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hi Miss Rainbow Heart

Hi LilMissRarity I'd like to get in touch, I'm not sure if you're still active or not, I saw you change your profile picture but you don't seem to be responding to your inbox. If you're worried about your privacy you can make an anonymous email at https://securemail.hidemyass.com/ it's really quick and easy and takes less than 5 minutes to set up an account. Please email me soon, it's really important. Waiting to hear from you, - Lula

My email is thetrixster@hmamail.com 

The Trixster (talk) 16:46, July 10, 2014 (UTC) The TRIXster

The OC page

Hello Lil Miss Rarity!

I would like to write a brand new lost episode pasta, but it seems that new posts are not allowed. Why is this? ````Rebekah (Bunnymarie)

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me design a chatbot (not for this wiki).

Dear Lil Miss Rarity,

I noticed that on March 21, 2014, you saw it necessary to modify my story "Cold Oblivion", by removing the final line of the tale.  I have since put it back, but would like to know why you thought it important to do so?

My last comments on that specific tale was a simple request for no one to modifiy my work, yet you were obligated to do so.  Why?

I am pleased to see that the by lines are now a permanent fixture of each entry so that my name can no longer be removed, so I take no issue with that. But I do have an issue with you removing the final line of my story.  It served as the final clue as to who the narrator of the story actually was, and yes, the audience may have guessed WHAT the narrator was at that time, they may not have known WHO. The final line of the story serves a very important, at least in my eyes, piece of information.  

I know you are a site moderator, and your Quality Control bot is only doing your orders, but please take into consideration how much effort some authors put into their work, only to have it sliced and diced by someone who doesn't fully understand the method to their madness.

Thank you for your time.

"Old Man" Murphy1976, WellHey Productions

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