Kuomintang The Jump119

aka Wei (Kuan Wei Guangzhou 關偉廣州 关伟广州)

  • I live in China
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is Roblox
  • I am Male


Hi, welcome to Creepypasta Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Thread:622548#628944|Blank Room Soup.avi (Theory) page.

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ClericofMadness (talk) 04:39, September 1, 2018 (UTC)

You May Not

The pasta in question does not have enough material, and what it has is very weak. Furthermore, a previously deleted pasta needs to go through a deletion appeal before it can be reuploaded (although that is unlikely to happen).

I sincerely suggest you abandon the pasta in question and dedicate yourself to other projects: if you can or can't write a pasta remains to be seen, but this one hasn't even a skeleton around which it can be built.

Helel ben Shahaar (talk) 14:03, September 2, 2018 (UTC) 

Reuploaded Story

You have reuploaded a story that was previously deleted without going through the proper channels to approve its return. As you have been previously warned for this, you have had your ability to edit suspended for 1 day. Further attempts to reupload previously deleted stories will result in lengthier blocks from editing.

Helel ben Shahaar (talk) 12:23, September 8, 2018 (UTC)

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