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If you are here to inquire about a story of yours that was deleted, read this first as it will likely explain why.

Are you here about a Journal Entry pasta that was deleted? Read that guide before asking why your story was deleted.

If you are inquiring about a longer story that was deleted, perhaps this guide will elaborate on possible issues.

This guide on micro pasta should help if you are wondering why your short story was deleted.

Maybe it was an NSFW pasta that was deleted, if so, this guide has you covered on common pitfalls.

Or maybe it was a more emotion-driven story that you're wondering about what went wrong and how you can improve.


Feel free to leave a message and sign it with four tildes (~) Like this: ~~~~

Also note, keep messages civil. If you leave an acerbic message expect me to respond in kind.

Hello. I think you are mistaken. My story was not meant to be explicitly a mini pasta (although I was daft enough to label it so) but I believe that your penalization was unnecessary and quite frankly petty. Although my attitude towards your administration is not ideal, I respect your decision nonetheless. Have a good day. (sorry if I am not formatting this properly)

Sorry for disturbing you, but I got a question. What happened to the rest of the admins, and moderators of the wiki, haven't seen them being available for a while now. And also, upon from looking back at my story, I've seen that it very does have low quality indeed, so I fixed it by re-writing the story and just happens to placed it in the Writer's Workshop, here have a look and see if it is now fit for the standards.

CursedStories (talk) 15:20, 24 May 2021 (UTC)cursedstories


Person keeps spamming in community posts.

Hey man, sorry for bothering you about all these people. There's a user named Dr. Chisaki who keeps spamming on my community post. They keep spamming BBBBBBBB and stuff like that. Its honestly getting annoying and it floods the chat when I (and prob some other people) actually wanna see others talking about what I or someone else posted. Please do something about him. (All his posts are here:


Hi sir

Hallo good sir

How do I finish a page

How do I make a page finished.

I understand that I accidentally broke the rules, but i'mma request you something

can you please provide the link to the page that contained the rules pertaining to poll?

Regarding your message

Hey! Thanks for notifying me about the issue. The Title could be changed to "You shouldn't have opened your eyes" if that fits. I didn't know there already was a story with that name, sorry for that.

Thanks man!!!!! And I need help.

Thank you! Ok, I gotta ask somethin'— Every single time I try to upload my creepypasta as an article, a message tells me that I've done something harmful. I'll even send the pasta to you and you'll know that my creepypasta are great, but still I'm not being able to publish them. One of my stories got lost due to this problem and I just forgot the story. What should I do??


Thanks... I think my story was too violent or sexually explicit... I will write it in th writer's workshop.. thanks...

Ok, I was able to upload a story

I figured out that the problem was with the computer. I wrote the story on another computer. Now, how do I advertise my creepypasta?

Hey, I'm here to report a user.

Hey, EmpyrealInvective, just now there is a user who just edited my story without my permission and replaced it with stupid things, the username of this person is

FunbariVoid (talk) 01:30, 14 June 2021 (UTC)FunbariVoid

'The Witch King' is hitting the Spam Filter

Hi Empyreal

I tried posting this story to the Wiki, but the Spam Filter wouldn't let me because it says it has blacklisted content. I thought that maybe it was the passing mention of OnlyFans and pornography, but I tried changing those words and it still wouldn't let me post, so I'm not sure what it is.


The Vesper's Bell (talk) 07:36, 14 June 2021 (UTC)

Edit: Got it. It was the word Sonic. That's twice now that little blue hedgehog has prevented me from uploading to the Wiki. I'll try to keep in mind for the future that the word sonic is taboo, regardless of context, but it might also be a good idea for you to reconsider the blanket ban on the word.

Thanks again

The Vesper's Bell (talk) 21:19, 14 June 2021 (UTC)


Hey, may I asked you to read a Creepypasta story of mine if you have some times?

Thank you.

FunbariVoid (talk)FunbariVoid

Excuse me:

Hey, can I asked for you to delete a redirect page I just made for a new Creepypasta story after I just fix a few grammars from it?


Hello there, I came by to tell you that I am a friend in school of FunbariVoid. He was the user you've banned from Yesterday, well, recently he told me that he was banned from the wiki for intervals of a day, but from what I saw, his expired time was supposed to be somewhere around 12:00 PM, but it was already 1:29 PM now.

umm was my story wrongfully deleted

I'm awnsering my own question, no, it was deleted because of the words, mlp, fluttershy and pony. i don't know if it was mlp darkfic or lost episode.

Story Review.

Hey, mind if you look through my stories and see if there are any errors?

FunbariVoid (talk)funbarivoid


Actually, you got one thing wrong, I never stole the title "Know Your Sins" from the Dragon Ball wiki at all. The fact is that, I never watched Dragon Ball at all, and I don't know if it has that title, but, a title is a title, its not taken from any wiki, this title I input it myself.

If you are using Grammarly to check plagiarism, then sometimes they could point out to different links. Believe me, I've once did it too, and I found out that some other sentences, and words I've typed are connected to different links, even though I never did take any sentences from that website Grammarly pointed me too.

FunbariVoid (talk)FunbariVoid

Thanking, and Asking.

So, yeah, your right, its best if we revise a few things for the story, thank you very much for the reviewing. But after a moment of writing, I've decided to split it in two parts for the story, it still in the same section, but first, can you check the first part and see if there are any other misspellings, awkwardly written sentences, and of course, see if it has some parts that needs to have a clearer explanation.

One more thing, about the powers and abilities wiki lines, I did rip it off, but those are actually basic descriptions of an ability, it doesn't matter, because many people also ripped those lines off the wiki and added in a few information for their own stories, or descriptions. Yet, some of the lines we rip off might be written by ourselves not taken from another wiki. So, I don't think you should always rely too much on plagiarism checking machine, because they may point out wrong links even though the one who written it never actually did rip those lines off but write it down, and it matches the lines of the other links.

But, if these are the rules that we aren't allow to paste in here the basic description, and explanation of an typical ability to our own characters, then, all right. Again, thank you for pointing out my errors.

FunbariVoid (talk)funbarivoid


Remember My Creppypasta Friday Night Funkin: Week 10?. I Didn’t Have Any Intent To Copy Other Creppypastas, I Just Wanted To Make It For Fun, I Hope You Understand,

Re: Saying

Okay, okay, I get it, but can you still check my story, please?

FunbariVoid (talk)funbarivoid

Asking for Reviewing Story:

All right, I've decided to change a few things in my story, can you take a look through it please?

FunbariVoid (talk)funbarivoid

Ok, I won't ask for that mod again, but I'mma ask ya something

I'll never re-post my deleted posts, if it's violation of rules, coz I'm a good girl and I always try to obey the rules..but why did you delete the post containing song lyrics? I mentioned it to be the lyrics of Slender Man Sings A Song (Scary Horror Film Parody), a parody song by Aaron Fraser-Nash. It wasn't roleplay, it wasn't abusive, it didn't contain swear words and it wasn't a post asking for personal information or anything related to who is better. I just wrote the lyrics to a song. So, why did it get deleted???

Excuse me?

Um, sorry for interrupting, but can you review my story, I just fix some errors. Thank you

FunbariVoid (talk) 04:54, 21 June 2021 (UTC)funbarivoid

Hi. I want to be as civil as possible. I am confused why my story was removed. Pleas let me know what I did wrong so I can fix it. If I do fix whatever was wrong with it can I repost it.

The ritual

Hi im confused why my story was deleted. please tell me what I did wrong so can fix it. If I fix it can I post it back.

Proof This is a video of me eating the reddit story.

Proof 2

sorry I meant to say eating. This is the video verifying that wrote the story. It was a video of me eating it on reddit.

Thank you

Now that its back up would you mind reading it and giving it your option. Be honest if you don't like to tell me so I can improve in the future.

From the Aesthetics Wiki Staff

Dear Creepypasta Staff:

Currently, our wiki is undergoing the same issues that you have had in the past: we are also doing a clean-up and establishing more rules to uphold the quality of the wiki and will purge multiple entries, no doubt creating a conflict similar to your own clean-up. In addition, we have had issues in the past where there is a culture clash between the staff and people who want looser requirements.

May you share your experiences and give us some guidance on how to carry out the clean-up? Our collective gmail is, and our Discord is embedded in our wiki. Thank you, and I hope we can learn from you soon.


Hey there, can I asked you to check on my story?

FunbariVoid (talk) 14:21, 26 June 2021 (UTC)FunbariVoid

Proof that I wrote "When Lincoln Spoke"


This is a screenshot of the file of the final draft of my story. It was created before the story was published. Below is a link to that same story so you can verify it is indeed that story. (When Lincoln Spoke Final Draft.docx) Do you need any other proof?

Resending the link

Sorry, the first time I put in the link to the story When Lincoln Spoke, it didn't work. I'm sending it again. (!Anetrgu0_dsZkWwM0Lohs1Unn3ha?e=VpIgCC)

Still figuring things out....

I apologize if I'm leaving this message on the wrong feed as the layout of this website and it's functions still confuse me a bit. I just checked my talk feed from last year and noticed my story was removed for violating quality standards. Can you tell me which standards it violated? Katethered00 (talk) 17:56, 12 July 2021 (UTC)katethered00

Ask the author

I don't know how else to prove it to you. But what you can do is see the original author here and ask them if they gave me permission.

Spinoff Pastas

So do pastas about Video Games count as a spinoff pasta. I know I got told to do any pastas on lost episodes on the spinoff pasta wiki, & didn't know if the same applied to video games

Question about my Creepypasta

So, I noticed you edited my pasta and was worried about what it was, I checked the history and saw someone else revised it and you rolled them back (thanks), so I see you're an admin for the wiki and I had a question.

Would you be able to make it so only I can edit it to make it where nobody edits it or anything because my plan is to make it an ARG and add more to it as I go along. I really don't want people to delete everything or something like that.

Sorry if this is a dumb question

Kidnapped By A Demon

I was wondering if you could remove this story? I feel like I didn't handle the subject matter with much grace.

AustinDR (talk) 02:13, August 2, 2021 (UTC)

About the edit on Why People Need to Stop Finding Lost Media

Hello. I'm inquiring about why you reverted my edit on Why People Need to Stop Finding Lost Media. It was helpful and worthwhile, and there's no rule prohibiting users from fixing stories that need it. Is there any other reason why you reverted it? Thanks! Dino6444, making wikis great again. 03:53, 15 August 2021 (UTC)

Request to delete a comment of mine

Back in late 2020, I made a comment on the article Fresh Bait voicing my frustration over my inability to access the site on desktop (an issue which was later resolved, obviously) and announcing that I would be leaving the site until further notice. This comment is no longer relevant, and although I have made a reply that notes this, I would appreciate if it could be removed. Thanks.

Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 03:27, 17 August 2021 (UTC)Cornconic

One famous long ago deleted story

Hello. One of the creepypastas here has acquired a cult status in Russia. It's referred to as deleted, mystical and banned in the video with more than a million views (2:59). This is a deleted story called Flowerchan.jpg. I would like to work on translating this creepypasta into Russian or at least just read it. Is it possible to restore this creepypasta or send its text to my email (if it violates quite strict Fandom rules)? Bloodlust!Chara (talk) 17:05, 18 August 2021 (UTC).

Okay so

You've puzzled me. That story was actually just a translation of the Youtube video description. However, this video is distributed under a standard license, so it cannot be legally used, and besides, it's not the original source of the text. I started digging further and now I have several proofs that my translated text doesn't fall under copyright.

  1. First of all, it's widely distributed. Not only YouTube, but also the personal blog of some person who is not the author of this text. And here I'll clarify that the text I translated is actually only a small part of the whole, the very Trailhead archives that were mentioned. But in this blog there is exactly the same text about Flowerchan.avi, which was translated by me, even if it's only a part of the whole. Less than a month ago, it was also posted on the Russian social network VKontakte and in a Telegram. Of course, this was not done by the author. This already allows us to conclude that the text is freely distributed. But I'll continue.
  2. I retold this creepypasta for the Russian-speaking Fandom three years ago. There is already a completely different text, because I wanted to create my own research in my own style, which should not be like a classic creepypasta, more like a perspective from the outside, but the same text is used in the basis. And I took this text from an anonymous image board, which unfortunately no longer exists.
  3. The story about another file from these archives is published on the Russian equivalent of the in an unchanged form compared to the original. This is another more serious proof that the story I published is distributed under a free license.
  4. Btw, the original is published as a book for programmers, the download of which is freely allowed.
  5. If all this evidence was not enough, then there is another one. The most important of all. The author of the text that I translated is the Trailhead 3 organization. It's written in the media that they broke up in 2016. Therefore, they don't claim the text and don't have copyright over it, since they no longer exist.

So I am publishing the text again, as I've clarified the legal issues. However, the only reason why I published it's that I insist on restoring the original flowerchan.jpg creepypasta, since it was removed for no reason and is an important cultural heritage. If the original text had been restored, my publication wouldn't have been necessary. On the contrary, I made my publication out of respect for the rejected work of the author of the original story. I would also like to translate it to similar resources, for example, on the Russian wiki about creepypastas Bloodlust!Chara (talk) 15:51, 19 August 2021 (UTC).

If my pasta got deleted for being unfinished, can I reupload it once it IS finished?

Hi. I've been wondering this because I really don't want to add it Geoshea's. KingDeeYT (talk) 21:12, 21 August 2021 (UTC)KingDeeYT

Screw this wiki


Non-CC-BY-SA Content on Wiki

I'm considering licensing my work differently from how the Wiki blanket licenses content posted to it. Specifically, I would like my works to be under CC-BY-NC-SA. Are the terms of this license acceptable on the Wiki, or would I need to have my content removed and posted elsewhere?

Wobblingkirlia (talk) 05:05, 25 August 2021 (UTC)

Purging account activity here


I was wondering if it was possible to "purge" all activity I had on this fandom wiki as.. well, it's a bit embarrassing to me. It was back in 2014, and I was an "aspiring writer" jumping on the creepypasta train. I don't actually have a pasta, it was deleted and I never followed up with anything, but I do have some activity here I wished was gone.

Help me

I wanna make a creepypasta survival guide, but the AI won't let me upload the Slender Man Survival Guide..What should I do?

How do I make the appeal? And it's a survival guide, not a story

Please help.

Long Time No See, Friend

(Man, this new editor is weird. I hope I don't mess things up after years of not editing here.)

Hi Travis. It's me, Lorena, or Lora, or that former irresponsible and overreactive Dinkleberg brat that was a VCROC 7 years ago. Time sure flies, doesn't it?

We haven't talked in like, two years, so things have changed a lot on my side of things. Last time we talked, I believe I was in Canada and I was enrolled in a Design program, and I was still a really really dumb teenager and early in my transition. Nowadays, I am back to Brazil in a new condo, I look way more stunning than before, lost a lot of weight and now I'm enrolled in the Archival Science program of my local university.

After six years, I realised that I want to preserve and archive content instead of producing content, so my ambition now is to work at the archives world, and perhaps someday work at the Smithsonian archives as a foreign worker. If that doesn't happen though, since I'll be a Portuguese citizen soon, I will just move to the EU and have a career over there instead.

It may feel strange to me thinking I would get involved in the field of Information Science, but considering how much fun I had volunteering here, which was basically archival and librarianship work, it probably isn't too surprising I want to pursue this further. Only wish I realised this sooner instead of spending so much money and so many years trying to get into something.

So I'm very excited for my future. How you've been in the meantime? I'd love to keep in touch with you somewhere else; I am not involved in any horror community anymore (I'm active in the Dynasty Warriors and Yakuza communities outside of Wikia), I just felt like revisiting this place to feel some nostalgia and to perhaps talk to someone I know who would still be active. I deleted my former Discord account, but I have a new one now that uses the same username from here and everywhere else (lorakintas#0377). Otherwise, let me know what's up with you and whatever other way I can keep talking to you.

Lorakintas (talk) 01:12, 28 August 2021 (UTC)


Thanks for your help, I'll upload the Survival guide ASAP. It took me 14 days and 9 nights to make this (including research).


Hi, dropping this just in case you didn't see the blog, Site Notice and Anon Notice are back. - Stygies VIII (talk) 13:41, 30 August 2021 (UTC)

Author Category Page?

Good morning Empyreallnvective,

You'll have to forgive my lack of wiki knowledge...I'm a newbie and don't get all the inner workings of the site.

I wanted to reach out to an Admin regarding an Author's Category Page. Looking over the requirements, it seems I've met them (I've tried to double-check my standings) and was eager to get a page started. If you knew how to go about this process any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks as always, as I appreciate like-minded peers and their handiwork!

Respectfully yours,

Mak Ralston

MakRalston (talk) 14:21, 13 September 2021 (UTC)MakRalston

Update: Author Category

Not a worry EmpyrealInvective...don't sweat it if you're busy with work. I did, however, add what you said to all of the feel free, whenever you're able, to let me know any additional steps I need. Much appreciated!

UPDATE: Just saw you updating the stories...thank you very much for all your assistance.

MakRalston (talk) 22:23, 13 September 2021 (UTC)MakRalston

POTM Voting

Hello, I am approaching you because I think I mistakenly added votes to the POTM poll. I had checked it a few times since it began and assumed that it had already counted my vote/IP and so wouldn't add new ones. Since you have to select an option to see the pending tallies, I clicked it assuming it would recognize my IP, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Upon further inspection of the times the votes were cast, it seems the voting poll doesn't account for IP whatsoever, and so I believe I have added two additional votes to "My Family Experienced a Deadly Car Crash" in the process that do not belong there. my apologies, I was not aware of this. I also wanted to make you aware of the general fact that the poll doesn't account for IP, it seems important.

Thank you, Custom signature? pfft, as if I were that creative (talk) 17:38, 22 September 2021 (UTC)

I have also had issues with this. It seems there is no way to check the current tally of votes without adding an additional vote in the process. This means that people can vote as many times as they want, because, as Icydice has just pointed out, the poll doesn't account for IP.
May I ask why we are using this site for the polling this month? Did something happen to the old polling site that means it can't be used anymore?
Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 18:10, 22 September 2021 (UTC)Cornconic

Writer's Showcase Issue

Can you please delete the most recent thread on the Writer's Showcase? The author has pasted the entire story into the description box and it's making the home page about 50x longer than it should be. Thanks.

Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 16:18, 23 September 2021 (UTC)Cornconic

Halloween Contest

Hi, Empy! I hope this finds you well! I'm writing to let you know that Cornconic, Icydice, and I are planning a little Halloween writing contest that will hopefully do a couple of things:

- Honor the wiki's years in existence. - Echo the wiki's first contest ever back in 2011. - Invigorate the wiki with new interest, and of course... - Celebrate the Halloween season!

The gentlemen mentioned above have given this a lot of thought and consideration, including how stories will be scored, limitations, conditions, etc. I'm happy to answer any questions you have, but I definitely wanted to let you know this is happening.

Talk soon!

15:27, 25 September 2021 (UTC)J. Deschene (talk)

Story Topic

Hey, EmpyrealInvective, sorry to bother you but I need an admin's opinion. Would it be against the rules if I posted a story that was just a collection of Two Sentence Horror Stories? I want to make sure before I actually do it.


Good Day.

You recently corrected an issue with categories I made regarding my stories, and provided me with the resources to better understand how to avoid these kinds of mistakes in the future. I'm pretty new, and still learning the ropes.

Just wanted to reach out and acknowledge your effort, and say thank you.

Te (talk) 17:59, 29 September 2021 (UTC)

Replacement Wiki Representative

Hey Travis, I wanted to let you know that Stygies VIII will be leaving in her capacity as a Wiki Representative, & I'll be taking her place in case you ever need anything on Fandom. I understand that she previously ran a bot each month to nuke unused files for you guys, & while I can certainly also do this, I'd actually be more interested in teaching you how to do these kinds of operations on your own. With software like AWB (or even by just going directly to the API) you can rather easily generate a list of all unused files at any given time, & then simply feed that list of files into AjaxBatchDelete, a script that I can show you how to install, which adds a button you can click that brings up a really simple-to-use interface where you just paste the list & hit initiate; the script then carries out the deletions for you. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in learning how to do, I'd be happy to teach you!

For anything else, technical or otherwise, by all means feel free to reach out if you need help with something, I'd be happy to lend a hand anytime you have need :)
-Ursuul (talk) 04:21, 1 October 2021 (UTC)

You could use an online regex replace tool to format the API output, but it's probably a lot easier to use AWB, which isn't much more complicated than AjaxBatchDelete. It's a program you install on your desktop, & you shouldn't actually even need to log in to generate lists with it based on special pages, such as UnusedFiles. If that doesn't work out or if you use an operating system other than Windows, I can put together a regex string for you that should be able to edit out all that extra data you don't need, leaving a plain list.
-Ursuul (talk) 14:12, 1 October 2021 (UTC)

Hm, scratch that, it appears AWB doesn't have an explicit generator for Special:UnusedFiles — so Regex. Find any advanced online text replace tool such as this one which worked well, select the pertinent API results (ignoring the parent tags), paste that into the tool. Now, the regular expression to select the entire line while capturing only the actual file results is this: .*title=\"(.*?)\".*, replace that with $1, which signifies to replace with the capturing group. You'll also want to replace ' with ', since the API renders apostrophes with the HTML element — this'll make sure the file names are correct for AjaxBatchDelete. Your full settings should look like this, & the result should look like this. Let me know if that works out for you to generate the list!
-Ursuul (talk) 14:36, 1 October 2021 (UTC)

Contest Query

May I ask if you are still planning on moving the contest blog to the front page of the wiki? I think that’d be a great way to increase the amount of people that see it.

Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 18:04, 3 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic

Ah, gotcha. I thought you were referring to the blog itself, rather than the winning story. If it's still viable to put the winning story on the front page as well, then I'll include that in the 'why should I participate' section of the contest blog, as an additional incentive.
Please let me know if you manage to get the front page formatting sorted out.
Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 19:11, 3 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic

Writer's Workshop removal.

Good morning.

I recently uploaded a story I had in the writer's workshop, "Dumb" as a new page, and no longer have need of it in the workshop. I figured it would be prudent to request it be removed from the workshop as to clear up clutter.

Please let me know if this is not the appropriate medium to approach a situation such as this.

Thanks, and have a good one.

Te (talk) 13:12, 6 October 2021 (UTC)

Re: Writer's Workshop Post.

Thank you for removing the post! Have a good day.

Te (talk) 15:06, 6 October 2021 (UTC)

CrazyWords Contest Winner?

I've been looking over some old contests recently and I noticed something kinda strange: none of the pastas listed in the CWWriting15 category have the 'Contest Winner' category applied to them. I did a little digging, but I couldn't find a specific post or comment in which the winner was announced. Based off the blog post, I assume it should be I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire, since that one received the highest score, but there's no follow-up blog or seemingly anything that indicates an explicit winner.

Did the winning pasta get deleted? Did another, unmentioned pasta win? I'd appreciate if you could shed some light on this.

Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 21:55, 6 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic

I see. Thanks for letting me know. I suppose it makes sense; back in 2015, it seems there was a contest every other month.
Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 08:42, 7 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic


Is it ok if i make a creepypasta story

Sorry to bother you, but could you help me?

Greetings. I was wondering if you would be able to delete a story I wrote, called "Emily the Cat"? It isn't very good, and I don't think it really shows my actual writing prowess.

Thanks in advance, NirvanaFan1967 (talk) 16:53, 8 October 2021 (UTC) NirvanaFan1967

Deleted Story

Good afternoon.

I was about to post a story I created when I found out that the title I wanted to use (Revenant) has been taken already by a story that was deleted 7 years ago.

I'm curious if I may use the title anyways, or if this would cause an issue. If need be, I can come up with another name, though I was quite set on that one.

Thanks for your time.

Te (talk) 17:55, 8 October 2021 (UTC)

Contest Category

Since we're now accepting entries for the Halloween contest, I thought it might be appropriate for it to have its own category, similar to most other contests in the past. Something like "CC Halloween 2021" (the CC being Cornconic) would be perfect.

Please let me know once you've sorted this, as I'll add it to the 'story formatting' section of the contest blog. Thanks.

Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 23:31, 8 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic

May I ask when I can expect this to be done? Two people have already submitted their entries.
Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 19:14, 12 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic
Thank you kindly. I appreciate your efforts, even when you're clearly busy with real-life commitments and happenings.
Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 19:36, 12 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic

New Horizon is using a alt acc to bypass their ban..

The user New Horizon (a user you have moderated), has definitly made an alt acc to bypass their 1 week ban. They made a community post this week, talking about how the banned acc is faking as them. Its extremely suspicous.

Author category

Hello, I just posted my 10th story to the site! Would I be able to get an author category? If you'd like to confirm, I have all of my stories linked on my profile page and each one is signed with my name. Thanks! Elle Ravenswood (talk) 04:37, 14 October 2021 (UTC)ExRwood


Just so you know, there are two people currently vandalizing dozens and dozens of stories. They vandalized my story As it Was Before - I got an email about someone editing it and looked at it out of curiosity. I hope you catch this soon. Elle Ravenswood (talk) 02:14, 27 October 2021 (UTC)ExRwood

Wiki Representative

Hi there! My name's Chris, a Fandom Wiki Representative. I just wanted to let you know I'm the new Wiki Rep for this wiki, taking over from Ursuul. How're things going on the wiki? I look forward to working with you! :) --Spongebob456 talk 18:58, 27 October 2021 (UTC)