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NOTICE: If you're here to contest a deletion, please read this blog first. If you want to attempt getting your story back on the site, put it in the Writer's Workshop, make significant changes based on the feedback, and then make a Deletion Appeal including a link to the workshop thread.



I'm sorry, can you give me some tips on a VideoGame pasta?—Preceding unsigned comment added by Rollertoastertycoon.dishwasher‎‎ (talkcontribs).


Oh, alright, excuse me. Due to the phrasing of the template, I thought that it was admin-only. In that case, I'll start using it.

FrenchTouch (talk)

Hi Jay Ten,

I wrote the story : "He made me do it", and I would like some help and some ways to improve it. I'm not angry, but I would like to know why :)

I'd really like to find out what I did wrong, so I can act on it.

Thanks, zdang

zdang 18:36, November 18, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for the tips, your a great help. I do agree, it was a bit too rushed. Thanks for the help

zdang 20:50, November 19, 2015 (UTC) zdang

My blog post died down and there are not enough entrees. Just reminding all the admins to say their ideas! 

Creeper50 (talk) 21:32, November 20, 2015 (UTC)Creeper50

New Tobit Story

Hey Jay,

My newest Tobit is out: Tobit: The Lady and the Maiden of Knowledge. Check it out when you can!

--K. Banning Kellum (talk) 04:28, November 23, 2015 (UTC)

Happy Thanksgiving you sick, existential, and absurd bastard

Try not to drink too much Gray Goose and upset your family with your dark pondering on the irrational and meaningless nature of the universe. :) HumboldtLycanthrope (talk) 14:14, November 26, 2015 (UTC)

Saturday Night Live segment

Recently I saw part of a Saturday Night Live special with Halloween segments, and this made me laugh until I nearly lost my breath. I was so busy laughing that I didn't even notice at first that Hugh Laurie was one of the players. It was my mom who asked, "Isn't that that doctor?" Raidra (talk) 00:16, November 29, 2015 (UTC)

I did, thanks. I hope you did too. That segment just got more and more wrong as it progressed. To top it all off, once the real ghost starts calling to them they decide to drop the whole thing and leave. "Julian..." ~laughs~ Raidra (talk) 14:03, November 30, 2015 (UTC)

Just so you know...

You should NickyXX 'on your short yet growing "'Wiki authors worth checking out" list​. I've read her pastas, and they were insanely good. Too bad she's quite underrated. You should check out her works. I'm sure you'll be surprised.

RuckusQuantum 11:02, December 2, 2015 (UTC)


Heheh, yeah, one day I might change it to something totally random just to confuse you.

I only actually remembered I was going to change it because you change yours, so thanks for that.

« UnderScorre » 18:53, December 2, 2015 (UTC)

Hey just want to say sorry for earlier. my little brother posted the story before i sent it to the workshope page. i dont know why he did it but thanks for deleting it before it was too late.

Hello I wrote the story Forever in His Darkness, I just would like to know why it got deleted. I keep wondering if I did the format wrong on it and if I fixed the errors if I could resbumit it?

Ahh, I see I must ask and this is a silly question, but where can I find source mode?

Thank you


Thanks for the b-day wishes! My new job has me working almost everyday, so I'm not sure when it'll be time for cake, but I'll make sure to stuff myself stupid when the time comes.

Have a great week brother!

K. Banning Kellum (talk) 22:53, December 5, 2015 (UTC)

Highlight contest?

Hey Jay,

I've decided to hop on the contest hosting bandwagon.  I know other contests have been spotlighted in the admin blog feed before and wanted to see if there's any way I could get mine there to increase participation.  Let me know if I need to run it by any of the other admins first (you were the most recently active one I saw)

Shadowswimmer77 (talk) 16:07, December 8, 2015 (UTC)

Message to admins

Hi, I wrote this "story" (you can find it here: ), Empyrallnvective thought it was just a troll pasta but it was in fact a way to criticize the site's policy. I'll copy what I wrote on his talk page (it's destined to him at first, but the critize and suggestions should be read by every admin)

It's a shame you took my "story" like a troll pasta, it was a way to criticize this site's policy.

And don't think I'm only complaining about my deleted stories, in fact, I don't care: I'll post them elsewhere, other people will read them, it is the same for me.

I have read some stories that were deleted and I must say that some were creepeier than most of the admins' stories I have read.

You may have good skills in English, but you have no peticuliar tallent in writing, as everyone here. And you know why? Because talented writers make a living out of it. So stop geing condescendant by denying someone's envy to tell a story (s)he imagined just because you found an insignificant mistake/bad choice of word/...

I spoke with other members and with people on reddit (who were also members), many of them think that I have a point.

But I'm not here just to criticize, I'd like to give suggestions to make this site better.

This system (publishing, deletion, deletion appeal) doesn't work (you can see by yourself all the denied appeals on the page) and it means loads of good stories that won't be published.

What can you do instead? Well, first of all, the workshop should be easier to spot and helping members should be rewarded (it means less work for the admins). You can also give tools to auto correct the grammar. Then, a story won't be published immediately, it would go to a "pending zone" where admins, moderators,... will personally help the writer to correct everything. This will work way better than deleting a story, asking for a revised copy and denying the deletion appeal because the writer didn't spot this peticuliar virgule misplacement.

Now, this "I've already seen this premise somewhere": I have read excellent Stephen King's novels that reminded me some other autors. And here too, I have read stories that had something in common with another one. It is ineviatble and you will miss a lot of good stories if you systematically delete stories that have a common point with another one. For example, one of my stories about a scarecrow was deleted because there already was another story with a scarecrow. The stories were completely different, except that they both had a scarecrow involved.

So now, you should have a talk with the other admins, because you have 2 options:

- You change nothing and keep believing that you all are masters of horror on their throne, deleting peasants' stories

- You apply my advice, make changes in your policy and make this site great

Mortaest (talk) 17:27, December 12, 2015 (UTC)Mortaest

Zombie Narration

Hello, do you remember helping me with The Zombie Apocalypse Sucks? I thought you might get a kick out of the narration KillaHawke1 (talk) 21:52, December 14, 2015 (UTC)

Cool Cat's Spooky Crimbo

Yo, this is the creator of Cool Cat's Spooky Crimbo here, I apologise for making that, and I am fully aware of what I have done, but can you please send me the story I wrote, so I can post it to the Trollpasta wiki, or do you plan to put it there yourself? I promise I won't make another Trollpasta here.


Edit: Thanks, I appreciate it, once again, I'll never spam this wiki again.


Someone left me this message:

"hey umm do are you the author or do you know the name of the author who wrote " The Story of My Only Friend Who Killed Himself, Age 11?"

Would you please be able to help me find who sent it as there is no signature? Or, if you are reading this, please tell me your username so I can reply.


Armentitron (talk) 08:17, December 16, 2015 (UTC)Armentitron

RE: Archiving

Thank you for fixing this. I appreciate the help. Do you think there's still enough on the first Archive then?

--Mmpratt99 deviantart (talk) 22:18, December 16, 2015 (UTC)

Thank you again.

--Mmpratt99 deviantart (talk) 22:37, December 16, 2015 (UTC)

Seasons Greetings!

Check it out, my most absurd story to date: A Noel in Black. I really tried to cross genres here. It starts as pulp, then moves to transgressive, into horror, then absurd, then straight up bizarro, and in the end I try to redeem myself with a montage of literary merit. Of course the whole thing is just one big elaborate joke. I guarantee you will be laughing your ass off you sick fuck. HumboldtLycanthrope (talk) 17:17, December 17, 2015 (UTC)


Thanks Jay.  Life has been very hectic lately.  I do still check in at least once a week.  I finally got some time to write today.  I just started a story and have the first two chapters done.  I'll put it in the writers workshop for critique in a few minutes and i'll create a blog with the link.  I so want to host the freestyle contest again but feel like it wont have the same magic it once had.  I don't know man.  what do you think?  Merry Chritmas Bro.  Thanks for reaching out. Blacknumber1 (talk) 19:37, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for telling me to post my screenplay in the writer's workshop. By the way, could you give critique on it? Thanks.

Creeper50 (talk) 20:53, December 24, 2015 (UTC)Creeper50

Thank you. I have made my decision.

Sincerely, fuck you.

No really. Fuck you. Now before you go on to think that this is just senseless anger being tossed at you, I would like to give my input on something.

You, and everyone else that is so stern with their rules and conditions, are the reason I did not come back to this site for a very long time. I had forgotten the reason I had even left this site and why I thought it was a waste of time. Then here you come to remind me.

You're just an admin, I understand that, but you make the choice to act or not to act. When I came back, I thought "Why not? Can't go too badlly." A story is created, and it is posted on here for people's enjoyment. Honestly, I have seen some terrible creepypasta accepted here. Stories that have grammar so faulty to the point that you cannot understand what the author is trying to say. Ideas based around the most boring, predictable, gore fest characters. Logically, I would've thought that stories that you simply cannot read and are just effortless in nature would be the ones to be removed. Not some story with a decent plot and a decent character as well as decent spelling.

Believe it or not, coming from my perspective, it took some good effort to make my idea come out the way it did. I am not telling you to put it on the highest pillar of writing creativity known to man, or any high standerd of the sort, but to just accept it for being a decent job at story telling.

I don't think I could stand one day being an administrator on this site. At least, not if I'm told to take down anyone's stories despite them being readable and indifferent to others in some way.

So thanks to you, I'm going to remove my account from this website, and I'll go somewhere that's less harsh on creativity.

I came here to share ideas and have fun.

Not to be punished by the highest degree of writing standards that I had ever seen.

By the way...


Eat it you fucking swine

—Preceding unsigned comment added by StreakF (talkcontribs).


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
Santa surprise
Jay Ten (talk) 02:01, December 25, 2015 (UTC)

RE: Trolling

You seemed to have blocked me for trolling blogs, but how have I even done this. How is calling something funny "trolling"? I don't get how saying "nobody cares" is also trolling, it is just my honest opinion. Marc2427 (talk) 11:41, December 25, 2015 (UTC)

Addressed. SoPretentious 12:24, December 25, 2015 (UTC)
NP. Merry Christmas/holiday to you also. SoPretentious 15:09, December 25, 2015 (UTC)


Wassup, man? :)

Mystreve (talk) 04:35, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Hey Jay ten, I uploaded this story which you deleted because of its wall of text, but I fixed it and tried to upload it again and it said this. This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your edit was constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: Illegal Chars

So im really not sure what im doing wrong first time making a pasta, so im not to sure on how it's made. Heres the redit, is that fine or is there someway i can get some help uploading my story it would be greatly appreciated  Im not sure how the source should look and everything, so if its wrong im sorry about that.

Woodrow C. 16:05, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Why dont you accept unfinished storys? what about the 1999 story? that wasnt finished but yet is one of the best storys ive read in here. Now youre not going to accept these storys anymore...why? not only will Elliot not be able finish his story because of this rule. neither will i.

Inquiry Concerning Unfinished Story

Good afternoon,

                    You recently deleted an unfinished story I mistakenly posted to the Wiki (I was unaware of the rule against posting unfinished pastas) and suggested I submit it to the Writers' Workshop before reposting. Will I be required to post it to the WW first or is this just a reccommendation. Thanks,


PS I found nothing in the Blocks page that permits blocking on the grounds of posting an unfinished story. 

RE: Alright. Thanks for the help and confirmation. 

Odd Question

Long time no talk XD

I had a bit of an odd question: What is the best way to write internal thoughts for a character? I've always used italics to show thought, but I'm writing something in which one of the characters' thoughts will come up a lot (way more than in my usual), so I was wondering if you would recommend that I continue to use italics, parenthesize them, or something else.

It's not a story that can go on the Creepypasta Wiki, so it isn't bound by any potential rules that might bind me to using italics on it. I guess I am asking how you would do it.

Also, Happy New Year! Buckle up I'm going to be popular 06:28, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

hey um i worte the story the call and i see you deleted it, i am just wondering why you deleted so i can know how to improve  it and make it better. i thank you for your time reading it also

hey um i worte the story the call and i see you deleted it, i am just wondering why you deleted so i can know how to improve  it and make it better. i thank you for your time reading it also

Sweet, thank you! I've written quite a bit, but I'm not sure if it is the draft or style of writing that I'm going to stick with. It took me a whole week to get the character from one end of the block to the other, so that he could get hit by a car, because I kept going back and adding details/changing things. If I ever get a Skype and you're up for it, I'd let you look over it and give me advice. I don't want to post it anywhere that it would likely get jacked or taken though, this is my own thing and I'm super protective of it. I'm not saying I'm trying to write a novel, because I don't know at this point. It's just going to be as long as it needs to be. So, I don't want it to be something that just anyone can come across (geez, that sounds bad, haha).
In a nutshell, I'm writing a magic story that is somewhat grounded in reality. I've written a few in-universe papers for it (this includes a resume), drawn the characters and have done a plot outline. I thought mages fighting might make for a good story after watching Fate Zero and Unlimited Blade Works. Thanks again! Also, there is a comment between this one and my last one, I nearly created a header for it and pushed it down below this, but didn't know if that'd count as editing other people's comments, so I just left it. Buckle up I'm going to be popular 23:49, December 31, 2015 (UTC)


Hey there Jay,

I just wanted to bring some attention to my contest,_Part_2 . I'd love to see what you think, and if you would enter! Of course it's up to you though. Thanks! --Jojo risin' (talk) 03:04, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

Regarding a Recent Block

I noticed TR-LL881 was just blocked for a month for spam pages, but I thought I'd tell you that he has two other accounts that posted the exact same things.

Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase and it's no passing craze. (talk) 16:26, January 1, 2016 (UTC)


Hi there, I hope you had a wonderful New Years! Hope your Christmas was amazing! :D Luigifan100 19:26, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

Know when you asked me to stop posting screenplay blogs?

Can I still post them on the writer's workshop?

Thanks, admin.

Creeper50 (talk) 22:08, January 7, 2016 (UTC)Creeper50

Answered. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 22:30, January 7, 2016 (UTC)

Hi, may I ask why did you delete my story " DTH666 "

Dude, have you ever checked out this crazy website? BloodOrgy666.comPretty fucking creepy. Someone should write a story about it. By the way, I love your new avatar. Absolute darkness! HumboldtLycanthrope (talk) 21:48, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

Good eye, my friend!

Ah, yes, I meant to write "somnambulist" or sleepwalker. Thanks so much for the heads up.

What does, "Shaving strokes off your game" mean? I have had my game stroked off before, but I don't get the shaving part. Is Shaving the name of that lady down by the river? After she stroked off my game I forgot to ask her name, but I did notice she needs a shave. HumboldtLycanthrope (talk) 20:15, January 14, 2016 (UTC)

                            Have I ever shown you photos of my darling son? Such a cutie, huh?

IMG 8573
HumboldtLycanthrope (talk) 20:35, January 14, 2016 (UTC)

Seriously though, thanks again for the heads up and for reading and commenting, I really do appreciate it. HumboldtLycanthrope (talk) 20:46, January 14, 2016 (UTC)


Jay, yes Matthew and i talked on facebook messenger beforehand. I aprove of the edits. Thanks for looking out though man.Blacknumber1 (talk) 19:07, January 15, 2016 (UTC)


No amount of cough syrup would cause me to go on the wiki and edit someone's story like that without permission. However, I would take some cough syrup (preferably with codeine) as payment for editing services. Lol.

When reviewing make sure you look at the final revision. I did three sessions on it. HumboldtLycanthrope (talk) 19:34, January 15, 2016 (UTC)


Thanks for fixing my errors on 'Became'! I was wondering if you read it (I kind of figure that you did as much as you edited it, but I never entirely know unless stated) and if you found it to be an improvement over 'Foryeti Me Not'? Sorry if I come across as pushy! I tried to work what feedback you had for my last story into 'Became', so I am super curious if I made something that ranked a little higher for you in regards to my last work.

I suppose this is a bit an of an odd request, but if you didn't like 'Became' and end up giving me a review answer, then could you post it on the story's discussion (only if it doesn't bother you)? I remember you stating that you don't like leaving negative feedback on talk pages, which is good and admirable, but I got to thinking about it and have reached the line of thought that perhaps others who have criticisms for my writing might be holding back because they don't want to appear rude and if one user who had criticisms stated theirs, then perhaps the others who had criticisms might as well. My whole goal is to improve and not reach a state of contentment. I'm not vain enough to think that my writings are flawless or ever will be. I just don't necessarily know how they are flawed XD

Thanks again and don't feel compelled to write a review or do anything that you don't wish to. Oh, Happy New Year! Buckle up I'm going to be popular 20:28, January 15, 2016 (UTC)

Raidra explained the rule to me really well earlier on. I missed those instances of it when I read back through it, so that's my bad, but I think I understand. I've had the rule explained to me before Raidra explained it, but I forgot exactly which way it was supposed to be so I did it half and half when I wrote the pasta. My memory is fairly garbage when it comes to grammar rules and I usually have to reread something over and over until it hammers home. I'm hoping that it sticks this time, which I know isn't the most reassuring response ever. I do try to do away with one grammar issue that I have each time I write something in the hopes of eventually doing away with all of my errors.
Ah. Don't force yourself to read it if it bores you. If you don't like it then you don't like it and there's no point in subjecting yourself to it. I would never want someone to read something of mine when they are having a bad time with it. Enjoyment is what I want everyone to feel when they read something that I've written and that's something that can't be forced onto others. As for me using destination back to back, well, that's super awkward. I try not to use repeating words in the same paragraph, let alone in neighboring sentences, if I can help it. I'll go back and change that after the contest.
I believe I see your point about advice. If I take too much and apply it then my stories basically become everyone else's and aren't my own; lose identity, right? I do think you are right though, because I'm a worrier about everything. Not giving a fuck about a lot of things would improve my life drastically.
Thank you for the compliment about seeing potential in me. I respect you, so don't ever worry about me being upset/mad at you for telling me what you think or how you feel about something. I appreciate your opinions so much, because you and Grizzly are the only ones that have ever stated not liking something that I've written and that means you both are being honest about how you feel and what you think. Honesty helps; lies hinder. My reaction is just me going "Aw..." and then "Alright! I'm going to do everything I can to try and make the next one even better!" No tears, butthurt or anger involved XD
No, it isn't rambling! It's all great advice that I appreciate and should not be listening to, but will so anyway :P I'll give the writer's quote and journal idea a try and see if that helps. Please don't ever hesitate to tell me something that you think will help me in the future. Thanks, Jay :) Buckle up I'm going to be popular 05:59, January 16, 2016 (UTC)
What you say makes more and more sense the longer I think about it. Writing is an art and art is about just putting yourself out there, making what you want to and telling everyone who tells you that you can't you mustard and have to use paint instead to fuck off. I always do my best to be original when telling a story because I don't want to retread something that's been done before, but I think I've fallen into the trap of using words, writing patterns that other writers use which isn't original.
I've always tried to take advice from people that I felt knew what they were talking about, instead of everyone, not those that are all "add more blood!" I make it sound like I'm ungrateful which is not the case because I'm really grateful for each bit of feedback and comments that my stories get. Listening to the wrong people and picking up bad habits could make the quality of my writing decline which is the exact opposite of what I want to do.
That's really interesting and alien to me. You hating most of what you write, I mean. I things that I hate quite a bit, but I just stop writing those stories when I do. I guess I should continue writing them to see if I learn a new lesson or something from the complete picture? Haha! Nah, I don't think you're condescending! You should have a look inside of my head and see how condescending I am! I tend to look down on humanity as a collective whole. I am not a people person (this causes me some guilt, but it is what it is). Few things bother me, so I'll give it a read. I haven't watched the video yet. My parents were asleep when I got your earlier message and the walls are really thin, plus I'm on my laptop which overheats in under 4 minutes when a video plays. I'll watch it when I'm home alone and on my desktop. Buckle up I'm going to be popular 19:23, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

Hi, I'm new to this wiki and I'm curious as to why my story was deleted.

Okay, I watched the beerfest clip and read your pasta. Both were hilarious, well, the pasta more so at the end. Steak Tartare! I don't really have a lot to say about the pasta, because I don't really know what to say. It did a good job encapsulating a madman who had a couple of views that I can agree with, "life is meaningless" and "some people have babies simply because they find them cute and give no more forethought to it then that". The pasta did flow smoothly and was a pleasure to read, since the character wasn't a bore and the details were kept simple. You having the character give details about his life in conversation made it more personal then it would have been if you had just described the details in a paragraph. I believe I get what you were telling me. Now I've got to make my own style and use what works for me and ignore what doesn't. Buckle up I'm going to be popular 05:24, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

False Positive

Hi Jay. I noticed that the story here has the word "Mario" in it. I don't know much about the abuse filter, but maybe that's it? MrDupin (talk) 00:43, January 20, 2016 (UTC)

I don't know if that's of much use, but I could write a little script to find and point out what triggered the abuse filter. It's very easy to make and it will be written in JS so that it can be implemented in the wiki. MrDupin (talk) 00:50, January 20, 2016 (UTC)
Don't worry about it. It won't take more than half an hour. I'll let you know when I finish it (probably during the weekend). MrDupin (talk) 00:58, January 20, 2016 (UTC)
You can actually check which filter triggered it by clicking on the filter that shows on the message. So:

"16:34, 19 January 2016: The Zog. (talk | contribs | block) triggered filter 2, performing the action "edit" on Ward B. Actions taken: Warn; Filter description: Content Blacklist (details | examine)"

You'd simply click filter 2 on that message to see what parameter words triggered it. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 00:58, January 20, 2016 (UTC)
Scratch my last message then, Emp solved it. MrDupin (talk) 01:03, January 20, 2016 (UTC)


Admin motherfuckaaaaaaaah.

Lol. Sorry. Anyway, I don't have the editing things that I used to have on the site. Could you please archive my talk-page stuff? My talk-page is loooong. And almost ban-worthy.

Mystreve (talk) 03:46, January 21, 2016 (UTC)

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