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Hey, it won't let me publish a pasta for some reason.   I was just wondering why.
Hey, it won't let me publish a pasta for some reason.   I was just wondering why.
hello im i was makeing a pokemon crepy black pastas when it said something about stuff like this #$$%&*( can u help? Pokerolypasta 23:59, July 2, 2014 (UTC)roly

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Hey i am trying to post a original story of mine..

it's called the demons forest but i can't

what should i do? it says that i am spamming..

anyway if you want check it out

UnknownTheGamer (talk) 06:18, June 10, 2014 (UTC)


The story

Albert Daniel Jackson's Diary

July 1st 2014

I was traveling to my parents house when my car for some wierd reason stopped,

i asked myself "Did i run out of fuel" but still the fuel meter was full,I also had recently 

charged the battery of my car and have fixed all the possibly broken or not in good condition

parts. I went out of the car and i said to myself "what a weird forest... i don't remember someting like this,could my mind be decieving me or was a forest so dark and so big be over here!?" It was going to be night in about 5 hours so i checked my car if i had anything usefull for camping,well i didn't find a sleeping bag or some kind of lighter so that i can make a campfire but i was lucky enough to find a lantern,a tent and a old compass that i couldnt remember where i got it.I moved on walked for about 1 hour and then i set up my tent,i went and gathered some wood to make a campfire so that i can scare away the wolfs at night and be warm.

The night came my warm campfire was burning away and the wind was howling,i was inside my tent trying to find some batteries for a old gameboy that i had.I played a really amazing and one of my favorite games of my childhood,pokemon firered.

July 2st 2014

I am trying to fix my car and also i am trying to call my friends.. i also called my parents and my brother but they did not answer... the weird thing is that when something goes

wrong my parents always call me! I tried to connect to the internet with my phone but even

when it said that i was connected i could only load one page that was called 

'YOU ARE TRAPPED HERE FOREVER' well i said to myself "this all must be some kind of joke from my parents but how can my car just stop? And how can a bloody page be called like that..."

The night came it was 11:00 pm i heard something walk outside i went outside to look but

there was completely nothing! I went again in my tent and then i heard a voice of a little girl

say "You have 3 days" I said to myself "my mind is playing games with me.. there must be

an explanation" Then i went to sleep

July 3st 2014

I woke up at 8 pm and i heard something again say "You have 2 days left" I said "Shut up mind don't play tricks with me." but the strange thing was that now the voice was that of a man,

i made a campfire and when i was going to light the campfire i say a figure appear behind a log.. i remember it's face.. it was that of a man but with blood driping from his eyes.. and it was laughing at me.. i was so scared that i got a butter knife from my backpack and then lighted the campfire but the figure wasn't there.. so i went to sleep

July 4st 2014

I woke up again at 8 pm and heard a demonic like deep voice say "You have 1 day left"

I was so scared that i made a campfire quickly,after that i turned on my gameboy i played until 11 pm and then suddenly i saw a face on the screen that looked like the man it was so scary now though that i throwed my gameboy to the fire... this man wasn't like he was now he had piranha like teeth and two horns.. he looked like some kind of demon,i was so scared that i went to sleep, in my dreams i saw this evil entity torture and kill my family and my friends.

July 5st 2014

Whoever finds this.. don't go to this forest he is going to kill you..

i am going to die he is coming for me he looks like the devil.. oh my god

(The rest of the page is spilled with blood but there is some kind

message written with blood it says)

"Death is near,whoever reads this will die at night,if he enters my forest!

new header example

ticket messaging example

is this what you were talking about Rarity? with all that new system ticket style messaging...

(SoPretentious (talk) 06:36, June 10, 2014 (UTC))

SoPretentious (talk) 06:35, June 10, 2014 (UTC)

Hello. I spent ages writing a page on this wiki and when I had done it didn't let me publish it! Here it is, so could you please tell me how to get it published?

Firstly, this Creepypasta is not meant to be scary, as such. It is meant to be interesting, and if that's not your thing, then feel free to leave this page. But for those of you who want to continue, this will be a guide to all the common entities that we find repeatedly in Creepypastas; what they are, how they operate and how best to avoid them. It will also have many connections to real life folklore, and you should find after reading this that many of the denizens of the stories of Creepypasta can be fitted into these groups. So, if you want to discover more about the beings that haunt the world of Creepypasta and real life folklore, read on.

Non-supernatural entities

Information: These are beings which are written about in Creepypastas that have no supernatural abilities or features. There will be little explanation of these, since they are not a notable part of folklore and not too common as Creepypastas as compared to the other groups. Most of the time, these are insane or evil humans who murder people but elude detectives and citizens alike.

Folklore: Non-supernatural entities have been written about since time immemorial. Jack the Ripper is a notable example of this-over a century ago, there was a man who claimed to be in service of God and murdered several prostitutes and other victims. He would sometimes leave organs of his victims as a calling card lying around. He was never caught.

Creepypasta examples: Jeff the Killer, a deformed boy who goes around murdering people.

How to defend yourself: These beings are non magical, and are therefore defended against using non magical means, such as high security locks on doors and windows.

The Fae

Information: The Fae, also known as faeries, have been widely disregarded and bowdlerized in the present years, most notably by the book Peter Pan and many Disney films, including the adaptation of the aforementioned book. However, true fae were very far from the innocent little winged humanoids we see depicted today. Fae were often found in secluded areas of woods, and their presence could be detected from rings of mushrooms in the forest and odd features of the environment, such as the sky appearing too bright or too dark, and the trees appearing to be too alive or too dead. If you were to meet a fae, they could be neutral, if you were lucky. Stories tell of people who met the fae and found them to be quite peaceful, but they would very rarely be altruistic or truly helpful. If you were offered food from the fae, the best thing to do would be to politely decline, as once you eat food from the faeries, you would never be able to eat human food again. However, a lot of the time, fae were far from friendly, and many accounts describe a much darker streak to them. Changelings are examples of fae that would snatch small children from their cots, sometimes leaving a faery child behind as a replacement. These children were often cooked in ovens by their mothers, convinced they were not of this world. Many experiences of the fae would often describe them as looking pale or gaunt. Many fae would have the ability to enchant people with mind control spells or sickness. Another fascinating consistency is that fae would almost always have a sort of affecting time-people who claimed to have spent time with the faeires would often say they had spent only a night with the faeries, but when they returned, a much longer period of time had passed for the rest of the world. Sometimes a few years, sometimes half a century and occasionally several millennia could pass in the land of the fae, when it appeared the person had been there for only one night. People would even be kidnapped by the fae, and never heard from again.

Folklore: Fae were described in many forms of folklore, most notably English and Scandinavian. In both these mythologies, legend tells of brook horses, or Kelpies, fae who would take the form of a horse and try to hypnotize people into riding it, but then when a child or adult tried to ride the horse, it would drag them into a nearby river or lake and drown them. The King Under the Hill is an English example of a fae story, where a human king sees a small man and invites him to his wedding, for the little man claimed to be a king also. The small man agrees, but only on the condition that the king comes to his wedding as well. The King agrees, and after his wedding was done, he followed the little man to his wedding place. It was underneath a hill, and when he went in there he visited the most wonderful place imaginable. The food and drink was of the highest quality, the music was beautiful and the king found himself falling asleep. When he awoke, the little man gave him and his men a bloodhound and some horses, and said they must only get off if the dog chooses to jump onto the ground on its own. They agreed, and went out of the hill. The landscape appeared different, but the men could not tell why, and they found that they had gotten lost. They approached a man and asked him which way to go to get back to the Kingdom. When the man looked confused, the King explained to him the Kingdom's name and its features. The man laughed, and explained that that Kingdom had been lost thousands of years ago. One of the soldiers, forgetting the warning, jumped off his horse to confront the man, only to immediately turn to dust as he touched the floor, as when he made contact with it, all his age came to him at once. So, the King and his men could not get down until the bloodhound jumped down first, and legend tells of a King and his men who wander the countryside to this day. 

Creepypasta examples: The Sandman, a creature with very changeling like properties.

The Slenderman. This one is very interesting, because every single feature attributed to the fae fits Slenderman perfectly. He is pale and gaunt, can affect people's minds, can alter their perception of time, is connected with forests, kidnaps children (and increasingly adults) and is definitely malevolent. Although a lot of the 'folklore' around him is faked, an eerily similar entity called The Eorlkoing was described in Germany hundreds of years ago. Germany is where most people agree the true legends that are connected to Slenderman begin. Look up The Erlking on the internet.

File:The ErlKing-0

The Erlking

How to defend yourself: Although fae are some of the most mysterious of the folkloric beings, there are some charms which, according to folklore, can protect you against these creatures. For example, many tales say that dark spirits such as fae cannot stand rowan trees, so having rowan wood around your house, especially in doorways, is definitely a possible way to ward of any evil creatures. There is a story of a man escaping a Kelpie using a rowan stick to guard himself with in Scotland. Having the leaves of the tree nearby inside a box is also recommended. Another way to protect yourself is using iron nails-if you have a bag of iron nails nearby, fae will be unlikely to come close to you. Salt on windowsills is also widely used as protection.

Please feel free to add these sections-the page is not finished.

Giants and ogres

Imps and Goblin


Ghosts and Spirits

The Undead

The G & P Trixie (talk) 11:00, June 11, 2014 (UTC)

Hello, I am AgentIHD1,

I am having this problem publishing my creepypasta. It is called "QUARANTINE", it wont let me publish it. This is it right here:

When John was a kid, he has always dreamed of being an engineer. Well that dream did come true. Today, at Skynex, New Craft, his boss called him in his office. He wondered if he would get fired or demoted. His boss exclaimed to him, that his mission was to go to a place named 'Facility 12' that was located in the Icy Plains of Creeperia (Siberia irl). The generator needed to be fixed, so all the scientists could go back to work, they have already been evacuated. After the meeting with John's boss, his colleague, Leo, overheard the conversation and exclaimed to John that Facility 12 is not a safe place to go to and to abort the mission. John ignored Leo's words and the next day packed up at 5:00am an left on the 6:30 plane on United Airlines.

Reaching in Creeperia on the plane, it was snowing that he had never seen before. As soon as he exited the plane, he felt the cold weather slapping him in the face. John left the airport, got a taxi and went off to the nearest hotel. He checked in with the beautiful receptionist, Valary Monosco, at the Raniq Zandax Suite.His room number was 19, John went in and got ready for the long walk to Facility 12. He got his supplies ready and wore clothes that were just layers and layers of sweaters. He got out of the hotel and started his journey to Facility 12.

John was nearing the facility in the icy plains, his hair was covered with a hoodie, but the snow still managed to get all over his face. It felt like if he stuck his head in a cooler of icy water. The whole structure of the facility was covered in snow except the entrance. He pressed the button to open the door and John was greeted by an automated female voice given the name Eve. Eve was running on a back-up generator to communicate with John.

"Hello, John" said Eve.

"Hello, Eve, where is the generator located?"

"Twenty meters (blocks) down Hallway C, to the left."

He walked on to the room, taking off his hoodie. The generator looked fine to him, like it had no problems. He logged into the computer to turn it on, all John had to do was press 'Y' and the generator turned on with ease.

"The generator is fine, Eve, someone must of manually turned it off. Have there been any records of anyone being here since the evacuation?"

"Negative," Eve replied.

"Put this on file then"

John thought everything was OK, and decided to leave. But he felt a presence of a person being there. He asked Eve to scan the area, however; there was nothing there except John. He exited the generator room and all of a sudden, a quarantine lock-down was activated. John asked Eve what caused the lock-down, it was unknown. He rushed over to the entrance and abused the button to leave and yelled at Eve twice to override the lock-down, but with no avail.

"Eve, where is the Control Room?" John asked.

"Thirty-tree meters down Hallway C."

"Are there any other routes?"


Running over to the Control Room, he felt that presence again, he asked Eve to scan the area five times. John got there and logged into the main computer and he wanted to override the lock-down, but it led him to the security footage. He looked at it and every day a person would enter the facility, however; they were not leaving, the more he went back the more people he saw. He asked Eve who these people were, they were engineers assigned to this facility.

"How many of them were there?" he asked curiously.

"One hundred and seven, you are engineer 108"

John thought he was going to have a heart attack when he heard that number, he left the control room and ran to the entrance, he got lost. Eve told him to go left, he went left and entered a room with no lights. Only one light blinked. A man with complete white eyes was floating in the air, stared at John, every time the light blinked, the man cam closer and closer until John fell down and saw a bright white light.

AgentIHD1 (talk) 02:24, June 12, 2014 (UTC) AgentIHD AgentIHD1 (talk) 02:24, June 12, 2014 (UTC)

Hi I'm trying to post an ORIGINAL pasta and it wont let me its saying i'm spammin the keys or "blacklisting chars" I need this fixed asap plz

NathanArt 03:24, June 12, 2014 (UTC)RabidBannanaButt

Hi i was banned from a chat just because im ten i think people just hate me on the internet but dont get my life on the internet can you helpReadingWither (talk) 10:27, June 13, 2014 (UTC)ReadingWither

umm hi i'm a new user and i can't seem to upload my creepypasta because of some errors can you please hlp me if you can   thx  Timothy.platt.92 (talk) 20:55, June 13, 2014 (UTC) timothy.platt.92

Hi! Alright, so I am really new here and all, so I really don't know how to sign my post....meh. That's my first question is how to do that.

My second question is about my creepypasta being deleted. So like, I put a lot of work and thought into my story, and I consider myself to be overall a pretty good writer. But it got deleted almost immediately after I posted, even though I went through all of the guidelines and everything, and my creepypasta met all of them as far as I could tell. I think it was like, Scyther or someone who deleted it for grammar or spelling mistakes, mentioning that there were at least two in each paragraph. I did not see any, if maybe one or two. But that is only as far as I could tell. So why did it get deleted? Here is what my creepypasta looked like:

On this day, I remember I had been coming home from a rather long, stressful shift at work. I hadn't had much of a breakfast, and I had skipped lunch. Being as it was nearly midnight by now, It was way past dinnertime, so I pulled up at a McDonalds. Disgusting places, but I figured going for one single meal there wasn't going to totally ruin my life.

.....oh, how wrong I had been.

There weren't a whole lot of cars pulled up there besides myself, and by the time I was ready to order, there was only one left up there with me. I looked up at the billboard that is always by the speakers where you order food, wondering what to get. Maybe a strawberry shake, but just a small, of course. Despite working so hard all day, I was so tired now that strangely, I couldn't bring myself to be very hungry. Sure, I hadn't eaten all day, but you know how it is. Anyway, so I begin to speak into the microphone. One small strawberry shake, a six pack of chicken nuggets, no fries though. I never did care for them. As I finish ordering and pull up to get the rest of my food, so does the other car, a beaten up red van. I notice that it moves in oddly slow, jerky movements. It is really giving me a hard time when it comes to pulling up, so I peer inside the car to see who this jerk of a driver was.

What I saw was kind of shocking. There was no driver, just two young girls in the back, one with dark brown hair and the other an ebony black. Other than their hair, they looked entirely identical. But a car with no driver along with two identical girls, I figured that I was just delirious from being tired, and was imagining things.

Some strange sounding music was pumping out of the car. I realized it was entirely foreign music, probably in a different language. But again, I was delirious, so I didn't realize how odd that would generally be. All I knew was that it was actually pretty catchy, so I began to hum along quietly, eventually-and hopelessly-trying to imitate some of the words. They sounded kind of Japanese. Man, those crazy words were hard to say!

Nevertheless, I kind of lost track of time. Finally though, the van began to pull away, and as it turned(nearly crushing an innocent traffic cone), I should have realized at that point that really there truly was no driver. Just the two girls cheerily swaying to the odd tunes in a van with a ghastly steering wheel.

It was several hours later at this point, and I was sitting at my table eating breakfast. Finally it was Saturday, no more work. Of course that's why I didn't wake up till noon. Lots of time to myself, perfect for pondering over the dream I had last night that I was sitting in the seat between those two girls I had seen at McDonalds.

The car had been speeding away, as if on a mad goose chase, while the odd foreign music played, and yet I hadn't felt as if I had any control. Strangely, it wasn't an unpleasant dream.

So then, another hour or so later-I don't want to go into uneventful detail-I was walking down the street listening to faint music. Not the strange music of last night, of course. It was the happy-go-lucky annoying music you would hear at any festival or carnival. There was one going on today at the town square, which was where I was headed now. I think it was for some harvest something-or-other since there were so many farms around here, but really you couldn't be sure since there tended to be a lot of public events around here. As I approached, it was kind of hard to find a place to park.

Suddenly a horn sounded to my left, and I slammed on the brakes just before a beat up red van came speeding in front of be, totally destroying my left mirror and leaving many scratches on my own car. Just my luck. I bought it only two weeks ago. I began to yell at the driver who had just destroyed my vehicle. They paid no attention to me until I was in the middle of threatening to sue(I had some minor anger issues). Two girls in the back of the car turned their heads to look at me, at the same time revealing there to be no driver.

A cold lump formed in my stomach as I stepped out of the vehicle. Hadn't I seen those two last night? I called out and asked them if they needed assistance, being that well, they were in what appeared to be an enchanted car. They shook their heads slightly, bringing my attention to their faces rather than their car.

They were completely identical. Aside from, of course, the fact that the left one had long black hair draping down from her head, while the other had brunette that was just as long, reaching past their waists. And something I hadn't noticed before was that each of them wore a huge, like Apple Bloom huge, dark purple bow in their hair. Not that the particular details mattered, I just figured I would point them out. Though it was striking how similar the two were.

Anyhow, I asked the two if they might step out of the car. They did, and approached me as if I were an old friend instead of a total stranger. Brave girls, lucky for them I was nice and not some kidnapper slash murderer. I asked a few questions, finding out that they were in fact twins, and that the black haired one's name was Tenma, and the brunette haired one's name was Akki. Strange names, but I didn't say that. Now here is something even stranger:

Whenever I asked the two where they were from, who their parents were, or any similar question, their answers would always be 'Abiteth'. No exceptions, no way around it, that was their answer no matter how I worded the question. And they're faces seemed so bright, so joyful, yet so silent and innocent. I wondered how old they could possibly be. That was my next question. The one called Akki told my that my question was not valid, so I simply shrugged it off. I asked them if they wanted to tag along with me at the festival, and they shook their heads, so I just left. There was no helping those two.

Later on while I was sampling some freshly grown cherries that were being sold, I caught a glimpse of the two girls again. They smiled and waved and yelped at me a single word 'Abiteth' as if it actually meant something. They were still acting as if I were an old friend, which was odd. Maybe they just liked me. Only something strange happened as they turned away. I felt an odd sensation that made my leg twitch. For a moment I felt as if I should be doing something that I wasn't. But there was no way that and the girls could be connected, right?

Wrong. Many times thorough the day I would see precious little Tenma and Akki. Each time they would smile and wave and yell to me 'Abiteth'. Each time, as they turned away, I felt that same gut wrenching sensation, and each time, it would get stronger. It was as though I should be following them, whenever they turned to walk away. Their ribs showed, and they were small and hungry looking, and so innocent. I wondered if they had a place to stay for the night. But still, despite all of that, I didn't follow them.

The next night, I was sound asleep. I had many dreams that normal people would have, but several times in the middle of them, I would see images of the girls skipping along a path, as if they were actually going somewhere. These scenes seemed to interfere with my normal dreams for eternity, while really they were only for a split second every time. I couldn't just shrug it off. Something was going on with these two. It was as if they were infecting my brain.

Suddenly I heard a soft whispering sound at my window. I nearly vomited. Two charming faces were staring through my window with their faces close to the glass. Wide eyes almost seemed to swirl, and they hummed an eerie song. Definitely Japanese(I didn't know this, but the song they were singing was the game of life by Hatsune Miku). Suddenly I lost it. I wanted to scream, to smash things, for a moment I just wanted not to be there. I was going totally psychotic.

That little moment of chaos didn't last long. It was as if the two girls had brainwashed me. I mean, I knew what I was doing, and I could tell I was meaning to do it, but at the same time, I just didn't. It was as though subconsciously I thought I didn't have a choice. I had gotten out of bed, and was following Tenma and Akki down the street. Within minutes, we were outside of our humble little town, and still going. Hard paved streets turned to rubbish dirt ones. Farms and other buildings melted away into trees and bushes, and the silence that had taken place before was drowned by the swaying leaves in the treetops.

Suddenly, I was conscious again. I mean, I had been fully conscious, but I had caught more control of myself now. I began to get angry more than anything, and I took a step towards the two girls. I began to question them in an infuriated voice as to what funny business they were up to.

Bad move.

They took a step away from me in total, complete unison each time I took one toward them. I stopped moving. They looked afraid, and my heart softened. Then something else caught my eye. The two began to approach me again, despite backing up before for whatever reason, and they each pulled out a knife. I was to shocked to move, and before I knew it I felt something cold touch each of my arms. The cuts were so clean and even, they didn't even hurt. But they were coated in a smooth purple liquid, the same color as the bows they were wearing. Poison.

I began writhing on the ground as the burning pain of the poising hit me moments later. It was slow, it was painful. And the two girls sat down, cross legged with their hands on their laps, watching. As my vision began to fade and blur, and the pain began to disappear, I knew my time was ending. Both girls bent down and kissed my directly on the forehead. Then they got up, held hands, and made a circle around me in that way, skipping round and round cheerfully. "La-la-la-la-lalalalala-la" my vision was gone completely now, but I could hear them singing it loudly. That childish, eerie song that was much different than their Japanese one. In between each few syllables, you could hear a tiny, cute laugh, until they both finally broke into hysterical laughter. Was this funny? I didn't have time to answer, as they took up their Japanese song and began singing it into my ears as my life was sucked away. Their voices echoed in my ear, only they were infused with a single word "Abiteth......"

Or at least, that's what I wish had happened. Now I am here. Where is here? I don't know. All that surrounds me is whiteness. Eternal whiteness. I have been here sixteen years now without aging a day. I haven't eaten anything, and yet I haven't gotten thinner or hungrier. I don't need sleep. I don't need water, I don't need anything. Anything but socialization. Once in awhile I see a ghastly figure of another human being, with two distinct cuts, one on each arm, but I only get a glance before they are shrouded in mist. I have never seen the same person twice, or spoken with any of them, but I must assume they are more of Tenma and Akki's victims just like myself. There is constant silence, though once in awhile the silence is broken by either the childish 'La' Tune that I heard before I died, or the strange Japanese song that seems to haunt my memory. I don't think I will ever escape this place. I wonder if this is what eternity looks like....or is it just where the victims of those girls go?

I found out too late that their names must mean demon.....

oh wait, I do see one spelling error where I put 'poising' instead of 'poison' but that's all that I see...

"Not Original" And "Spamming" Problem

It's telling me that my story doesn't fit the rules, and also it says that I was spamming. I just checked them, and clearly it is not a video game story for starters, and not a spinoff. There's no "Jeff the killer" entity in it (Well maybe you could count the demented people, but really they're not), and there's no .exe or .jpg or whatever in it either. All the other things I can fix (Such as the forbidden symbols which I didn't know about), but I can tell you that my story is original and it is definitely not some sort of spinoff. If you want a copy of the story, please tell me.

hello this is firstproxy

i was trying to post a story about my cousin but it would not let me it said smething about it being harmfull can you help me

Hey. I am trying to make a creepypasta, but it says that it is offending the auto-spam system. Could you tell me what was wrong with it? Here is the story.

I really love games. Especially on XBOX. Hardly any logic, and tons of fun to be had! However, they really feel terrifying to play after my experience.

It was April 27th, 2014. I had just bought minecraft for my birthday. It was truly awesome. I decided to start a survival world. The first thing i noticed was that the loading screen took FOREVER. It took about 7 hours. I think the loading bar was going BACKWARDS at times! It finally loaded. I was curious about everything, like why it was so blocky? I punched some trees, and built a tiny shack. It was amazing. I decided to adventure northeast. I don't remember why, though. I found a huge cave. I mined like it was my last chance. But then i noticed something. A stronghold. I had no idea what it was, though. I went inside, and found the end portal! It was already opened, strangely enough. I jumped in, and it took 7 MORE hours to load. When i finally got there, I noticed that it had access to my images folder. The end stone was a banana, the endermen were sonic.exe, and the enderdragon was a gif of honey boo boo's mom. I ignored it, more focused on killing the enderdragon. I actually won, because his health was draining for no reason. When i went back into the overworld, my house was on fire. It was nowhere near lava. Then i saw a figure in the tiny render distance. He was Steve with a diamond hoe and a pumpkin for a head. I ran towards him, but then lightning struck and killed me. I respawned, but instead of spawning in the overworld, i spawned in The End. I couldn't move, however. I saw the same figure in the distance. He kept teleporting torwards me like an enderman. It took a few minutes, but he teleported in my face. Lightning killed me yet again. At this point, i was getting the chills. I kept spawning in lava. At that point, i quit. I went on skype to tell this to my minecraft obsessed friend, but my contacts list was gone. Then suddenly, i got a call from a person named "VALINUX". I tried saying no to the call, but it didn't work. I then gave up, and answered. All i got was a quick whisper voice saying "JUNE 15" That's tomorrow. I have no idea what will happen. Anyway, he hung up instantly. Then minecraft started up again by itself. I tried closing it, but it wouldn't work. It forced me to join a server named "JUNE 15". Again, actual server name. It took 1 hour, but i couldn't move. The figure appeared. Then the windows terminal appeared. It installed a file called W32/Valinux.worm, I was scared. I closed minecraft and opened my anti-virus software. Then i got a message. "File antivirus.exe can not start because it is infected by W3N/Valinux.worm. Please activate Internet Security to protect your computer." I opened internet security, same results. I opened system settings. Then the worst thing ever happened. The worm became the system administrator and gave the the blue screen of death. The next day, i used Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. I started up my XBOX, but after a few minutes of playing, i got a message from VALINUX. "JUNE 15", he said. I unfriended him, but then i got the red ring of death. I was terrified. And lastly, a week ago, i played my playstation at 2:44 AM, and every few minutes, a whisper says "STEVEN......JUNE 15....." How did he know my name? I had realized it all. The worm infected all of my gaming systems. Only problem is, what about June 15th? Mr. Icegrave (talk) 17:16, June 14, 2014 (UTC)Mr. Icegrave

Hello, I'm trying to post my creepypasta, and it's blocked

Boothbay33 (talk) 22:46, June 15, 2014 (UTC)Boothbay33

I am trying to post a creepy pasta i made. It says that i have blacklisted items in my story, witch I don't. If you could help me, I would apreciate it, because this is my first upload. Thank you.Codeman101 (talk) 06:07, June 16, 2014 (UTC)

Hello, a little help please?

Hello, I would like your help in identifying why my Pasta was deleted. I checked the rules, there did not seem to be anything I could find at least, in the rules, that would make it deletable.

The page was deleted instantly, and that's pretty dissappointing to me, because I worked pretty hard on typing it up. We had an edited picture I worked on, and were about to upload audio to the page (Which I'd be reluctant to do if it was ever uploaded again). There was spacing, and the only thing that I can imagine it being deleted for is that it was pretty much based around Scooby Doo. However it was by no means a lost episode.

For one, it was based in real life, that should not make it a lost episode of any kind. As well I have looked around on the site, there doesn't seem to be anything related to it, and I tried to make it as standard quality as possible, but apparently it wasn't good enough.

This deeply disappoints me, but I guess I can't do anything about it besides ask why it happened. I was just referenced to a rules page that said nothing specific as to why it was deleted.

Spinalcorddoo (talk) 11:54, June 29, 2014 (UTC)

Requesting your assistance :3

Hello there, i believe i posted a story of mine yesterday very late last night but i guess somewhere during the night it was removed and i can't find any history of it in my submissions or edits. I am 100% sure i posted it. just need some help clearing that up, it would be great. thank you if you took the time to read this :) CotBkid (talk) 19:00, June 17, 2014 (UTC) CotBkid

Posting Problems

Hi, It's giving me problems posting a pasta that I spent a while typing and fixing up. Can you please help? (story below)

Reliving Despair

Pokemon Silver was my favorite game. It always was. So when HeartGold and SoulSilver came out, I was giddy with excitement. At the time, I had beaten Silver several times over. I had (im my opinion) the best Vaporeon. I made sure it was EV trained perfectly, had the right nature, and the proper characteristics and IVs.

I walked out of Gamestop with my new used copy of SoulSilver. When I got back home, I took my brother's DS and other consoles, and began the trading process. I stopped when my Vaporeon got to Platinum, as you can't trade to HeartGold and SoulSilver until you have the national Pokedex. So I spent the next day and a half playing SoulSilver non-stop until the credits rolled.

File:Despair pokemon creepy pasta by deidaralsittlegirl-d5rmrx8.jpg


It may have been a remake, but I still greatly enjoyed the story. I looked at the second DS that sat a few feet away from me on the bed. Platinum's Title screen was playing and I smiled.

It was time.

I finally traded my Vaporeon over to SoulSilver. Once the trade was completed, my DS just... shut off. I tried turning it back on, but not even the little light would go on. I figured the battery died, so I plugged it in and tried again. Nothing. I could feel a lump forming in my throat. All that work... gone. I sat the console to the side and lay facedown, crying.

Here I was, a 19 year old girl, crying over a lost pokemon.

As I cried, I heard a sound. I did my best to silence my sobs as I listened for it. The unmistakable cry of a Vaporeon. I picked up my DS to see that SoulSilver had started up. I was in Lavender Town, in front of the Pokemon tower. I was a bit confused, remembering that I did the trading in Fuchsia City. I tried to move my Sprite, but the only thing that happened, what Vaporeon began to follow me.

"Come on... MOVE!" I practically shouted the words, getting a but fustrated.

I watched my sprite turn and speak to Vaporeon. The text box that appeared sent a small shiver down my spine.

'Despair doesn't like it when you yell, Lorelai.'

I was a bit confused. My sprite's name was Luminere, but MY name was Lorelai... What was going on...? I felt that this was just a sick joke that the previous owner of this game pulled. They probably did something to the cartridge that reads personal data.

I shook my head and tried to move my sprite. Finally, it moved. I went to my pokemon to fly out of Lavender Town, but found that all of my pokemon were missing except for Vaporeon who now beared the name 'Despair'.

Strange... It never had a name, and traded pokemon couldn't get nicknamed. Pushing that to the back of my mind, I closed the menu only to be greeted with another text box.

'Despair doesn't like it when you use other Pokemon, Lorelai. She's waited so long for you.'

My breath caught in my throat. As I walked around the town, I was unable to walk to the next maps. So I went to the only other place I could really go; into the Tower. As I walked in, the screen went black. The DS was still on, and I could hear my character bumping into walls. I checked my Items only to find that my bag had been emptied of everything except something named Relive x1 I left the bad and looked in my party. Despair was still there, only the sprite looked mutilated. There were pieces of it's flesh missing, and holes in it's collar. Her eyes were nothing but black with red dots for pupils and it had no mouth. Blood pooled around the feet of the sprite. I couldn't help but shudder as I went back to the black of the screen. As soon as I closed the menu, The screen lit up.

I found my sprite stand on the top of the Pokemon tower, facing down Despair.

'Despair doesn't like it when you win, Lorelai. She needs to put you in your place now.'

The screen flashed as my own pokemon challenged me to a battle. I had no pokemon to battle with, but my sprite stayed there as if she was the pokemon. Despair used crunch! I let out a gasp of pain and looked at my arm. Deep bite marks formed and began to bleed. I watched my sprites health drop a bit. I looked at the Fight/Pokemon/Bag/Run menu. Only 'Bag' was there. I went into it seeing and saw that the Relive x1' was still the only thing there. when I tried to use it, I was met with the words You cannot use this Item.'

I was forced back to the battle. Despair used Surf! It's Super Effective! A tight, heavy feeling rose in my chest as I fell off the bed and onto the floor. A lot of water and a bit of blood was coughed up as I blurrily watched my sprites health drop into the yellow.

This game was going to kill me! Yet again, I tried to use Relive x1. Still couldn't use it. Now It just seemed that I was wasting turns while my own Pokemon killed me both in game and out.

'Despair hates it when you won't die, Lorelai. It's time for you to white out forever.'

Despair used Ice beam! I clutched my chest as a piercing cold swept over my heart area. My vision blurred even further; almost to where I couldnt see. This was my last shot. My sprite's health was at 6hp. I went into my Items, and miracously, I was able to use the item! An ear piercing screech came from the console as I dropped it and crawled into a corner, screaming hysterically. I covered my ears, feeling a bit of blood leaking from them.


Sobbing, I crawled over to my DS and stared at the screen. Vaporeon was sitting in the top part of the screen, looking more sad then vicious now. The bottom screen held another text box.

'Trainer Lorelai used Relive! Despair is dying now.'

With trembling hands, I pressed the A button.

'Despair doesn't like it when she's alone, Lorelai. She wants you to go with her.'

YES    NO.

I pressed no.

Where it's mouth should have been, a thin line appeared and tore itself open, and the noise started up again. I dropped the DS again and retreated to the corner once more, covering my bleeding ears. I cried out for my Brother. My Father. My Mother.


I couldn't help but stare at the DS as one last text box appeared.

'Despair wants you to Relive the pain she went through to please you, Lorelai. You'll feel the Despair and torment of fighting for your life everyday now. Good bye... Lorelai.'

The noise faded into Lavender Town's music, the tune burrowing its way into my mind. Everything went black.

I woke up in a hospital, being treated for my strange wounds. I refused to tell anyone what transpired. I mean, who would believe me? My brother stopped by and handed me my DS. I turned it on was was greeted with SoulSilver's theme music. Everything seemed normal until he left. The screen went black and Vaporeon appeared. Lavender Town's music played softly, but the ringing in my ears it caused was unbearable.

'Despair doesn't like it when you survive, Lorelai.'

Myrtenaster (talk) 06:41, June 18, 2014 (UTC)

False positive for blacklisted content

Hey there. I've tried posting my pasta to the wiki repeatedly, but I keep getting an automated error message telling me that it contains blacklisted content. This is not the case. It's an original story containing no spin-off characters, and it's not about a haunted game, a lost episode, or anything like that. It's a bit long, but if you could read through it, to confirm that it doesn't contain any blacklisted content, and then post it on my behalf, I would really appreciate it. The title is Rickety-Click.

I've posted it to the writer's workshop and gotten some good feedback:

And here's the full text of the story on pastebin:

Thank you!

Goodbye Lil' Miss Rarity

I have had it Lil' Miss Rarity, Just like to say that I have a bad way of making friends, I have Austism, and everytime that I try to make fucking friends, it always fails. It's not my fault, but I have to live with it. So yeah, just saying. Oh and I'm sorry for trying to point something out, all of this shouldn't have happened if you just accepted a complimant, I said a lovely one, but then you started a fucking agrument! So don't ever speak to me again, and I will never give you respect, ever! You just made the wrong choice. And you will pay for it Maria. Just giving you a tip. 

Good luck with the future, don't reply to this message XxOppiex200X (talk) 13:08, June 19, 2014 (UTC)

Hey um...fucking pissed at this website. You delete my original story? But y-ugh i-i just cant even

Then you considur it as SPAM?

ugh i just.


I tried to upload a creepypasta called "we are lost" but apparently I cant. can I please have some help?

Hi Rarity ,It's me!you prob . know me from wiki chat but , i am trying to post and it says i am trying harmful spam!how do i fix this issue?Please help and thanks!

GasMaskNorway (talk) 04:40, June 20, 2014 (UTC)GasmaskNorway.

Can't post my creepypasta

Obedientlucas (talk) 13:06, June 20, 2014 (UTC)obedientlucas

I tried to make a creepy pasta called "conker's badder fur day" but it said that it was spam and copyright. here's how it goes. I just got a rom of conkers bad fur day. It did not work, So I had to actully get the game off of ebay. After getting it it played normally until I got to the great mighty poo, Which is a pretty funny place for something scary to happen. As soon as I went in the poo mountain (or whatever its called) I noticed all the sweet corn were dead. I still picked them up and threw them into where the great mighty poo Would come out. Once I put in all the corn, He did not come out, So I did the last thing I could think of. I jumped in where he would be and on my screen was a picture of the great mighty poo. Dead. He was bleeding, He had no eyeballs, it was just empty eye sockets, I screamed "What the fuck" and then conker said that he shouldn't have murdered him. I had no idea what was happening so I just shut off my Nintendo 64 and called that a day and went to sleep. The next morning I thought it was all just a dream. I went to my n64 and saw the cartridge for Conker's bad fur day now Instead of saying "bad" it said badder, and the "dder" on the end of it was in blood. I just had to play it again so I went back on it and I saw a flash screen of me, With no eyes and empty sockets, bleeding like the great mighty poo. I finally shut it off for the last time and it just came back on and the screen said "You're next." I took the game out of the N64, took it outside and smashed it as quickly as I could And since them everyone I talked to said nothing other than "You're Next."

Well i tried uploading a story that my cousin told me and I thought it was pretty creepy so I tried to publish this story to this website,but i cant. It says that its invalid and has spam but i dont know what to do now to publish my story

i don't hate the mlp show i just dislike some of the bronies who push their show on YOU!

Why did you delete my delete blog.

BenSmart112's Story

Hello, I have trouble posting my original Creepypasta story. It says I am spamming. Here's the story, I do not think anything is wrong. The Friend

Yesterday I was in Minecraft on CJFreedom and I was checking out the server, which was griefed bad. Then nojang, a random guy, started griefing and spamming random pre-made insults. I told him to stop, then took several screenshots to ban him. He said over and over "I am not doing it! It isn't me!" Soon others started spazzing out. But I was okay. What was happening? I asked what was going on. Someone said "There's a hacker!" and such. As I struggled to understand this, a new user joined. But this user in particular was.... Me. Just slight differences. The user was BenSmart113. His skin was blank, though mine was a Villager. I said hi to him, to which he responded, "Another me?!". I soon found soon he was an EVIL me. He tried to copy me and kill me. I told him, "No, evil me." He didn't listen. UnderDragon was griefing so I tped him to BenSmart113. Ben spawned withers and annihilated Under. He laughed "LOL" and continued his evilness. Then, BenSmart114 joined. I said, "ANTOHER Ben?!" and he said, "WAIT- 2 more mes???" And me and 114 became pretty aquainted. I came up with a plan to get Ben 113 on our side. I suggested jokes. I loved a good joke. So we joked. We joked and became friends. A Ben 115 joined. He was kinda a cusshound,uttering 3 curse words right when he joined. Of course, like the 3 other Bens including me, he responded in surprise. At this point, I liked the idea of an army of BenSmart11's and suggested a party. We, as Bens, went and organized a party. So we partied. We partied hard and decided to take over the server. And we started the takeover, but suddenly the Bens disappeared one by one. All but me. I was all left. A new Ben joined. BenSmart116. HE said to me, "All the Bens are dead." "DEAD?!" "Yes." "But you and I?" "I am not real. I am a figment. Of your imagination. I am fake." I was shocked. Fake? Now it was creepy. So very creepy. But... Everyone else saw the other Bens, right? I know they did. One guy said "SO MANY BENS" earlier. I know that people saw the Bens. Ben 116 said to me, "I will help you find a friend." "YAY" "But I must sacrifice to show you this friend, my true form." I figured, of course there's a sacrifice. Why not? It makes sense, leaving me as the last Ben. He sacrificed on a pile of red carpet and a few minutes later, a man named mdlp joined. When he joined, he and I were teleported into a new world. A super-flat, empty world. Mdlp said, "I am your friend." I knew we met before. I knew we were friends. I felt it. HE dug into the soil and built a small cube of dirt blocks, going inside. I did the same, when I fell into the underground. Mdlp placed a single redstone torch, and said, "We are safe now." Safe from what? I do not know. I destroyed a single block and found a large cave, in the superflat world. All of the contents were dirt. There were blazes, which he killed. "We're safe..." I still do not know what was endangering us. But I do know I shall spend eternity on CJFreedom in the hole, with mdlp. Forever. עטערנאַלדאַמנאַטיאָן appeared on my screen in red. I found myself unable to take screenshots. I used google translate to find it was Yiddish and meant... Eternaldamnation Then I was told to go to bed by my mother. So I did. Eternaldamnation. BenSmart112 (talk) 13:02, June 22, 2014 (UTC)BenSmart112

Your pasta is a Blacklisted subject. The spam filter caught it because we no longer accept Minecraft pastas (Rule #11) EmpyrealInvective (talk) 13:07, June 22, 2014 (UTC)

im trying to publish a story but i can't it says duo to spaming but it's super orignsl


hi im trying to post a creepypasta about mlp fim but it is marking it as spam can you please try and see whats wrong i would truly appreciate it

You know about the show my little pony friendship is magic right you know about the 4 seasons of the show dont you well it was April 6 2014 at about 11:30 PM about a new episode of my little pony friendship is magic starting in 5 minutes i was so happy i couldn't wait to watch it i was such a huge fan of the show. The show was the one thing that made me feel happy and as the episode started the title played but some thing was off spike was not in the hot air balloon with twilight but instead for some reason the sky was gray i was ok with it i thought it could have just beeen an animation error then after twilight was under the clouds she got off the hot air balloon but all of the other ponies were angry which was rather odd because all of the ponies are meant to be happy i shrugged it off as i continued to watch the episode the rest of the title played normally the title of the episode was called the return of an old friend. At the begining i saw twilight in canterlot reading a book about all ponies who once lived in equestria all ponies who was on the book was currently living in equestria at the moment but she happened to notice there was a pony named Ruby Dust she walked over to princess celestia and asked if celestia knew about this pony celestia said no as she hesitaded with a petrifed expression then twilight had replied by saying are you sure you dont know him, princess celestia took a deep breath and said im positive my faithful student and twilight had said ok then and she walked away then she had set off back to ponyville. As she had returned to equestria she went into the everfree forest when all of a sudden she had heard a strange noise it was zecora screaming in pain as twilight walked into zecora's only to find her with half of her skin on her face was torn of i had thought to my self what the hell just happened as i saw a shadow of a pony with a mane that looked like vinyl's twilight asked zecora who did this to you zecora barely even able to reply saying Ruby Dust twilight run while you still can you must warn the others twilight before its to late so twilight had run off back to ponyville only to find that most ponies have been decapitated and had their eyes and guts pulled out it looked so realistic that i had vomited then i saw applejack, pinkie pie, fluttershy and rarity around rainbow dash's dead body as they were crying twilight had asked what had happened but as had turned around only to find pinkie pie with her tongue cut out, flittershy with her wings ripped off rarity with her horn missing as blood shot out and applejack with her cutie mark and tail cut off i thought to myself was i even watching my little pony anymore i saw a axe and a knife been thrown at them and it cute their heads off twilight screamed and started crying then she had heard a voice sayiing dont worry twilight your next twilight turned aound while crying only to see a turquoise pony with black eyes and red in the centre for pupils and a hyper realistic bloody mouth, a blue and purple mane and a horrifying smile, twilight said how could you ruby dust he replied while laughing phsycotically because i wasn't good enough to be celestia's student so if i cant be celestia's student no one can as he ran up to twilight and stabbing her in the neck with a blade as he laughed he cut off twilights head and looked toward the screan saying your next joseph then the credits rolled normally and i turn to my right only to see a bloody plushie of ruby dust holding a knife.

Hello, I was trying to post a new story as a new user here, and I received this message when I attempted to publish:


The action you have attempted has been identified as harmful by our automatic spam detection system.===Common causes include:===

  • The title contains invalid characters (!@#$%^&*(){}[]<>?)
  • The page you are attempting to post contains blacklisted themes (report false positives)
  • We have locked down the site due to large amounts of spam/vandalism (unlocked)

We are truly sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Sincerely, Creepypasta Wiki Staff

I didn't have any of those characters in my title = Journal of Barton F. Watts, 2021   and I'm very confused about the blacklisted theme. I was wondering if you could please help me with this, and if I mistakenly did something wrong, please help me to correct it? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

KBMEHG (talk) 03:17, June 26, 2014 (UTC)


Oh? My bad, heh

Had no idea he had been demoted. I won't give him temporal powers again.

Thank you for the information

"You know why he's here? Why he's investigating the broken rules? He's not paid or anything. He likes it. He gets off on it" (talk) 18:23, June 27, 2014 (UTC)

Hey I'm trying to make a pasta but it keeps saying I'm using illegal chars. I think it meant the question marks but I've fixed the issue and it still says the the same thing. Please help me.Tevin Betts 20:43, June 28, 2014 (UTC)Tevin BettsTevin Betts 20:43, June 28, 2014 (UTC)

I cant post a story of mine that i wrote, called Only Three Lives. It says im spamming and its blacklisted subjects. ive been trying to post it and revising it for months and it still wont let me post it. Help! please!

Heartless unknown (talk) 03:03, June 30, 2014 (UTC)

Title Blacklist?

This talk page is a mess. I tried to upload my story, but it either has blacklisted themes (which it does not) or has illegal characters (not this either). I've had this same trouble with a previous pasta, but that one was easy to see why (had a file that was not explicitly haunted but played a great role in the story). Here's a pastebin if you need reference, but it's not a long story so I'll go ahead and paste it in here too. Okay, so I tried one more time before posting this to your talk page, and now it says "This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your edit was constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: Title Blacklist" Absolutely no clue what it means. The title is The Clarity of Death spelled and capitalized just like that. I'll go ahead and leave the pasta below still, but I don't think that's the problem anymore.

"Most religious people report seeing a light after they died when they had a near death experience. Your average person would report seeing their life flash before their eyes slightly before, during, or after the moment of death when they had a near death experience. Your average scientist would report that all consciousness would cease at the moment of death, so no such thing should happen. But what if your consciousness were to remain after the moment of death? What would it "look" like? What might the afterlife, however long it may last, look like? Would the void be white, but without light? Would it be black, going expansively out in all directions? Or would it be clear, the lack of color, the lack of what we'd call color at least. What would it look like? Normally we think of clear with something behind it, but the afterlife clear may not. What would infinitely expansive clear, the true definition of nothing, even look like? Could we fathom what we were looking at? Would we be completely unable to describe it? Would it drive people mad just looking at it?

The answer is yes. There is an afterlife, but there is no one there. Most would end their existence, which is easy for a consciousness. You cannot deal with it, nor can anyone else. It is indescribably beautiful and horrifying. The clarity of death is most's end. It will be your's too."

I don't know what you could do to solve this, but anything would help.

And then everyone was got. The end. (talk) 03:09, June 30, 2014 (UTC)

Hulu 666

Hey, I'm new to this wikia and have been a fan of Creepypastas for a long time. I'm trying to create one of my one, but it says i'm using invalid characters or blacklisted themes, and I don't think i'm using any of those. Come see my post here If you can help, that would be great SoccerUSA (talk) 20:19, June 30, 2014 (UTC) SoccerUSA

D&D Creepypasta

Hello, I tried to write a Dungeons and Dragons Creepypasta about a Dungeon master who goes insane but it says I can't publish it, I presume it is because the word roleplaying is in it, but I don't know, could you take a look?

Dungeons and dragons creepypasta

I always wanted to play D&D, you know, dungeons and dragons, the roleplaying game with all the dice. After hearing some stories about it on youtube and being into videogames already, I was really eager to play it.

So one day I’m shopping with my dad, and we find this store that sells D&D stuff, so I buy a Pathfinder starter set. It contained a simplified version of the D&D spin-off game Pathfinder. I was so ecstatic, finally I would be able to play D&D. So I read up on the rules and started coming up with ideas. Soon after I had gathered a group of friends and we started playing. We had so much fun. I was the DM or Dungeon Master. I loved being in charge of writing adventures and stories, coming up with plot twists and of course, playing the monsters.

Oh how I loved looking at my books filled with creepy, dangerous and deceiving monsters. All day I would think about what monsters I was going to use. Flipping through book after book, searching the internet for creatures to use.

I got obsessed with writing adventures and portraying the monsters accurate. After a while, I was picturing the monsters talking to me, telling me what to do. They told me how I should write them, what I should make them do to the characters.

The next session, people started to get a bit irritated complaining that the dungeons were getting a little hard and that the monsters seemed crueler than usual. “What the hell man, why are you putting so many of these stupid monsters in?!” They berated me. I apologized, saying that I didn’t think that it would be so hard. When I looked down at what I had done, I didn’t understand it myself either. Why did I put so many monsters in, I should have known they couldn’t take them.

In the end two characters died and the players had to make new ones. This may not seem like much but the death of a character was pretty rare and a hard blow to a player. They lost everything that character did, collected but also every bit of character development that character got.

But the worst part was that I took some weird pleasure out of it. Even though it was just a game, it felt good to see those characters die. After that I apologized and they all went home. We would see each other again next week.

After I cleaned up, I went back to my room, but when I came to my door, I could hear strange noises coming from my room. I slowly opened the door and what I saw then made me fall to the ground too scared to even scream.

It was a Beholder, a very infamous Dungeons & Dragons monster, it is a flying orb of flesh with one gigantic eyeball. Beneath that eye is a large mouth with razor sharp teeth, and on top of its head are ten or so squirming tentacles with eyeballs at the ends.

Its mouth dripped with green saliva and its eye was fixed on my. “I saw you there…” It said in a deep demonic voice. Its mouth did not move as it spoke, it was as if it was communication to me through telepathy as some Beholders are capable to do. “You enjoyed to kill…” I lied there on the ground, speechless. I was so scared of the monstrosity that hovered in front of me. Of course I knew it couldn’t be real, it had to be some figment of my imagination.

But it felt so real, the sounds it made, the strange glow coming from its body, its eyes fixated on me, oh god there were so many eyes. “You want to kill more…” It continued, “but how long until simple characters aren’t enough…” It said mockingly. I started becoming unsure about myself, thinking that he might be right. It was as if it could read my mind because it responded. “Good… Give into your desires, in fact, let me help you out.” Suddenly, one of its tentacle eyes started glowing and a dark beam shot from it and hit me. At that point, I shot up from my pillow, outing a loud scream, until I realized that I was in my own bed, which was covered in D&D books. I had a tab open on my laptop for Beholder information.

Of course, I had been looking up information till late again and I must have fallen asleep. That’s why I had that weird nightmare. I shivered a bit when I saw the image of the beholder again when I closed the tab. I was a bit spooked after that, but after going through my morning routine, I could easily let it go.

A couple days later, I was preparing for D&D again the next day, writing the story and the encounters. It felt like the monsters were talking to me again. After that dream, I decided that I should put in a Beholder. It was a cool monster, and my dream only confirmed how much fear it could bring.

So I wrote a cool adventure where at the end of the dungeon, the gang would have to fight a Beholder. As I was writing I thought I could hear a faint laughing, but I passed it off as some neighbor or something like that.

The next session was two days later, everyone had brought their dice and their good moods. We started playing soon after the last person arrived. It was pretty exciting, with some close calls for some characters, but luckily, the party had a good healer that kept everyone alive.

Then they reached the end, the big baddy, the Beholder. It laughed at them and told them they would all die here. I talked to the players in its voice. As I did, I realized I sounded a lot like the beholder from my dreams but I didn’t think much of it. Soon the fight began. The players had a good fight and it seemed like they were going to win. Until one attack from the beholder. One attack that would change everything.

I decided that the Beholder would use his mind control ray, well I didn’t really decide it, it was more as if the Beholder was talking through me. I rolled my dice and the Beam was a success. The beholder used its mind control ray to make the fighter, who was weak against brain control, stab the healer. The fighter rolled for his damage and unfortunately, he rolled full damage and killed the healer. I was focused on the map and dice, when multiple loud screams came from the group, when I looked up I saw the guy who was playing the fighter, leaning over the guy who was playing the fighter.

Since we play jokes from time to time, I figured they were just playing out the death scene, but then I looked closer and saw a red stain forming around the healer player’s chest. I could now see that the fighter player had pulled a knife and stabbed our friend right in the chest. The fighter players eyes seemed glossed over as if he was not there. Our healer player couldn’t say anything as his lungs were filling up with blood.

Once I realized what was happening, I threw my books away and charged at him. I couldn’t think all I could hear was a voice in my head. The voice of the Beholder, telling me to charge at him, that he killed my friend and that I should take him out before he would murder the rest. So I yanked the knife from his hands, which he let go of surprisingly easy, as if he wasn’t even trying to hold it. With the voice chanting me on, I stabbed the fighter player in his heart with all my power. I watched as the knife penetrated his clothes, then his skin a split second after and finally, it penetrated his flesh and heart.

Blood poured from the wounds in both their chest. Suddenly the stress and shock of the situation hit me and I passed out.

When I woke up, I was in handcuffs, the police and paramedics had shown up already. I was in the back of a police car, I could see the paramedics wheel in two bodies covered in white sheets. After a while, a policeman noticed that I was awake. He came over to me and rolled the window down.

“Son, we are going to have to take you away.” He said.

“Why… What happened, did I save them..?” I asked confused and groggy.

“Save them? What are you talking about.” He asked equally confused.

“The monster, the Beholder, it made my friends kill each other… I had to stop him, I didn’t want to stab him, but he killed my friend.” I say with tears filling my eyes.

The cop looked at me in a mix of fear and confusion and he called out for his partner. They whispered something to each other before his partner kneeled down beside me. “Do you know what happened?” He asked me, I could tell it was a rhetorical question so I didn’t bother answering. “You stabbed you friend with a knife, and when your other friend stood up and tried to stop you, you stabbed him as well, after that you fell unconscious.” He explained to me.

I couldn’t believe it, that was not what had happened, why didn’t they know, why didn’t they believe me? The Beholder, it took them from me.

I tried to explain it to them, but they would not listen. Soon after that, it was decided that I should go to a maximum security asylum, as I was diagnosed for having severe schizophrenia and vivid hallucinations.

But they don’t know about it, since they don’t play D&D, they don’t know that the beholder had gotten into their minds, into my mind. It was the Beholder messing with my mind.

You believe me right? Right…?  

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And then everyone was got. The end. (talk) 01:10, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

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