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  • I live in the recesses of my own mind
  • My occupation is second to my hobbies
  • I am a jerk in general


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Hello Fobarimperius,

Insert this code into the "Source" tab in the Classic Editor.

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Abel Garcia - The Dream Hacker
Shadow girl
The lucid dreamer
Age: 18
Last Words: "Only now, your dreams will be mine..."
Cause of distress: Has fallen into a coma that eventually lead to death in sleep
Goal: Finding the perfect mind in which he could inhabit
Dislikes: Fighting, Bullying, Ignorant People
Likes: Creativity, Imagination, and his only human love
Dangers: May cause a victim Sleep Paralysis/ Interfere with a "Falling Dream"
Stories Written Tastes Like Pure Innocence
The Meaning of Meaning Itself
Pokemon - An Adventurer's Dream

Behind closed doors, I am me... (talk) 19:13, June 28, 2015 (UTC)

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