consist of one ten-hour treatment beginning at 10:00PM and continuing overnight. However, if the patient is defiant and violent, or has been deceptive, the sessions will consist of one eighteen-hour treatment beginning at 9:00PM and continuing overnight. During this time the patient is to have vital signs checked every other hour and general condition checked once every five hours. During Days 11-30 of preparation the sessions will occur twice a day and consist of one four-hour treatment (beginning at 2:00PM) & one twelve-hour treatment (beginning at 10:00PM and continuing overnight). During this time vital signs and general condition will be checked before and after each session. Days 31 and onward the sessions will consist of one daily eight-hour treatment, though longer sessions can be conducted if necessary. During this time vital signs and general condition will be checked before and after the daily session.
  • Follow-up will be conducted on the sixteenth and thirty-first days of preparation to assess progress and reaction to verbal orders. In addition, follow-up will be conducted daily during the scheduled final five days of preparation to assess progress and reaction to verbal orders. This will determine if the number and length of the sessions needs to be increased. Once it is determined that the CPL process is complete, the subject will be moved to the refined ward. Follow-up sessions, consisting of one eight-hour treatment, will be conducted every three days to keep the subject compliant.

It’s possible this is too long because there are a couple places where I could have stopped and just called it good. Maybe I just don’t know when to quit. Raidra (talk) 22:24, October 27, 2017 (UTC)

I read a comic in which they did the robot dog thing much better. This guy was investigating some mysterious happenings (For instance, one of his friends attacked him), and he came to a place with a guard dog. He noticed that the dog wasn't barking or opening its mouth to breathe, then realized the dog had no mouth. He leapt to safety as the robot dog attacked him, which is good because the dog exploded (I'm a Yamcha fan and even I want to make a Yamcha joke right now). Our hero discovered that an alien was making robot duplicates in order to take over the world. Since the alien was unaffected by bullets, the man desperately started throwing things at it. One of them was a martini glass (The alien had the robots drinking to try to appear human), and it turned out alcohol was deadly poisonous to the alien. It screamed that he would give the man anything if he saved him, but he was already dissolving like The Wicked Witch of the West. The police came and asked what the disturbance was. The hero pointed to the melted alien and replied, "That!" Comet TV is great! It's just a fun, awesome channel.
I'll be very surprised if someone doesn't produce an anime combining elements of WataMote and the mecha genre. In the meantime, we'll have to settle for this and this (Any Way You Look At It, It's Your Fault I'm Not Getting Enough Poffins).
That's fine. There was a Peanuts strip with Snoopy at his typewriter. He agonized for a while before finally typing, "The," and noting that word choice was important. I think we've all felt that way at times. "I look forward to competing with you in a contest one day." As do I. :-D
I knew what you meant. I was just adding my two cents. I wonder if anyone's done a version of the Pokerap with the Pokemon in numerical order.
Wait, it was a reoccurring sketch? Was it the same guy every time or different guys? As for Dragon Ball Super, really the only episode you need to see is the baseball episode. ;-) What's funny is Anime America did their Top Ten Musical Anime, and they put Vegeta singing and dancing as an honorable mention. KingLee also reacted to a list of most embarrassing deaths in anime. There's a gruesome moment before the real countdown begins (a monster biting a girl in half and then spitting her out), but after that it's good. Raidra (talk) 13:47, October 30, 2017 (UTC)
There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. I am controlling transmission.
Yay! :-D
Apparently so. Plus, when it explodes, whether it hits or misses the sound is probably going to make somebody call the police, so your strategy has actually made things worse. At least have the decency to have the explosion release chemicals into the air to poison somebody. "O-kay... I'm just going to put in my report that the suspect was subdued at the scene, is that all right?" :-D
First she'd have to learn how to operate the mech. It looks like she's yet to figure out how to use the headphones jack. ;-)
The thesaurus is your friend! Not only is using the same few words over and over again boring, but it leaves you open to mockery. I once saw a Seinfeld episode in which this guy used the word "breathtaking" to describe everything.
That's fine.
Oh, that is great! X-D I started laughing out loud when the guy texted his friends to come rescue him. I think the tournaments are great too because it helps keep the show in touch with its roots. There are actually two tournament arcs in Super, one of which is the current Universe Survival Saga. The current one is a free-for-all, which I find odd, quite frankly. Why not do it the way you have been doing it?
Anime America had a list of the Top Ten Moments That Made Robin (the primary hostess) Laugh, and that entire episode of Angel Beats was an honorable mention. Potato, noooo!! You notice he knelt down and retrieved the peeler from some kind of pedestal? We now know how a potato commits seppuku. In any case, Potato-Dono had the most honorable and dignified death you'll ever see from a potato.
"The potato chips at that convenience store are half-off!" "Potato, noooo!!"
I now return control of your computer to you. Until next time at whatever time, when the control voice will take you to – The Raidra Limits. Raidra (talk) 17:03, November 1, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad you thought it was a good read! I was worried that I'd come and find a review reading, "It was terrible because of this one sentence." I already had this prepared- Wait, is that a poor word choice given the content of the story? I had this entry on Cerdis ready so I could share.

Professor Cerdis

  • Secret identity- None (His first name was Dante)
  • Birthplace- Indiana
  • Occupation- scientist
  • List of powers, abilities, and weapons- super-intelligence, mechanical ability, combat skill, hypnotism
  • Status- villain (deceased)
  • First appearance- SLJ#108
  • Death- SLJ#119
  • Personality- Professor Cerdis had an amoral, selfish, and arrogant personality. He expressed the belief that every living person was merely a test subject for him to dominate, and that it would be beneficial for society for everyone to submit to him. He reveled in dominating others. He sadistically kicked an already downed Specter and filmed him defeated & in pain, and also took a dominating pose on top of the weakened General Desp. He got aggravated if it were implied his knowledge or expertise was lacking in some area, even if it were an area he said he didn’t care about. His confidence and arrogance sometimes caused him to underestimate his foes, leading to defeat. A notorious example of this was when he attempted to abduct The White Chimera. As Cerdis bragged that White Chimera would be completely under his control, the terrorist swiftly stole the corrupt scientist’s scalpel from him and inflicted a potentially fatal wound. Cerdis’s last defeat left him a broken man. He confessed to his deeds and expressed remorse before his lifeless body was discovered. He had a habit of provoking others. He stated to General Desp that he was going to make the unhinged patriot burn an American flag, made an offensive comment he knew would incense both Dynamo and Therianthrope (and enjoyed the feeling of having two ethnicities glaring holes into his neck), and mocked Ultra Kate about the Oklahoma City Bombing. He also interrupted Specter’s relaxation time just so he could talk about his achievements. If someone interrupted him, however, he became irate. He had little sense of devotion, betraying Specter and planning to make Dynamo his pawn. However, he did treat Lady Darkphoenix better after she helped save his life. Grateful for her help, he pledged to devote more time to finding a cure for her. Although he engaged in other activities as well, he kept his promise, resulting in advances in treating her condition. Before his death he wrote her a note expressing sincere regret for not doing more to help her. Darkphoenix noted that the date on the letter had been botched, a sign that something had been wrong as Cerdis was usually so precise. While Cerdis wasn’t shy about backstabbing allies, he kept his promises to those he bribed. If he bribed someone with medicine, he actually provided them with medicine and admitted that it may or may not help. While Cerdis said he didn’t believe in the supernatural, he faithfully held meditation sessions in which he practiced Kuju-In, a set of hand seals and chants associated with ninja. What benefit he expected to receive from this is unknown. He told Ultra Kate that he would sell his soul to have her powers, but agreed that this was not an experiment that should be attempted. Cerdis was shown to have an active sex life which involved sadomasochistic behavior. He displayed bruises on his neck on one occasion, and also noted that he had no qualms about being gagged. Despite his desire to dominate others, his sexual encounters were consensual with willing partners. Cerdis once confessed that sexual assault and direct murder were the only crimes he hadn’t committed.
  • Appearance- Professor Cerdis was a male Caucasian human with blond hair with three tufts. He wore a white lab coat, a black shirt, periwinkle pants, a light gray belt, and reddish-brown boots. He also wore light gray eyeglasses.
  • Entry- Ultra and Karate Kate went to visit their friend, General Packett, who had fallen ill. To their shock, he apologized and pulled out a bomb. Ultra Kate found herself transformed into Hyper Kate. Her super body absorbed the force of the bomb, leaving everyone unnerved but unharmed. The shaken superheroines brought the stunned soldier to the Hall of Super Justice. Super Creature was helping to treat and comfort the trio when a package arrived. It turned out that an evil scientist named Professor Cerdis was responsible for the attack. He had subjected Packett to mind control, convincing him that the Super Kates were a threat to the country and must be assassinated. After Super Creature helped the trio recover, Ultra and Karate Kate started their pursuit of Cerdis. They found him after a confrontation with his assistant, Lady Darkphoenix. When the heroines told him he could be using his gifts for good, he told them that every living person was merely a test subject for him to dominate, shocking them with his callousness and arrogance. He then claimed that it would be beneficial for society for everyone to summit to him, further fanning the heroines’ anger. They managed to capture him, but he in turn managed to escape and flee to Japan. There he attacked the populace, turned Hiro Chibana into Therianthrope, and subjected Chemorph to mind control, sending the chemical morph after fellow vigilantes Blur and Dolores de Misterio. During their final confrontation, the Super Kates and their allies were having difficulty battling him. The cocky Cerdis made the mistake of mocking Ultra Kate for not preventing the Oklahoma City Bombing. Ultra Kate found herself transforming into Hyper Kate, giving her the power to defeat Cerdis. Cerdis was left badly shaken by this experience. Shortly afterwards, he died of a heart attack in prison. The prison guards told the Kates that Cerdis had expressed regret for his actions, causing them to hope that he, like Zephyrot, had repented of his sins before dying.
  • Description of powers, abilities, and weapons- Professor Cerdis was very highly intelligent and skilled at building and repairing machinery. He was also a good fighter and knew how to hypnotize people.
  • Weaknesses- Professor Cerdis was susceptible to the same weaknesses as an ordinary person (extreme temperatures, poison gas, etc.).


  • Professor Cerdis is not a parody of any particular character. He’s more a representation of science without morality. His last name is similar to one I saw on a list of scientists.

Cerdis wanted to have free reign for his experiments and dominate others. You may recognize the name as him being the guy who ruined Specter's relaxation time. In case you're wondering why Specter would work with someone like that, it's so he could lessen the damage Cerdis did. For instance, Cerdis created something that could temporarily paralyze people, and he wanted Specter to test it on a racecar driver during a scheduled race. Specter did, but he also caused a delay in the race so when the driver became paralyzed, he and the other drivers were safely in pit row and not zooming down the track. Not only would he get more fame, but he'd also reduce the damage from Cerdis's rampage to a minimum. Their partnership does not end well, however, and I've written a couple scenes for that too.

Which would be scarier- if the Keepers were being controlled or if they weren't? "There is no malice behind their actions, they seem rather desensitized to what they are doing, but their moral compass tells them they are doing the right thing." Exactly, and that's why they're so creepy.

"Subject 46 keeps asking for Big League Chew and Bubble Tape. Is this something we should tell the professor about?" That's good thinking, and it would certainly be worth a shot. The victims can be rescued and will heal with time, which is why I said I don't consider the story completely hopeless.

"I've never felt such a strange combination of pity... and indigestion."- Mr. Krabs. I laughed out loud at your mech speakers scenario. X-D

Dang, that's cold! It could be worse, though. I think it was the original Green Lantern (Alan Ladd) who lost the cover of his own comic book to a dog (Rex the Wonder Dog). Here's the main character in later life.

It would be interesting if someone other than Goku won. The character to watch is someone named Jiren. One funny scene was when a group was doing an elaborate introduction and Android 17 attacked them, afterward asking, "What? They were open!" Raidra (talk) 03:07, November 4, 2017 (UTC)

I thought earlier that you were right on the mark with the comment about Stockholm Syndrome. In addition to his science, Cerdis might also employ psychology to bend people to his will. I'll have to add another part to his Personality section talking about how manipulative he could be. Raidra (talk) 03:49, November 7, 2017 (UTC)


What's up? Long time no see.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 22:09, October 29, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Lazily Titled Message" Message

Stupid question but why is the movie called Jigsaw and not Saw 8? I mean, if it was a spinoff that would be one thing but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

I'll be honest with you. Werewolves are some of my favorite monsters and I like them a lot more than Vampires. I wanted to write a Werewolf story but I already have plenty of projects on my plate as it is. Speaking of projects, I just finished working on chapter three of the Kenji and Yuki plot outline and I've started on chapter four. I've given the chapters names. For example, chapter one is called "Stuck", chapter two is called "Rude Awakenings", chapter three is called "Warmth" and chapter four is called "Regret". I'm not sure you have the link to the outline so I'll just give it to you anyway.

Last night, I went to my friend's house for a horror movie marathon. We watched Young Frankenstein and The Babadook. With the first movie, my friend and I really enjoyed it. I mean, when you see a Mel Brooks film, you know you're going to get something good. As for the second film, it wasn't bad but the kid character was a bit annoying for me and some of the acting was a bit hammy. However, I liked how the family was slowly being driven to insanity and through most of the film, it makes you guess whether it was the Babadook or the character's own actions/diminishing sanity that caused something to happen like putting glass in soup, crashing into another vehicle, infesting the house with roaches, or having strange thing pop up in the TV programs that the characters watch.

Yeah that problem has been solved but it set me back a few weeks which sucks. Luckily I managed to catch up but it was still a really frustrating waste of time.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 18:14, November 1, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Pokemon Get and Pokemon Hyped!" Message

Based on how you're describing the plot of the game, it sounds really cool. However, ever since the whole Pokemon Stars thing was proven to not be a real thing (which I had a feeling would be the case), I've been a bit skeptical about major news regarding Pokemon, especially claims like how Ultra Sun and Moon are going to be the final handheld Pokemon games. I mean, handheld Pokemon games have been quite profitable back in the late 1990's and even today so from a business perspective, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for GameFreak to stop making them. Though my one hope for Ultra Sun and Moon is that they give you the ability to skip cutscenes or tutorials for things that veteran players already know how to do.

There are quite a few games I want to get such as Cuphead, Sonic Mania, Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters, and Pokemon: Ultra Sun. I'll probably buy P.U.S a little while after it comes out and wait to get Amazon gift cards and cash for Christmas to get the other games. For some reason, Cuphead and Sonic Mania don't seem to have a physical version despite being listed as being playable on Xbox One. Is there a reason for this? I mean, I could buy a gift card for the Xbox Store/Marketplace since they're avaliable on there but I'm the type of person who likes to purchase physical versions.

Speaking of Pokemon, the previous games (Pokemon Sun and Moon) are mentioned frequently in Kenji and Yuki, as I plan for the novel to take place from November 10, 2016 to the release date of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which in Japan and most other places, was November 18, 2016. Not only that but Yuki and Kenji share an interest in Pokemon and there's a part in chapter three where Yuki is in a bath house and talks about why she thinks Popplio (Ashimari) is pretty good with some other girls, who were previously talking about what their starters would be for Sun and Moon.

I saw The Founder a while ago. I'm surprised that Keaton's character was able to get away with doing all of that in the movie and in real life apparently. Then again, Keaton is also Batman so I guess I should've expected this.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 02:25, November 5, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Batman Joke" Message

I played Pokemon Sun on my 2DS and I barely experienced lag except during double battles and even then it was only mild. Maybe the lag problem is more prevalent on the 3DS.

So I did some research on mentioning brand names in books and from what I've read, you are allowed to include name brands in a book as long as you don't slander them or use a federally trademarked name like Craigslist. There are a couple of really good articles I found on this subject which go way more in-depth than I care to do right now. Here's the first article: ( and here's the second one: ( Also I checked and Pocket Monsters is not a federally trademarked name so I can use it in the book.

What if Christian Grey was an alternate universe Batman who used has charisma for evil?

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 21:06, November 9, 2017 (UTC)

Assault with a deadly pepper

Sorry I wasn't able to respond earlier. That's Specter- always thinking.

Yep! It is a difficult question, though it also reminds me of a moment from JohneAwesome's playthrough of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. He was battling a Shadow Kangaskhan and speculated, "Wait, is the baby a Shadow Pokemon too? That would be sad! But what if it isn't? That would be even sadder!"

  • Narrator: The subject was able to escape because he was provided with two frozen turkeys.
  • Keeper: Well, Jamie, that's the biggest screw-up we've ever made.

Of course, Jack Prelutsky taught us the best way to weaponize a turkey.

I'm not going to ask how that came up in causal conversation, though I imagine it's as awkward as everything else I've seen from that show. "Alan, we've decided to go in a different direction with the comic..."

You're certainly welcome! :-D

I recently noted that the partnership between Professor Cerdis and Specter does not end well, and I'd written a couple scenes showing that. Here they are. Just a heads-up: the second scene has a couple intense moments.

Specter got a message from Cerdis asking how things were going. Specter sent a reply reading, “Fox survived my deathtrap. Right now he’s unconscious and strapped to a chair. How are things on your end?”

Cerdis replied, “Aggravating, but I’m not done yet. I’ll see you later.” Specter smirked and put away his phone.

Shortly afterward The Flying Fox awoke. “How do you feel?” Specter asked.

“Better than I did earlier,” replied the bat man. “I’m glad to be here.”

“I can imagine. I got a message from Cerdis not too long ago. He’s still free, obviously, but it looks like your friends have made things aggravating for him.”

Flying Fox’s relieved grin grew into a proud smile. “Good to know.”

“Your gambit served a purpose, as you figured it would. While I was waiting for you to recover, I thought of a quote from ‘The King’s Ankus’ by Rudyard Kipling.”

“From The Second Jungle Book, correct?”

“That’s exactly right. The quote went something like, ‘If you can go back alive ayy tnee wabu boneat buou cspme iai’…” He seemed to be stumbling over his words, but then he began looking perplexed. “‘…thri lrinenerir telmngs ndiyeye ayri bonebu neribbulspaibone.’” [‘If you can go back alive by the way that you came in, the lesser kings will be thy servants.’]

Flying Fox stared in astonishment. One of them had become infected with the aphasia program, and judging by his vocal pattern and expression, it was Specter. Sure enough, Specter stood speechless, mouth slightly agape, for a moment before exclaiming, “Ntspairo lmbo!” [Dang it!] He turned, smacked the wall in aggravation, crossed his arms, and sighed. “Yxribbntimne, buatgy yxbbririhl!” [Cerdis, you creep!]

Fox noted that Specter was aggravated, but not in despair. Knowing Specter, he would have taken preventative measures in the event Cerdis betrayed him or he was accidentally exposed (the second one being highly unlikely). He probably had an antidote somewhere. If they worked together, everyone could benefit from it.

“Hey, Casper!” Flying Fox called. Specter, while not understanding what had been said, turned to look at him. Fox sang, “It would sure do me good to do you good. I can help!”

Specter immediately recognized the song and understood. He chuckled and noted, “Yerispulri lmbo boat fobu bblmulspye boat lylmrogybbri atgybo sp neimbogyspbolmatai spaint ndatbbte atgybo sp ndspbu boat yxatfofogyailmyxspbori.” [Leave it to my rival to figure out a situation and work out a way to communicate.] He released his rival from his bonds. He let Flying Fox work out the stiffness and then motioned for him to follow him.

They went to Specter’s bedroom. Specter examined the phone and then allowed Flying Fox to do likewise. Not finding any bugs, Specter took out a piece of paper from his pocket and set it on the table. In addition to numbers, the paper had a series of tables measuring three by four squares, each one with one square colored in. Fox admired Specter’s ability to ensure he got a phone number correct even if he lost the ability to recognize numbers. Specter dialed the number.

“Hello?” a male voice answered.

“Nehlriyxboribb neribbri. Ndri nespulri sp nelmbogyspbolmatai.” [Specter here. We have a situation.]

“I understand. I’ll be right here.” The mystery person hung up.

Flying Fox nodded. Specter hung up the phone and then motioned for Flying Fox to contact his allies on his radio. Flying Fox radioed Super Creature. “Hey, it’s me.”

“It’s great to hear from you! How are you doing?”

“Kind of worn out. Specter, however, was exposed to the aphasia program.”

“Cerdis betrayed him?”

“It looks that way. However, he called someone who’s apparently able to help.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that Cerdis would betray him, or that he’d have a back-up plan in case he did. Would you like me to come there?”

“That would be good.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

“Thank you. Bye.”

Flying Fox put his radio away. Specter drummed his fingers on the nightstand. Fox smirked when he realized that Specter was drumming his fingers to the tune of “Thank You For Being A Friend”. Finally Specter seemed to decide something. He motioned for Flying Fox to follow him and led him back to the gym. He went to the arsenal, picked out a long case, and handed it to the bat man.

Flying Fox looked at the case. The outside bore the label “Five Poisons”. In traditional Chinese folklore the term referred to what were known as the five poisonous reptiles, held to be the viper, the scorpion, the centipede, the toad, and the spider, though the lizard, the worm, and even the tiger were sometimes included in the list. Once they returned to the lounge, he set the case down and opened it so he could explore its contents. Inside were six weapons. He inspected them carefully. There was a cane topped with a metal viper’s head. He discovered that the head could be detached, revealing a chain ending in two spikes. Second there was a dagger shaped like a scorpion. The claws allowed it to serve as a trident dagger, and the stinger also detached to reveal a curved blade which was small yet sharp. Third there was a chain-like weapon consisting of metal joints with protrusions, resembling a centipede. Next there was a toad-shaped weight holding a coin in its mouth. This was an example of the traditional Chinese weapon called an iron toad, except its abdomen also contained a mechanism for releasing knock-out gas. After this came a flying weight shaped like a large spider. Finally there was a throwing knife in the shape of a lizard.

Flying Fox realized Specter’s intention. He was giving him this collection as a token of appreciation for helping him. He would have helped regardless, but still, how often did one receive gifts like that from one’s foes? He nodded and told Specter, “All right, have it your way.”

Super Creature and Nirshana soon arrived [Nirshana is a small alien creature with a number of powers, including the ability to learn any language instantly]. Nirshana asked Specter, “Neatnd spbbri buatgy nyatlmairo?” [How are you doing?]

Specter looked surprised and asked her, “Buatgy yxspai yxatfofogyailmyxspbori ndlmbone boneri lmailyriyxborint? Buatgybb hlatndribbne spbbri bonespbo roatatnt?” [You can communicate with the infected? Your powers are that good?] Nirshana smiled and nodded. A glad Specter noted, “Bonespbo’ne yxataiulriailmriaibo!” [That’s convenient!] He nodded toward Fox and began, “Nelmaiyxri neri’ne hlbbatayspayyebu boatat negyfoayyeri, Lm’yeye boriyeye buatgy ndnespbo bonelmne rogybu ntlmnt.” [Since he’s probably too humble, I’ll tell you what this guy did.]

With Nirshana translating, Specter told how Flying Fox allowed himself to be rendered unconscious and placed in a death trap, how he was willing to sacrifice himself, and how Specter spared him because he was impressed by his selfless heart. Flying Fox confirmed that everything Specter said was true. Super Creature wasn’t surprised at all, simply yet proudly replying, “That’s our Fox.”

Super Creature filled Flying Fox in on everything that had happened. Specter sat back and rested, choosing to be alone with his numerous thoughts and reflections. Fox was showing Super Creature and Nirshana his newly-acquired weapons when Super Creature heard two figures approaching. A man with light blond hair entered, accompanied by a robot with wheels. [This is a character named Mister Howe.] The man stopped in his tracks when he saw the assembled heroes. “It’s okay,” Super Creature told him. “We’re just interested in the program.” Nirshana translated this to Specter, who nodded in agreement.

“All right, then,” the stranger agreed. His demeanor eased, and he looked impressed by Nirshana’s language ability. He went over to Specter, who handed him his cell phone.

“So that’s how it’s spread, eh?” Super Creature asked. “That was one of our theories.”

“Mmm-hmm.” He pulled a cord out from a compartment in the robot and plugged it into the phone. “I’m removing the program from Specter’s phone. You may have a copy for your records; I’m not at all interested in it. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, Specter prepared for the possibility that Cerdis would betray him, or that he accidentally became infected. He was able to provide me with a copy so I could create an antidote. You’re free to use that too.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

The scientist opened a compartment in the robot’s chest, took out an electronic tablet with headphones, and brought it over to Specter. He explained, “This program will neutralize the aphasia program and restore those infected to normal. The subject just needs to be exposed about twenty minutes.”

Specter donned the headphones, activated the tablet, and began watching the antidote program. The scientist went to the kitchen area for a snack. As he observed him, Super Creature reflected. The stranger’s demeanor gave the impression that he while he wasn’t malicious, he might still prove a challenge to the Super League of Justice someday. However, that would be another day; tonight he was performing a valuable service.

Twenty minutes later, Specter removed the headphones and rubbed his eyes. “I’m a little tired, but I’m happy to say your antidote is effective.” He handed the tablet to The Flying Fox, then went to the stranger and shook his hand. “Thank you. If you ever need anything…”

“Understood. You’re certainly welcome.” He handed back Specter’s phone, now purged of the aphasia program, and then gave Super Creature a flash drive containing the program. “I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“All right.” Super Creature held out his hand. “We appreciate the help.”

The man gave a genuine yet awkward smile. “Hey, I was just helping Specter out. You all would have found the solution eventually, right?”

“Well, we’re still glad you could help.” He lowered his hand. “Be careful out there.”

“Thank you. You too.” The man and the robot departed.

Specter announced, “I’m all but in a jail cell already, so I’m not going to try to flee. Now that you have the antidote and have ruined most of Cerdis’s plans, there’s just one more matter to take care of. I know where Cerdis has another hideout, and I thought of a plan while I was sitting here. You don’t owe me any favors, but please put me in. Please let me do this.”


Professor Cerdis bore a triumphant and cocksure expression as he walked along. Then, as he turned the corner, someone threw grape soda into his face. As he took off his glasses, someone deftly snatched both his radio and his smart phone. Cerdis looked to see Specter setting the devices on the ground. As Cerdis cleaned his face, Specter destroyed Cerdis’s radio and phone with his needles, arose, drained the rest of the soda from the cup, crushed it, and let it drop to the floor next to the now equally useless devices.

“I can certainly see why you’re displeased with me,” Cerdis grinned. “It can’t be a good feeling to-”

He stopped suddenly because he could tell, by Specter’s facial expression, that he understood what he was saying, meaning the aphasia program had been negated. Specter realized that Cerdis realized this and grinned. “Go on, Dante. You were saying?”

“So, you had a fail-safe.”

“Mmm-hmm. I contacted a guy who was able to create an antidote in case there were any issues. It’s in the hands of the SLJ now. Just answer me this, Dante- why did you do it?”

“You’re truly a skilled and clever person. You might have proven a threat to me. Getting you out of the way is getting a potential obstacle out of the way.”

“So that’s it, huh? That’s all I am to you. That’s what my service meant to you.” He tucked his needles underneath his arm. “Well, let me tell you, that strategy is going to backfire.”

He donned his protective mask and Cerdis took the opportunity to do likewise. Then the two took fighting stances, with Specter wielding his needles. “You’re a skilled fighter,” noted Cerdis, “but so am I. Bring it on.”

The fight began. Cerdis didn’t do badly, but Specter definitely had the edge. However, Cerdis had padded clothing which lessened the impact of Specter’s blows. Partway through the battle he managed to inject a foam underneath Specter’s jacket and shirt, and afterward he asked, “Did you really think I hadn’t developed a way to counteract your bulletproof vest?”

Specter felt his bulletproof vest deteriorate and his skin grow uncomfortable, but he continued to fight, landing blows and countering blows. He started to grow weaker, however, as the vest-counteracting foam infected his system through his pores. Cerdis was eventually able to land a hard blow underneath the right side of Specter’s rib cage. Specter’s body crumpled to the ground as though his legs had given up on him. His head reeled and he felt like the air had been knocked out of him. He clutched his right shoulder, which had become filled with pain. He then released it and removed his mask rapidly so he could vomit.

“You delayed it as long as you could,” Cerdis told him, “but the liver shot is such a devastating move. The body collapses as the blood vessels in the brain constrict while the ones everywhere else become dilated.”

He delivered a hard kick to Specter’s hip, flooding it with pain and causing further vomiting. Unconcerned with Specter’s distress, Cerdis continued, “You truly are a great fighter, and you would have beaten most people, but I am a force to be reckoned with.”

Specter coughed before managing to choke out, “Thanks for giving me credit.” He tapped the floor a couple times with the palm of his hand, signifying his surrender.

“Smart boy.” He dragged Specter to the wall, grabbed him by the throat, and propped him up so he was half sitting, half leaning. “I considered the possibility of you secretly poisoning that soda to weaken me, then taking an antidote, but I rejected that since my poison detector didn’t alert me. However, I know it’s very likely you have poison on your person. Remove your jacket & any items on your person and set them to your side. Go at a moderate speed- no dawdling and no sudden moves.”

Specter tenderly and weakly removed his jacket, emptied the pockets, and turned it inside out. Soon a pile of various hidden weapons and accessories lay by his side. After using his poison detector to examine the assembled items, Cerdis removed his mask, took Specter’s smart phone, and set it to video recording function. “I’d like for you to say a few words.”

Specter obligingly admitted, “I’m a mastermind and a trained fighter, but you beat me. You beat me with just two moves, in fact. You figured out a way to outmaneuver me, and then you downed me with one blow. You held on despite the blows I gave you and triumphed over me. That’s the truth.”

“Very good.”

“Do you have something to treat me?”

“Come now. I’m sure you can ask better than that.”

Tears of pain began leaking from Specter’s eyes. “Please give me something. Pretty please, give me something.”

“That’s better.”

Professor Cerdis pocketed the phone and sprayed a different foam underneath Specter’s shirt. Specter felt relief in the sprayed area, though his liver and hip were still filled with pain. Cerdis then produced a vial of fluid. “Drinking this will cause you to lose consciousness, but it will help with the nausea and the pain. I’ll treat your wounds, and then I have plans for you. You know what that means, don’t you? That brilliant mind, those impressive skills, will be completely at my service.”

Cerdis put the vial to Specter’s lips. Specter weakly grabbed Cerdis’s wrist and began drinking the vial’s contents. Suddenly Cerdis felt a presence next to him, and then he was grabbed forcefully by the arm. He found himself facing a terrifying creature clad in armor, a mask, and a trench coat. Specter turned his head to the side and spat out the potion that he had sucked into his mouth, but continued to hold Cerdis. The astonished Cerdis soon realized, “You must be Dart Tongue!”

“Yesss,” Dart Tongue replied, “and that’sss a member of Basssilisssk you were lording over.” [Dart Tongue AKA Gerard Ripley speaks with a lisp in my comics]

Professor Cerdis yanked his free hand away from Specter’s nerveless grip and reached for his teleportation device. However, it wouldn’t work. He looked toward it in alarm and wondered, “Did Specter damage it during the fight!?”

“I have sssomething that enablesss me to teleport,” Dart Tongue explained. “A teleporter with a ssstrong enough will can prevent othersss from teleporting by grabbing them forcccefully and ssstaying focusssed, essspecially if that other teleporter hasss a teleportation deviccce that may have gotten damaged during a brawl.” Cerdis’s mouth went dry, and Dart Tongue added, “You learned sssomething tonight, professssor.”

The corrupt scientist wasn’t able to ponder his situation for long because a tranquilizer dart was shot into his neck, swiftly rendering him unconscious. Dart Tongue let his body drop to the floor. The Flying Fox emerged from his hiding place and threw Dart Tongue some cord and handcuffs. Dart Tongue rapidly bound Cerdis, pocketed the corrupt scientist’s teleportation device and Specter’s phone, and removed his Aegis-mask. Flying Fox joined him and they checked on Specter.

Specter, tears of both pain and relief now streaming from his eyes, whispered, “I knew I could count on you two.” He nodded toward the tranquilizer gun still in Fox’s hand. “What are you waiting for?” Flying Fox raised the tranquilizer gun and shot a dart into Specter’s left shoulder. Specter contentedly closed his eyes and wordlessly sunk into unconsciousness.

Flying Fox and Dart Tongue both observed Specter sadly and reflected on what had happened. Specter had enlisted Dart Tongue as part of his plan because he knew that the skilled iguana man could negate Professor Cerdis’s teleportation device, guaranteeing that he could not escape. It was arranged that The Flying Fox would hide and film the confrontation between Specter and Cerdis, allowing Dart Tongue to observe from another location so he’d know the right moment to teleport to the scene. Either Specter would win the fight and Flying Fox, Dart Tongue, or both would help secure the subdued scientist for arrest, or Specter would lose and the duo would stop Cerdis while he was distracted by his victory. Specter had told them that no matter what happened, they needed to wait until the time was right. They had followed that decree and pulled off the plan successfully, but it had been hard not to act earlier.

Flying Fox took out his radio and announced, “Kate, we got him, and Specter needs medical care.”

“We’ll be right there,” Karate Kate replied.

Flying Fox started to take out his first aid kit, but Dart Tongue told him, “I got thisss,” took out his own first aid kit, and knelt down to tend to his wounded underling. “I know that even though he’sss an enemy of yoursss, it pained you to sssee him injured and humiliated, jussst like it did me. You’re a good man.”

“Thank you.”

“He had to have sssussspected that sssomething like thisss might happen, but he wasss willing to take that chanccce. I don’t think thisss wasss jussst an act of revenge; I think it wasss an act of atonement too.”

“Mmm-hmm.” He reflected and then noted, “Cerdis was injured by The White Chimera during the Thunderbolt rampage. When Cerdis tried to abduct him, he snatched his own scalpel from him and delivered a very serious wound to the groin area.”

“Ouch! SSSo, he avoided hitting Cerdisss there becaussse he knew he’d have protective padding there, or maybe he avoided that area to keep him off-guard. Worrying about where SSSpecter would hit, and then being relieved to have avoided getting hit there during the fight, wasss a dissstraction from other thingsss.” He looked at Fox. “That’sss the sssecond time in as many weeksss he put himssself on the line for the greater good…Do you think he’sss picking up good habitsss from sssomewhere?”

Fox reflected on everything that had happened that night and smiled. “We can hope.”

Ultra Kate and Karate Kate soon arrived. Dart Tongue announced, “You can take it from here.”

“Thank you for the help,” Fox told him.

“You’re certainly welcome.” He grinned. “SSSpecter hasss quite a rival. SSSome day we’ll have to have a friendly contessst.”

Fox grinned too. “Fine by me.”

Dart Tongue nodded. “For now, get some ressst.”

“I’ll do that.”

Dart Tongue took Specter’s phone, removed his gauntlet, deleted the humiliating video Cerdis had recorded, redonned his gauntlet, and handed the phone and Cerdis’s teleporter to Karate Kate. He then gave Flying Fox a friendly salute and teleported back home. Raidra (talk) 23:35, November 10, 2017 (UTC)

That's okay, I get it. I know about being busy with other things, needing to sleep, and losing track of time. I've had a cold for the last week, so I've felt washed out at times. I've also spent a lot of time indoors. It's getting better every day, though. Okay. I hope you enjoy! "Just wanted to let you know that I am alive (not well though, busy dealing with a rotten headache and a lot of vomiting)." Oh, dang! :-0 I'm appreciative of one part of that sentence and very sorry to hear about the other. That's rough. I hope you get well soon! Mom is better, though she's had some back pain the last couple days. Thanks! I'm going to postpone my Thanksgiving wishes for now, so I hope you have a happy pre-Thanksgiving time period! :-D Raidra (talk) 02:34, November 20, 2017 (UTC)

"I'm thankful for- (starts coughing and then rubs temple while drinking soda)" Thank you for the well-wishes; Mom and I always appreciate them.

Thank you, I'm glad you think so! :-D Tomorrow (well, this afternoon, since it's after midnight now) or Wednesday I'll try to post the drawings of the Five Poisons weapons. Out of curiosity, what did you think when Specter started speaking gibberish? I had already learned about aphasia, but part of the inspiration for people suddenly being unable to speak normally (and to understand normal speech, in this case) was a clip of a reporter named Serene Branson. She was introducing a segment about the Grammys when she suddenly began speaking gibberish and looking confused. It looked like she was having a stroke on live TV, but it turned out to be something called a complex migraine.

One interesting thing about the confrontation between Specter and Cerdis is I rejected two or three different ways it could happen before deciding on the final scenario. You may have noticed, but here's a little touch- Flying Fox shot the tranquilzer dart into Specter's left shoulder. Specter's right shoulder had become filled with pain during the fight, so Fox was showing mercy by not shooting an already painful area. "Okay, I'll drink it. (Dart Tongue grabs Cerdis) Just playing! (spits out fluid)" I love your reaction to Specter starting to drink the potion and your comment about Cerdis. Professor Cerdis- creating almost as many bad programs as the FOX network.

With all the talk about Cerdis I've decided to include an entry for a heroic character who will appear after his death.

Mr. Alighieri

  • Nicknames and Aliases- Mr. Mystery
  • Secret identity- unrevealed
  • Birthplace- Indiana
  • Occupation- scientist/researcher
  • List of powers, abilities, and weapons- super-intelligence, mechanical ability, combat skill, hypnotism
  • Status- minor ally, member of Shophetim
  • First appearance- KK#86
  • Hobbies- nature walks
  • Personality- One aspect of Mr. Alighieri’s personality is his secretive demeanor. While he is cordial, he is also quiet, reserved, and private, revealing very little of his past. Another notable aspect of his personality is his dislike of Professor Cerdis’s experiments. He has said that Cerdis was a monster, and he shows concern towards Cerdis’s former test subjects. For instance, he gave Ultra Kate and Karate Kate medicine to treat Lady Darkphoenix and was happy to hear of her improvement. He was good friends with Dr. Feldman, whom he viewed as a guiding influence, and the two were so close that Alighieri trusted him with secrets. He was visibly stunned and saddened when he learned of his insanity, but he understands that his friend was no longer in control of himself. He has declared that he will carry on Feldman’s legacy and never stray from his path. He enjoys nature walks as they give him a spiritual feeling.
  • Appearance- Mr. Alighieri is a male Caucasian human with bronze hair with three thick tufts. He wears a white lab coat, a silver shirt, green pants, and a copper belt and boots. He also wears light gray glasses.
  • Entry- Very little is known about Mr. Alighieri, a reclusive scientist who assists Ultra Kate and Karate Kate. He has expressed aversion to Professor Cerdis’s experiments and seeks to help his victims, seen when he made medicine to help Lady Darkphoenix. He was a lab partner to Dr. Feldman, who was his good friend and confidante. He was stunned by Feldman’s decline, but he understood that Feldman was non compos mentis (not of sound mind) at the end of his life. He carries on Feldman’s legacy and also assists the superheroine Liberator, whose heightened abilities are the result of Feldman’s final experiment.
  • Description of powers, abilities, and weapons- Mr. Alighieri is very highly intelligent and skilled at building and repairing machinery. He is also a good fighter and knows how to hypnotize people.
  • Weaknesses- Mr. Alighieri is susceptible to the same weaknesses as an ordinary person (extreme temperatures, poison gas, etc.).


  • Mr. Alighieri was created as part of a plot twist. His name comes from the great Italian poet Durante degli Alighieri, better known as Dante. My Dad noted that Scooby-Doo villains always turned out to be Professor So-and-so or Doctor So-and-so or Mister So-and-so. I thought of that and made him a mister since I already had professors and doctors. Raidra (talk) 05:12, November 21, 2017 (UTC)

Thanks. It was low-key, but still good. I hope yours was good too! Did you get the email I sent recently? The one with the Five Poisons drawings?

"Why did he start speaking Welsh?" ;-) I don't have it at hand right now, but I have a key to the aphasia program speech. For instance, Yx represents the letter C. I used the same code in a draft I wrote a while back. That's a very good guess, but no, that's not it. Here's a hint- compare Professor Cerdis's entry with Mr. Alighieri's. Raidra (talk) 02:39, November 30, 2017 (UTC)

Here's hoping you find some cool stuff!

Here's the key to the aphasia program language.

  • A- sp
  • B- ay
  • C- yx
  • D- nt
  • E- ri
  • F- ly
  • G- ro
  • H- ne
  • I- lm
  • J- eh
  • K- te
  • L- ye
  • M- fo
  • N- ai
  • O- at
  • P- hl
  • Q- ar
  • R- bb
  • S- ne
  • T- bo
  • U- gy
  • V- ul
  • W- nd
  • X- ru
  • Y- bu
  • Z- hy

To create the effect of the program taking over you gradually change more and more letters in words until entire sentences are coded. The end of the "Aphasia Program" draft reads, "Until this crisis is resolved, the important thing to do is to remain calm and do not panic. We are from the government, and we’re here to help. Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together."

"Let's see, what's Raidra trying to tell me? (compares entries) Mother****er!" Whether that re-enactment was how it happened, you're right- Mr. Alighieri is a reformed Professor Cerdis. I thought about killing Cerdis because it would be dramatic, then decided it would also be dramatic if it turned out he wasn't dead after all, and that he'd taken a more heroic role (It's symbolic too because if that guy could change, anyone can change). I hadn't fully decided that when I wrote Cerdis's entry, but I don't think him being alive contradicts the ending of that entry. The heroines hoped he'd repented, then realized, "Wait, something's not right here..." Cerdis's "fatal" heart attack was the result of him taking a drug. He did this not as part of an escape attempt, but because he was so broken by his defeats that he didn't care if he lived or died. Ultra Kate and Karate Kate suspected something wasn't right, took possession of his body, and revived him before he died for real. Seeing the state he was in, they encouraged him to start anew and atone for his past. Feeling remorse for his actions, he genuinely reformed and became determined to help others. Him taking this new identity is him saying his old self has died and he's a new man.

Wow, that's awesome! :-0 :-D That's quite a pedigree those involved have too. One thing I thought was, "Will there be a game of this?" It just seems to have a computer game/video game feel to it, so I'd be very surprised if they don't make one. Raidra (talk) 21:45, December 2, 2017 (UTC)

Ironically I'm too tired to give a proper response right now. ;-) I'm glad you liked the weapons, though. :-D Have a good night, and here's hoping you won't have any more 12-hour shifts anytime soon. Raidra (talk) 02:06, December 7, 2017 (UTC)
One of my little second cousins (the children of my cousins) got a bad headache the other day. He came home from school and slept until the next morning. Hopefully he won't have any more attacks like that anytime soon. I prefer to use a clear ruler because you can see the line in relation to the rest of the picture. The only issue is that if it's completely transparent, you may have trouble finding it if it falls on the floor or you don't remember where you set it down. It's better to use one with raised markings too because printed markings will fade over time (though if you're just using it as a straight edge, it won't matter). Here's some advice for all restaurant workers- be careful about giving shady people glasses of liquid. The voice acting is good, yet whenever I hear The Joker voiced by someone who's not Mark Hamill I think, "Boo! Get out of here!" Raidra (talk) 02:29, December 8, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Black Friday Stampede" Message

I bought my 2DS around November of last year but I don't know if age has anything to do with system performance. Also, in the Yo-Kai Watch games, there can be up to six Yokai (three on each side) in a battle and there doesn't seem to be any lag whatsoever. However, that could be due to the fact that there are a lot less Yokai than Pokemon and therefore less data to shove onto a single cartridge, though I'm honestly not sure how big of a role data plays in affecting system performace.

Oh god no. I've never done Black Friday and I don't think I ever will. If you ask me, I don't think it's worth putting up with the crowds, chaos, and possible death to get discounted items that you could just buy on Cyber Monday, which is basically Black Friday except you don't have to leave your home to buy the discounted items. Speaking of Cyber Monday, do you ever think Black Friday will become obsolete as online shopping becomes more popular?

So from what I understand, I'm getting Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters for Christmas and I might also be getting Pokemon Ultra Sun as well. Whenever I'm going to buy a new Pokemon game, my decison on which version to get is based on the version exclusive Pokemon. It might seem like an odd thing to go by but I find it to be quite useful.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 02:37, November 30, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Batman: I'll Take a Hotdog... and Eat It!" Message

To be honest, I'm not quite sure and I don't know which ones take up more space. I'd think you'd have to ask the game artist and/or the programmers(s) about that one. 

The title is a reference to the Batman Eats a Hot Dog video: ( and the line in Death Note where one of the characters says, "I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!"

I don't mind buying most types of things (i.e Toys, Video Games, and Electronics) on Amazon. But the two types of things that I'll never buy on Amazon are clothes and food. With food, it seems way overpriced compared to grocery store prices. Like, I remember seeing a can of Campbell's chili being sold for thirty two dollars on Amazon when it's only being sold at the grocery store for about two bucks. Though to be fair, it's been a long time since I looked at food on Amazon so take this with a grain of salt.

With clothes, you never know what's going to fit and not fit, even when you know what size you are. Let's take shirts for example. Let's say you decide to buy a T-Shirt that's in your size on Amazon. You buy it, wait for it to arrive, try it on, and find out that it's way too big, despite the fact that the tag says it's in your size. So now you've wasted your money on a shirt that doesn't fit. With physical stores, you're allowed to try on clothes before you buy them so that if something doesn't fit, you can put it back and keep trying until you find something that does.

Sure, you could return it and get your money back but on Amazon, you need to make sure you have either the original box or a box with a return label on it so if you don't have access to either one of those, it's a no-go. Also, how much money you get back is based on on the condition of the item, how long you've had the item and how the item was purchased and depending on the payment method you chose for the item, you may have to wait to get your money back. In other words, returns on Amazon seem like a bit of a hassle at least from what I've read.

So I found this cover of two LA LA Land by a guy who looks almost exactly by Ryan Gosling and his wife. Honestly, I think they sung the songs better than the people from the real movie. Here's the link to the video: (

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 05:21, December 6, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to "Pickle Rick: The Anime" Message

I advertised the Johto Quest series on the Pokemon FanFiction Wiki via a blog post. Since it's a fan made series, I thought it made sense to post it on that particular wiki. I'm hoping that it might bring attention to the series and maybe even some more feedback on it, but I'll have to wait and see. This is the blog post by the way: (!?oldid=72643). 

Speaking of Johto Quest, my lazy ass finally managed to do a bit more work on episode four of Johto Quest. I'm currently working on the scene where Eddy and Emily enter Morty's gym. When you have time to read it, this is what I have so far: ( 

When the Dusk Form of Lycanroc was first revealed, I didn't know how to feel about it. Over time though, it has sort of grown on me. Some people aren't too crazy about the design, specifically the orange colour. But if you ask me, I think it looks graceful and it doesn't take away from my love of the Midday and Midnight Forms of Lycanroc. When I get Ultra Sun, I think I might get the event Rockruff. I'm not sure if I'll use it on my team but we'll have to wait and see. I know I want to get Popplio and Mudbray again, as I had great success with them in Sun and Moon.

I also added a part to the beginning of the Sunny Hill Farms pasta. It goes a little something like this:

(Now you could argue that filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid would've been a much better option if I wanted money for college. Well at the time, I considered doing that but eventually decided against it when I found out there was a catch. You see, if you were a guy between the ages of eighteen and twenty five and you wanted to the benefit of getting any money from the "FAFSA", you had to register for the draft, which is something that hadn’t been used in over forty years. For me, the idea of signing up for something like that was not only ridiculous, but also a waste of time.)

Later in the story, James (the main character) sees Roy's war medals and compliments him on it. We find out that Roy didn't want to go to war but had no choice, as he was drafted into the Vietnam War. His wife Becky says he should hang them up, as she thinks he's a hero and has earned them fair and square. Roy doesn't see himself as a hero because he asks, "What kind of hero goes around killing innocent people?!" At the end of the story when James discovers Lorenzo's grave, he finds a framed note from Roy that mentions that when he heard that he passed on, he didn't feel anything not because he didn't love him, but because he has seen so much death and killing in Vietnam that he had become desensitized to it.

James might also tell the audience that he had an argument about the FAFSA the night after his first day on the job. Along with Roy's story about being drafted and how going to war has affected him, one of the points James brought up to his mom was, "If girls don't have to sign up, then I shouldn't have to either!" I'm not sure if all of these ideas will make it into the story but we'll have to wait and see.

I did some research on FAFSA for this story and a lot of what I just said about their requirement for guys to sign up for the draft is true, even the part about women not having to sign up for it. The strange part is this "signing up for the draft" thing is still... well... a thing, even when, as far as I know, the draft hasn't been used since the Vietnam war.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 20:36, December 9, 2017 (UTC)

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