Rebuilding My Reputation

Here's my response to your clean talk page. Also, there's been too much kindness going around. Here's my attempt at balancing the scales. Spread the hate!

(Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!)

Jay Ten (talk) 02:32, November 25, 2016 (UTC)

I always knew Kermit couldn't hold his alcohol! I'm just glad I was able to stop the next video from loading up - "Midget Vomiting on Train". And it's about time someone started spreading the word about the evil peanut butter plot. The Illuminutty is real!
Jay Ten (talk) 17:46, November 25, 2016 (UTC)

I Just Heard

Hey, Raidra. Just heard about your mom's health, and I'd like to say I'm sorry she went through that, (especially the toe amputation. Just thinking about getting one of my toes cut off... eugh.) and I'm glad she's on her way to a full recovery.

GG, m9. User: Derpyspaghetti (talk page: User talk:Derpyspaghetti) 08:42, November 25, 2016 (UTC)

Hello, I've noticed you read the story called Murder of Crows, and I have a question about it.

Do you think it is odd that this was written by the same guy or girl who wrote Blood Whistle?

Creeper50 (talk) 18:12, November 25, 2016 (UTC)Creeper50


You know, I like to think that being part pumpkin and also being an unwanted child of Jay, Emp, and Shawn doesn't define me. Gotta live life fully, right?

I'ma gonna getcha! I'ma gonna getcha good! 23:27, November 25, 2016 (UTC)

Well, I think it is really him, because he was caught the other times, and I don't see any way he wouldn't be caught this time as well. And I agree, it is quite a surprise.

Creeper50 (talk) 01:53, November 26, 2016 (UTC)Creeper50

I've done some soul searching, and finally came to the answer. I'm a guy with a slightly better complexion than trump.

I'ma gonna getcha! I'ma gonna getcha good! 06:40, November 26, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Dawn's Peculiar Pickup" Message

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I was busy helping my mom prepare for Thanksgiving. We had a lot of good to make but it was worth it! I mean it seemed like everything we made was delicious. 

Wait a minute! Dawn's Piplup is male? Oh my god! I totally thought it was a female this entire time! I do remember watching the Diamond and Pearl series and I was kind of indifferent to Piplup. Then again, it was my starter in Diamond and Pearl (I've since lost the console to play the games on! Ugh!) One of my favorite characters in DP was Ash's Buizel. It had a cool design and I enjoyed its personality. The Piplup situation is like the time I found out out that Tate from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was a guy. In the games, he looks like a girl! Apparently, I'm not the only one who made this mistake. From what I understand, the Chuang Yi translations of Pokémon Adventures manga mistakenly refers to Tate as a girl. 

Speaking of anime, I just watched the third and forth episode of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon anime (the English subbed version) and oh my god! The forth episode has the Alola grass starter and its so adorable! It really seems to like Ash's backpack! The Rotom Pokedex plays a big role in the third and forth episode though it seems to be very talkative. To be fair, it is a self learning Pokedex that's possessed by a Rotom so maybe that's the reason behind the talkativeness. They also mention Wooper, which I squeed at of course. 

Regarding the Houndour, I think Emily will try and overcome her fear of it when she goes up against Morty since dark type moves are super effective against ghost type Pokemon. I'm think she'll face Morty in either the third or fourth episode. Mareep may get knocked out or severely hurt by one of Morty's Pokemon which will force Emily to use Houndour. I'm think the Pokemon Morty could use is a Gastly and a Misdrevious since they can be low levels due to the fact that Emily has no badges when she battles him. Think of that scene from Pokemon Origins where Brock chooses his Pokemon based on how many badges Red had. 

Today I got myself a 2DS online. It comes with Mario Kart 7 and it may arrive next Tuesday or December 9th at the latest. I plan on getting Pokemon Sun Version. I might try and get it next week or whenever I get a chance to. 

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 06:45, November 26, 2016 (UTC)

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I was going to comment the other night, but started to fall asleep at the computer and have been pretty busy. I don't hate Black Friday to that extent and I've gone a few times, three (four if you want to count my shift working it), but I'm not one of those people that run and shove my way through to get to where I am going; I always walk. I've never bought anything as a gift on Black Friday tho; I buy for me on those days and get out. I think if they banned/locked away all shopping carts during Black Friday sales (and moved it off Thanksgiving, obviously) then things would be a lot better. There are always those idiots that block and jam the lanes with their irresponsible cart placement. I can understand it to an extent if you are looking for something, but a lot of people are just standing there talking. I passed on Black "Friday" this year and went to the casino with my parents and grandma (we all had a good time). When we got back into town at around 9 PM Walmart was dead compared to how it normally is on Black Friday, so I think the craze is dying off. They should definitely stop with that Thanksgiving nonsense. I remember last year when I was there, a lady needed some milk and she had to weave and cut through a large line (for electronics) to be able to reach it, "ouch".

Oh yeah, the Tickle-Me-Elmo craze was ridiculous, it was at Beanie Baby levels or close to it. I wonder how much thought people put into gifts on average? I go nuts and spend forever trying to figure out what to get. Heck, I had to pick out two wedding cards for a Wedding Reception the other day and I spent about 20 minutes looking through the selection and ripping it a new one in my mind; I really wanted to get the best cards that I could! I try to stick to wishlists when I am able to while searching for gifts. Although I do sometimes deviate and try to get something new that the recipient hadn't heard of before; I spend a lot of time thinking about their tastes and consulting their wishlist (if applicable) to see how similar the products might be. I love gift hunting and dread it; it's a great way to bring smiles or to mess up XD Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 08:41, November 26, 2016 (UTC)

That's good! Too bad about the stomach room though, huh? I always wish for more when I'm eating great food T_T
Maybe she thought you would wear lipstick later on in life? Or maybe she was trying to get you to wear lipstick! Either way, bad gift is bad. I remember we had a secret Santa thing in 2nd or 3rd grade and I got a Yo-Yo. I cannot Yo-Yo to this day (I did spend a lot of time with it trying to learn it, so maybe it wasn't as big a mismatch as it appears to be). I'm not sore about it because no one knew who would get their gift, I just find it kinda funny how much I used it despite not being able to use it properly. Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 10:42, November 28, 2016 (UTC)
I can confirm that people do say that because I've said something similar in the past. When I was about ten or so, I'd argue with my mom that I could eat sweets despite being full when having to eat stuff I didn't like because my stomach had different slots (sweets slot, vegetable slot, bread slot, etc) :D
Oh, I figured it was middle school or early high school; transitional times when it comes to cosmetics. That would have been kinda excusable because it's like, "You might decide to wear lipstick in the future and not know where to start. Here's what I like to use. Try this and see if you like it!" It sounds like she was shopping for her own lipstick, realized she hadn't got you a present, and just grabbed whatever. The mocking thing could go either way, but I wasn't there to witness it and don't know her at all. She does sound like a very selfish person tho and you are probably a lot better off with her not in your life anymore.
Yeah, gotta be gracious even if you hate the gift. I've always been mad at the thought of people returning gifts they didn't like for money or something else. Even if the gift is crap, it carries the giver's thoughts in a way (at least, assuming they actually put time into picking something out and just happened to pick something the recipient didn't like). I must beg her to teach me the arcane art of Yo-Yo!
Thanks! I went with that model of tornado siren because it is the exact same model as I have in my town. I'm always open to suggestions of better pictures. Tornado Tango was the first story I submitted on the Wiki, but it isn't the earliest story I wrote that is on the Wiki. Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 21:01, November 28, 2016 (UTC)
If only I had you there to act as an intermediary for me, then maybe mom would have bought it XD Oh, well now I am even more confused. The lipstick is very confusing. Was it the kind she wore or used? Maybe she wanted to be twins with you~ Only she knows, I suppose! Thank you. I'm not trying to be fair, just voicing my thoughts and it is sort of happening on its own X3
I wouldn't mind it being in the middle of a desert, it might help lost people. Plus, it's just kind of funny to imagine something so significant out in the middle of nowhere.
I'll check it out sometime. I got to read a couple of Hailey's stories first. I've promised her I would and she's been super patient with me. I'm content with the picture and too lazy to look for something new. I am open to pictures I am shown and using them if I find them superior to what I have though! Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 02:57, November 29, 2016 (UTC)
Okie dokie!
Hmmm, statues as desert markers would be a great idea, not to mention it would go a little way toward creating some temporary jobs. That is funny. That's gotta be per 1,000 for each level, right?!
Still, I'll try to get to it in as timely a fashion as I probably cannot manage, but want to manage! Sounds like something Carlin might have said; sounds familiar XD I'm nearly finished with my new Creepypasta, Think Happy Thoughts! It is based off a nightmare I had and was meant to be no more than four pages long, it is now twenty-two pages :\ That makes it my longest Creepypasta and second longest thing I've written with Ikari being the longest. Who knew my nightmares could be so inspirational! Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 11:14, November 29, 2016 (UTC)
That's neat! Good thing it's golden (please note, I'm color blind to some colors, so I might be wrong on that) or else Green Arrow might think that is his room! That would be awesome! Ooh, yes! Hooray for you watching Jojo! Please go back and start from Episode 1 XD Jojo is a show that gets more and more awesome as it goes on and it will hit you with excellent storytelling! I very nearly bought Jojo at Walmart when I saw the complete series on DVD, but I found out that the quality is bootleg level, so I didn't get it :( Jojo is my second favorite anime for a reason, trust me when I say that the story gets better!
Nuuuu, not my dream! I've probably got a page or two left until the pasta is finished; so you can see then (or not). It's the most gory thing I've ever written, so it might be something that doesn't interest you. I wanted to see how off the rails I could go and try to capture the intensity of my nightmare. On a side note, if you like historical legends and don't mind the gore then you might love it.
On a final note (I need a notepad), I just discovered that Creeparoni narrated my pasta, Tornado Tango, a few months ago [1], YAY :D Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 02:30, December 1, 2016 (UTC)
I just archived my talkpage (bahahaha, now you have to do another header!) and it was 29,570 words AKA 118 pages long. No reason for sharing that beyond it being something interesting that I would never have guessed. I think it was Harley Quinn that stated that. I can't remember for sure, but I've read of that exchange before. Hehe, Master Detective, of the Night, and of sick burns.
DIO did nothing wrong and will bring much class (and death, but hey, class!). DIO is a really deep character though and he really shines. DEVITALIZER did nothing wrong!
I'm really grateful to have had her narrate one of my stories. I am always happy to have a narration anyway, but I really love skilled narrations too. I'd seen that she had narrated that story :D I'm so tempted to use the obvious best one as the picture for my story, but it is so spoilery! Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 03:44, December 1, 2016 (UTC)

Re: sponse

Thanks for weighing in on the categories discussion, If I can just (re-)add my two cents, I do mean re-organizing categories should be treated as a purely aesthetic means. If your story has some issues/wording that you'd like to correct and the categories are not alphabetized and you want to, that's fine. I'd rather no one get a message about them making un-necsessary edits to a story like alphabetizing something without making viable changes (double spacing sentences or changing the spelling styles). If I can speak out of turn, one of my pet peeves is someone editing their story to bump it up in the listing when they don't have a reason to (as I feel like it steals the spotlight from other recent stories). I'm certain you wouldn't do that, but I always like to CYA while giving out my mindset. Have a good one. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 04:01, November 27, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Water Weasel" Message

Today I bought myself Pokemon Sun version. Now I just have to wait for my 2DS to arrive which could be either tomorrow or December 9th at the latest if Ebay is to be believed. Once it arrives, my mom might try and hide it since it's supposed to be a Christmas present. So if it comes by the time I have to go back to her house next week, I might try and find where she hid it.

Honestly, I highly recommend checking out Pokemon Origins because it captures the spirit of the original games but also makes changes where they're needed like a good adaptation should do. I haven't gotten a chance to check out Pokemon Generations but it seems very interesting and if it's anything like Origins, then it should be friggin awesome.

So this is the next part in my Haunting Hour pasta: (Kristy stared at the bed for a few moments. She then yawned and slowly walked over to the bed. As she did so, her breathing became slower and eyes started to become heavy. When she got to the bed, she climbed in and quickly drifted off to sleep. A little while later, Kristy woke up and gasped when she noticed that the store was completely dark and deserted. "Mom? Mom!" Kristy cried out. She gradually sat up and lifted the blankets off of her. She rolled out of the bed and cautiously tiptoed all over the place, as she couldn't see the floor she was traversing. A few moments later, a lightbulb went off in Kristy's head and she immedietly rummaged through her pockets. Eventually, Kristy had managed to find her phone and didn't heistate to pull it out. She then turned it on and opened the flashlight app. As soons as it finished opening, Krist wasted no time and slide the switch up, which in turn, brightened the area around the beam of light the phone was emmiting.)

I'm currently researching all different types of yokai to see if there's one that has the power to possess electronic devices as that's kind of what I want to have happen next (By the way, the yokai is NOT going to be revealed as the thing that appeared in the last nightmare of Kristy's) and this is the closest I could find was this page on the Yo-Kai Watch wiki. You'd think that because Japan is very technological advanced, there would be a lot more Yo-Kai with the power to possess electronic devices like a cell phone. So my options are to describe the creature seen on the Yo-Kai Watch page or create a Yo-Kai with this ability, possibly one inspired by Pikachu (think Ghost Pikachu) though I'm going to have to be extra cautious with the latter, as people might make BRVR (See Pokemon Dead Channel for more details) jokes if the description of Pikachu is too obvious. The Yo-Kai will shut off the phone and trigger the dead battery message (even though it has a near full battery) and when it comes back on, Kristy will try and pick it up, only to discover that the phone is hot enough to burn her hand. 

I can see why some people may not like Ash's design in the Sun and Moon series but I view the design as Ash's Alolan form, much like how I like to call Sampson Oak "Alolan Oak".

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 23:53, November 28, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Yo-Kai Rotom" Message

When I'm on a roll, I tend to overlook mistakes like that. Seriously, me? Soons? What are you? A person with an extremely thick Chicago accent? As for the word "Emit", I thought it had two M's because the name variation of the word usually includes two M's (Emmitt). As soon as I get ready for bed tonight, I'll copy and paste what I wrote and make the neccessary grammar changes.

As for Pokemon Adventures, I haven't read much of it but from what I did read, it seemed to be quite good. I don't plan on trying to top this series in terms of quality with Johto Quest but I'll still put my all into it. I've been forgetting to send you what I've added to episode two. I guess that's because I've been on a roll with that too lol.

Oh my god! How did I forget about Rotom?! Well, if I decide to have the Yo-Kai be shown at all, I'm going to have to look up scary looking versions of it. Though I could just look at regular images of Rotom if I don't find anything I like for the first option. You know how Ash get shipped with Misty or Serena sometimes. Well I'm going to ship Ash with the Rotom dex. I think it's a cute pairing!

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 05:01, November 29, 2016 (UTC)


Should have thought about that before. Message corrected.

You bring the bodies, I handle the rest (talk) 16:53, November 30, 2016 (UTC)


Reply to "Surreal Annoyance" Message

To be honest, I haven't seen a single episode of any of the X and Y series so I'm not too familiar with some of the characters in those series. Like how annoying is Serena exactly? Is she Navi type of annoying (Hey, Listen!)? Scrappy Doo type of annoying (Puppy Power!)? Or Dawn's English Dubbed Piplup type of annoying (Rawr!I'm a Piplup! Admire my Fierceness!)?

Holy crap! You watch HoodooHoodlum'sRevenge too?! I love his content! Heck, I'm subbed to the guy. I'm still waiting for part two of that Pokepastas list and a Ticci Tuesday video (He came down with something so the videos are being delayed). If you're wondering what Ticci Tuesday is, it's a series of videos where Hoodo reads this story called Voicebox: A Ticci Toby Love Story. He reads one chapter per video and there's around twelve chapters in total. If you're interested in this series, here's a link to the first episode (

Speaking of aluminum food, here's Aron's Pokedex entry in Omega Ruby: (This Pokémon has a body of steel. To make its body, Aron feeds on iron ore that it digs from mountains. Occasionally, it causes major trouble by eating bridges and rails.) 

I'm still working on that Pokepasta that has the little girl undergo some sort of medical procedure, though I'm going to have to do some more work on it tonight since I've been caught up in working on other stories and whatnot.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 01:35, December 1, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Adding Videos


TenebrousTorrentTalk 03:55, December 1, 2016 (UTC)

Message Number 13

I'm so glad :D By insult, do you mean punch? *Now I am imagining Batman punching a bad guy and then dropping a microphone next to him* When Obama's term ends, he should make a career out of appearing as himself (the former POTUS) on comedy shows. He's pretty calm and charismatic, he could make those joke skits so much better.

DIO is fabulous and he knows it XD I think the manga is from the 80's, but maybe even the late 70's, so who knows? I hope they have it. I am unable to reveal who any of my clients may or may not be :(

He sounds good evil. A poisonous Vampire :O I really like the idea that the more he feeds the more insane he becomes; it's a good reflection of him losing a bit more of his humanity each time he does the act. Maybe you can copy DIO's fate ;) Oh wow, Billy and Mandy, that takes me back. I loved that show. One of the best things they did was getting Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World to voice the Grim Reaper's upgraded scythe, Scythe 2.0 XD Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 19:41, December 1, 2016 (UTC)

I wrote something really short for me; it is a little under 3 pages in length. Would you please give it a read and tell me if you think it meets the Quality Standards? I'm rather nervous because I haven't written anything so short in a long time XD Here is the link in case you decide to: (This is intended to be humorous in tone). Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 22:09, December 1, 2016 (UTC)
Definitely a punchline I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of! Oh my gosh, you just reminded me of a Gintama skit:
The volume sounds a lot more in depth than the anime. I would still recommend giving the anime a watch because I love it so! *pesters pesters pesters* I loved DIO crying! The escalation between him and Jonathan is something beautiful (in a very twisted way of course). If I became slave to two kids, I'd stop caring too XD
Awesome to hear. The beginning bit is the grossest, goriest, then it tones down. Thank you so much! It's very reassuring to hear that :D I have already fixed the errors you pointed out and posted it :) Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 05:51, December 2, 2016 (UTC)
Gintama loves doing stuff like that. You know the bleeps they have for cussing in television? Gintama loves using those for no reason and to censor celebrity names, I remember they kept saying Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald, so it sounded like they were cussing for about 2 minutes straight, haha.
It was probably a budget or pacing issue. You know what makes me mad? Anime only exist for the purpose of promoting their respective manga. It doesn't matter where they are at in the story, if it has a single off season then it gets axed. Trust me, everything is great about the Jojo anime. The final fight of the series is amazing and I promise you that you won't be able to predict how the anime goes unless you have prior knowledge. Episode 9 is an absolute stand out episode for me; talk about a sucker punch ;D YAY (I write these messages as I am reading, so I was trying to convince you to keep watching, but have now seen that you will. Oh well, whateves, I'm leaving it in the message)!
I may pick up Sun and Moon in the future, therefore I am staying as blind to it as possible. My hesitance for it sucks a lot, because Nintendo games never devalue and only increase in price :( One thing that I have to stress about Jojo is to pay attention to the minor/side characters. A couple pop up here and there and they seem really minor at first and if you don't pay attention you'll be like, "What? Who the devil are you?" Haha, I'm glad they brought 'Whose Line' back. Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 06:21, December 4, 2016 (UTC)
Yeah, it's so sad. I've read that on average an episode of anime costs as much as an episode of the Simpsons, but I think that only applies to certain shows. I cannot fathom every anime episode ever costing that much @.@ but maybe it is true. Still, shame on them for getting viewers invested and then pulling the plug! The show doesn't get hardcore disturbing, but it does get disturbing. I sort of doubt it. DIO is very much a "hides in shadows" kind of villain despite his flashy nature. Well, poo. You've done gone and spoiled yourself. I didn't like Stardust Crusaders as much as I did Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, they had an annoying henchman of the week format. It was still a 10/10 for me though. Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 07:14, December 6, 2016 (UTC)
Well, Naruto ended and now we've got a Boruto series. So technically, no more Naruto filler! Some filler episodes can be great, like Goku learning to drive in Dragon Ball Z! Most are awful :'( Haha, I always did that for the white Pokeball because it was so pretty. Darn thing seemed to always fail whenever I tried to catch something with it though.
Do you remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoons where Bugs would sometimes saw Florida off from the United States? That's what the plan for Brexit is. Unfortunately, they couldn't agree on where to cut, so now we are ending up with a bunch of miniaturized Australias. Australia Prime is still the greatest and most deadly! Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 03:34, December 7, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Kung Fu Balloons!" Message

You know what the whole Drifblum thing reminds me of? This right here! Sorry I wasn't able to post the image here. For whatever reason, the wiki won't allow me to add the image. 

So I'm currently working on the Haunting Hour pasta and I'm trying to figure out how to transition (and word said transition) from Kristy turing on the flashlight app and walking around for a bit to the weird stuff with her phone happening. Here's the paragraph I'm currently working with: (A few moments later, a lightbulb went off in Kristy's head and she immediately rummaged through her pockets. Eventually, Kristy had managed to find her phone and didn't hesitate to pull it out. She then turned it on and opened the flashlight app. As soon as it finished opening, Kristy wasted no time and slid the switch up, which in turn, brightened the area around the beam of light the phone was emitting. Kristy then began to walk faster and as soon as she stepped onto the tiled flooring, her footsteps echoed throughout the store.)  The big question is "Where will Kristy go from here?" She already knows that the store's vacant due to the fact that she got no response from anyone when she called for her mom, so looking for the mom in the store would seem pointless. Maybe she could try and find a way to the exit, thinking that her mom forgot her at the store.

I watched a video about disturbing Pokedex entries in Sun Version by Jwittz. Is that the video you're talking about? Or are you referring to the video that Dorkly made recently? Forgive me, I haven't watched too many Sun and Moon videos since I don't want a lot of the game spoiled for me.

Pancham looks rather cool to me. I can't believe it took us six generations of Pokemon to get a Pokemon based on the Giant Panda! It's evolution Pangoro is even cooler!

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 02:25, December 2, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Why U No Like My Pasta?" Message

I've watched Hoodo's Creepypasta Cliches video a few times and I recently watched it today just to make sure I have as few cliches as possible in my Haunting Hour pasta. Regarding the Lost Episode section of the video, I think I might be doing okay for the most part. I mean yes, the samurai girl gets killed by the beam of light but one, it's not bloody or gritty or anything and should I choose to do so, it may actually play a part later in the story. For example, when Hotaka, Kristy, and some other people gather in the forest to play Kokuri San (a game that has been banned by many school officials in Japan) one of the members (let's call them Miyuki for now) talks about the golden light (later relvealed to be a Kitsune by that character) they say that they shouldn't play in the forest if they don't want to get attacked by the kitsune. Then another character responds with "Calm down, Miyuki! That's just an urban legend!" When they play the game however, the kitsune comes after them (though there will be some buildup to it) and as soon as it gets close to them, it cuts to the credits. You can also check out the Creepypasta Wiki's Creepy Cliches list to see if there are any other cliches my story might have.

I don't think the people who complain about having their stories removed realize that the Creepypasta wiki is a literature site, meaning that the standards for things like grammar, plot cohension, minimalization of cliches, and whatnot are going to be somewhat high. If you're not good at writing or English isn't your first language, talk to people on the site, visit the Writer's Workshop, or whatever other thing that might help you improve your writing skills. A lot of people on this site are here to help you so don't be afraid to ask for help. That's what I do when I write a pasta and it's benefitted me in the long run.

I'm also writing another pasta in the form of translated blog posts. I think I might have all the blog posts compiled and looked at by the writer's workshop. I'm not going to tell you much about the pasta yet but I'll give you a hint. The language that the posts are translated from is NOT: (Japanese, Spanish, Russian, or Latin)

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 00:22, December 3, 2016 (UTC)

Re: vision

I can think of a few possibilities, but no exact explanation for the comments disappearing. All older pages 2013 or older used to have discussion pages like this. If one of those are deleted, like this, it typically purges all the comments made on the article page as well (for... reasons?). Those can be restored automatically by a bot sometimes, but other times they are lost. For example, our automated system for welcoming users is currently down and new members aren't receiving those messages so it could be that the recovery system was feeling rebellious that day and Skynet-ed it. It could also be that someone responded to your comment with something that broke the commenting rules and the entire message was deleted by accident.

In short, it can be a lot of things. You can message an admin and get their response (although viewing deleted comments is a bit more complicated of a process if I recall), but it's likely one of those things. Thanks for the congratulations. It's nice to be considered and author worth attention. I can't wait to see who they pick next. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 01:27, December 4, 2016 (UTC)

I wouldn't count on the messaging thing being corrected by wiki staff anytime soon as the last time it was wonky, we had it like that for a few months. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 01:44, December 4, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Where's That Story?" Message

Oh my god! I completely forgot about that story! I guess it got left in the dust from me being busy and working on other stories. Well now that you reminded me of it, I guess I can spend a little time working on the story. I have a basic outline of the events so all I need to do now is figure out how convert the outline into a full fledged story and brush up on the subjects the story will contain (i.e The Babysitter and The Man Upstairs legend, Amazon's return policies and handling of third party sellers, prices of Pokemon Colloseum on Amazon, and whether or not the police can trace a smartphone's number.) By the way, I made a logo for the company featured in the story (Raikou'sRoom). This is what it looks like:

RaikousRoom Logo

So for the story I told you about in my last message, I put it into a Google Doc. By the way, I've never written a story in blog format so if there's anything that should be changed, let me know. I'm kind of stuck right now on the third entry so I'm going to walk away from it for a bit and work on both the Raikou story and Haunting Hour pasta tonight. For the blog story, I'll give you another hint. It involves one of the characters in Blameitonjorge's unintentionally disturbing characters video.

As for being in a dark store, I would probably search for the exit and walk home (I could use the exercise anyway).

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 01:34, December 4, 2016 (UTC)

RE: Santa

Thanks for the links. That was very amusing.

My son is also a huge Batman fan and he enjoyed them as well (though I left out the probe, lol).

HumboldtLycanthrope (talk) 19:30, December 4, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Raikou" Message

So last night, I started writing that story about Raikou'sRoom. It was probably the most difficult part to write for me because I didn't know how to start it. Here's what I have so far:

(Hello! My name is Alex and this happened to me a long time ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. You see, this occurred at the tail end of my time in eighth grade and since I would be graduating soon, I thought that it would be a good idea to buy myself an inexpensive gift. I thought about what I wanted to get and a few moments later, I shouted, "Ah-Ha!" and promptly got on my computer.

I went to Amazon and typed "Pokemon Colosseum" in the search bar. When the search results were loaded, I saw that the top listing for the game had a set price of more than one hundred and forty dollars! When I saw this, I clicked on the "used & new" section, hoping to find a more reasonable price. Much to my delight, most of the prices were in the mid thirties range, which was still a little much for me but a lot more sensible nevertheless. As I was browsing, I came across this listing that set the price of the game for at least twenty three dollars. At first, I shouted, "Wow! That's perfect!" and moved the mouse over to the "add to cart" button. Before I clicked it however, I tensed up and took a good look at the item description and seller information. From what I saw, the seller was called Raikou'sRoom and they had a ninety percent positive feedback rating. Not only that, but the item description said that while the disc and box had light wear, the game still played fine.

After reading this information, I calmed down a bit and clicked the "add to cart" button and went straight to the checkout, where I purchased the item with the twenty five dollar gift card I was given last Christmas. Some time later, I went to get the mail and noticed an orange, rectangular package sitting in the mailbox.)

I also worked a bit on that Haunting Hour pasta and this is what I added:

(A few moments later, a lightbulb went off in Kristy's head and she immediately rummaged through her pockets. Eventually, Kristy had managed to find her phone and didn't hesitate to pull it out. She then turned it on and opened the flashlight app. As soon as it finished opening, Kristy wasted no time and slid the switch up, which in turn, brightened the area around the beam of light the phone was emitting. Kristy then began to walk faster and as soon as she stepped onto the tiled flooring, her footsteps echoed throughout the store. "Well, if there's nobody here," Kristy thought, "I might as well find a way out and call my mom."

Kristy aimlessly wandered around the store, wondering where the exit was. As she was doing so, her body gradually tensed up and she began to walk slower to reduce the amount of noise her shoes created when they made contact with the floor. A few minutes later, a message popped up on Kristy's phone saying that the battery was at zero percent and began to shut itself down. "Oh come on!" Kristy growled, "How can the battery die when it's at eighty percent?!" She then sighed and forcefully shoved the phone into her pocket.)

I know I'm giving you a lot to read but I really like to write if you couldn't tell. On my talk page, I have about forty two messages and it will probably need to be archived once it reaches fifty messages. I'm not sure how good you are at archiving though. If archiving isn't your thing, I can ask someone else to do it. I haven't heard from Dr. Frank since November so later today, I'm going to message him just to make sure if he's okay.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 19:55, December 4, 2016 (UTC)


HI!!! Happy December, I hope everything is going well, yesterday I stopped by Chick-fil-A and got a sundae with a chocolate chip cookie, it was amazing!! I hope your mother and yourself are doing well! :o) Luigifan100 03:34, December 5, 2016 (UTC)

Thank you for the birthday wish!

My b-day wish is to start aging backwards, which sadly I don't think happens. I made 37 today, which I think means I can no longer tell people that I am in my mid-30s. Oh well...

Thanks again for the well wishes,

K. Banning Kellum (talk) 02:29, December 6, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "You Get a Premier Ball! You Get a Premier Ball! Everyone Gets a Premier Ball!" Message

Yup! Buy ten Pokeballs and get a free Premier Ball, which is a Pokeball in a different coat of paint (A Poke Ball and a Premier Ball both have a 1x capture rate). Though it's cool during the early game you know getting an extra ball and all, it starts becoming less cool when you get access to stronger balls such as the Great Ball and Ultra Ball.

I played Pokemon Sun for at least two hours and my Popplio named Alex is now at level eleven and my Pikipek named Darren learned Rock Smash (I don't remember its current level) I won't be able to play Sun version again until Christmas because that 2DS is supposed to be a Christmas gift. I played it to test the system (you know make sure it's not broken). Also, the 2DS fits in my hands rather nicely.

I may have a new part for that Monster From My Past story: (August 19, 2016

See guys! I told you I'd make another post soon! I wanted to talk about something in my last post but it was already a bit long anyway so I might as well bring it up now. In the comments section of my post on August 16, a couple of people have said that creature I described seemed familiar to them. Though, I'm honestly not sure if they're telling the truth or not. If there are people out there who know the name of the creature I described, can you tell me in the comments?)

I'm not sure how far you're into the story so here's the post prior to the August 19 post:

(August 18, 2016

Hey guys! Karina here and I’m back with yet another post. So after I finished writing the last post, I decided to do some research on different sleep remedies and one of the things that came up was something called “ASMR”. I don’t want to spend too much of this post talking about it but it’s basically a tingling sensation that can be triggered by a variety of things like whispering, which in turn can help a person relax and even fall asleep. Well, I decided to try out one of the videos that’s supposed to trigger it and I only got about three hours of sleep! Ugh! Well to be honest, I do feel kind of better and it is somewhat of an improvement but there’s gotta be a better way to get more sleep!

Now, if the comments section on my previous posts are anything to go by, you guys seem to be getting into this blog so I think it would only be fair to continue my story from the previous post.

So a couple hours after I had witnessed that… thing… I heard my mom entering the house and immediately threw the blankets off of me and ran out of my bedroom, still bawling my eyes out. When I got close to my mom, I hugged her tightly and she followed suit. “What’s wrong, honey?” my mom whispered. I told her what I saw and she said, “You let your imagination run away with you again, didn’t you? Well, like I’ve said before, what isn’t real can’t hurt you.” I raised my voice and told her that I wasn’t making up what I saw this time. “But you’ve said that the last eleven times something like this happened so how am I supposed to believe you?” my mom replied. I said that I didn’t think it was possible to fabricate something I saw on television. She sighed and said, “Okay, if you honestly think it’s real, come and get me the next time you see it.”

That night, I was lying in my bed and buried under my blankets. My whole body felt as heavy as lead and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Just when they were about to close, I heard a knocking sound at my bedroom window. My eyes shot open and turned my head over to the window. When I stared out the window, I saw a large, lightbulb shaped object attached to a skinny tube looking into my room. My heart sank and my whole body became cold and hollow. A couple of moments later, I tossed the blankets off of me and bolted out my room. I cried and screamed my head off as I ran from my room all the way to my mother's room. When I got to her room, she immediately turned on her lamp and shot out of her bed. I told her that I saw the creature again and dragged her to my room.

As we entered my room, she turned on the light and instead of seeing the creature at my window, she saw a balloon stuck on a tree branch hitting the glass! “Oh honey! That's no creature!” she giggled quietly as she gently rubbed my head. “But… it… it looked a lot like it and you said to come get you if I saw it again.” I stuttered. After that, she decided to stay in my room until I felt calm and safe again.

I think this is a good place to end this post since that's pretty much all I feel like sharing for today. Oh but don't worry though! I'll make another post as soon as I can.)

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 23:25, December 7, 2016 (UTC)

Had Your Fill?

Yeah, filler is mostly made up by people who work on the anime and not the original Manga writer. Contradictions and terribleness are almost certain to abound in such cases. I think most of the time that Manga does things better because the "visionary" is in charge of that. I mean, anime is usually flashier and has a lot going for it because of the animation factor, but Manga do impressive things with what they have.

I'd have replied Africa City, but 'A' is great. Yes :D Australia Prime to Brexit-tron: "You're going down, Brexit-tron!" Brexit-tron: "Watch as confusion ensues among the Union-bots over who the real Australia is!" Sounds like a better film than Transformers 5. I swear everyone who okayed its story is off their rocker. Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 18:26, December 8, 2016 (UTC)

Geez, someone was buying for time for the manga to put out new content.
The first Transformers was okay for the most part. Revenge of the Fallen was garbage, while Dark of the Moon was the entire garbage dump. Despite my adoration for Mark Wahlburg, him being the main character of Age of Extinction wasn't enough to make me go check it out. I nearly fell asleep during Dark of the Moon and that was during a tornado warning. The film was that awful. 5 has King Arthur, Nazi's and Optimus Prime turning against the Autobots, I have less than no interest in it. They need to take the movie rights away from Mr. Explosions and give them to someone who actually cares :( Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 04:53, December 9, 2016 (UTC)
I have a theory. Proven franchises are nearly always profitable, so those always get made while the potentially creative and original things get the boot. I think that, maybe, directors/writers want to do more creative unique things, but they aren't allowed to do them and so they shove them into the franchises that they have the ok to work on. Transformers 5 having King Arthur and Nazis being such an example for it. Those two things don't fit in the lore at all. It's the only explanation I can think of that makes sense which isn't drug addiction or brain deficiency :\
It's really sad. Hollywood used to be an outlet for creativity, but now it is just for regurgitating popular franchises over and over (I'm looking at you, reboots. Used to when a franchise had an unpopular entry, they'd work around it with another continuation anyway). Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 21:56, December 11, 2016 (UTC)
Cliches don't bother me unless they are poorly used, because it can be argued that anything is a cliche and I find that really annoying. New ideas though, that'd be great! That's a good analysis. I'd really never considered that about the popularity of foreign films. I guess that makes sense though! I do enjoy anime a whole lot because they tend to exhibit plot threads that I've never witnessed elsewhere. There is just a whole lot of creativity that comes together with most of them. Dio is fabulous and he knows it. Not even being cut in half can phase him XD Hehe, I can't wait until you get to a certain point in the show~ Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 08:35, December 13, 2016 (UTC)
Haha! I always love battles that rely on wits as well! It just feels more creative than, "I'm going to throw my fist at your face!" or "My foot recognizes your stomach!" The next episode, episode 9, actually XD Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 05:08, December 15, 2016 (UTC)
That'd be great! Now is definitely a bad time for that discussion because I'm coming up blank other than for Jojo XD There are a lot of wit based fights on there! Please do not read a summary of episode 9, you owe yourself to watch it even if you don't see the series all the way through or drop it there. You can watch it online here without any ads, but you have to make a free account (it's easy/doesn't ask a ton of information): [2]
That is a correct translation of it. The full translation is 'No Matter How You Look at It, It's Your Fault I'm Not Popular'. I have reason to believe that a friend sent my the first volume of the manga in the mail as a Christmas present :)
No need for apologies (or to read it, especially if it isn't your sort of story. I don't mean that in an insulting sort of way). Yay, I'm glad that you saw it! Thanks, I felt like a jerk typing that out, but I felt I should say it; I don't want to talk about it anymore as it makes me feel like a gossip (sorry if that sounds rude). I saw the new Star Wars and it's my third favorite. It was really good and my fear of them making Darth Vader a chump wasn't realized :D Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 07:41, December 16, 2016 (UTC)

The Devil's List

Shocked dog

That list is from who?!

That's an impressive list. I knew there were a lot of sub-genres, but I didn't know there were that many. I really appreciate it. I will bring it to Diex's attention. Hope all is well! Jay Ten (talk) 19:53, December 9, 2016 (UTC)
Don't exactly know why you decided to make that list, but you have my and Satan's eternal respect.
You bring the bodies, I handle the rest (talk) 20:59, December 9, 2016 (UTC)


Yeah, I definitely agree with including the Christian black metal because there seems to be a fairly significant debate in the community about it. I don't really know enough about it to have an opinion. I just recently started listening to a bit of black metal and only care for a rather small fraction of it from what I can tell. Diex actually left you the bottom poster. The image of that dog came to mind almost immediately when I started reading your message, lol. I have a real soft spot for animals and they're one of the few things that can make me laugh. As for that Captain Planet episode, that is definitely one of the stranger cartoons I think I've heard of. Who comes up with these things? It seems even weirder having not seen that show in so long. It was never one of my favorite cartoons, but I still watched it a lot. Have a good one.

Jay Ten (talk) 02:08, December 10, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Mighty Archive Number Nine!" Message 

Thank you for archiving my talk page. I was going to wait until I got fifty messages on my talk page but might as well do it now before I forget and have more than one hundred messages on the talk page. 

So today, I started designing a website to showcase my stories. It's still under construction and I'm currently transferring over the content from my wiki onto this new site. So far, I've transferred all of the published stories, information from the home page, and content from my profile page. All I need to do is transfer the images from the wiki onto the stories that they were found on but I figured I'd do that on desktop since while mobile editing isn't that bad on WordPress (the site I'm using to design this new site), adding images isn't exactly a stable process. If you're curious about the new site, here's the link to it: (

This is what I have for the Monster Creepypasta so far: 

(August 19, 2016

See guys! I told you I'd make another post soon! Before I forget though, I wanted to talk about something in my last post but it was already a bit long anyway so I might as well bring it up now. In the comments section of my post on August 16, a couple of people have said that creature I described seemed familiar to them. Though, I'm honestly not sure if they're telling the truth or not. If there are people out there who know the name of the creature I described, can you tell me in the comments? 

Anyway, the day after the incident, I told my friend about what I saw on television during one of our class activities. “Wait! They can just put something like that on television?!” he exclaimed as his eyes widened. I nodded and a couple moments later, he stopped what he was doing and slowly curled up into a ball. He whimpered and started to cry. As he was crying, my teacher walked over and sat down next to him. “What's wrong, Marek?” the teacher cooed. He told the teacher that I said I saw a monster on television.) 

I've also been working on that Haunting Hour pasta:

(Kristy continued to aimlessly roam around the store, becoming more frustrated and exhausted in the process. Kristy stopped dead in her tracks though when she felt something vibrating in her pocket. "What?" Kristy exclaimed. She immediately dipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out her phone. The phone was only held for a few seconds before she screamed at the top of her lungs and sent it flying out of her hand. Based on how she sprinted around after shouting "Water! Water!", the phone battery had gotten so hot that it felt like she was holding a pan that just came out of the oven with her bare hand and needed to cool it down.) I might have a shot that focuses on the phone that's lying on the ground and in this shot, a Rotom like creature could float towards the top of the screen. 

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 08:11, December 10, 2016 (UTC)

As I avoided to say in court, guilty. Still pretty surprised nobody left a Goddamn comment on it (I would have probably done everything you mentioned in section 3). I find the sub-genre criteria...lacking. I mean, if I were to decide I'd say a genre/sub-genre can only be official if it is unique enough to be considered separate from the pre-existing ones and if there are enough significant bands/artist to play them. But as it seems, you could potentially invent as many sub-genres as there are artists to play them. A common occurrence is that artists tend to focus on being unique and special instead of just doing what they do as good as possible.

You bring the bodies, I handle the rest (talk) 17:17, December 10, 2016 (UTC)

Pokepasta is Finished!

I Don't Like What I See is now on Writer's Workshop: (

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 23:56, December 10, 2016 (UTC)

Death by Big Mac

If I ate ten Big Macs (or even two) vomiting would probably be the least of my concerns. I feel certain the life insurance wouldn't pay out due to it obviously being an act of suicide. I knew you liked making lists, but wow, that one is extensive. I especially like hearing about Clockwork punk, lol. I had never heard of that one, but A Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite films. The book is good too. Thanks for linking.

Jay Ten (talk) 23:58, December 10, 2016 (UTC)

Haunting Hour Pasta Title Change!

So I'm coming up with possible titles to replace "R.L Stine's: The Haunting Hour Season 4 Episode 13" as the current title of the Haunting Hour pasta. If this story is good enough to upload to the wiki when it's finished, the title cannot have the word "Episode" in it since the Title Blacklist, which blocks pages based on what is contained in the title, will be triggered by that word.

List of titles I have so far:

- The Legend of The Samurai Girl

- Kage no Samurai (Shadow Samurai in Japanese)

- A Trip to Cape Cod That I Won't Forget

I think the third title might be the best of the bunch but what do you think of these titles? Do you like any of them or do you have a better title?

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 05:29, December 12, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Alternate Titles" Message

I've been thinking about each of the three titles very carefully. To be honest, I think the third title (A Trip to Cape Cod That I Won't Forget) might be the best of the bunch. For one thing, it gives away only one plot element (that being the protagonist's trip to Cape Cod) without spoiling anything else. Second, it may catch the reader's attention when browsing through the Lost Episode genre page (as of now there are only 58 Lost Episode pastas on this wiki.) 

Speaking of R.L Stine, a month ago, I ordered a Goosebumps book called I Live in Your Basement and without spoiling too much of the plot, it's basically a psychological horror. The book came in the mail on the 10th so I kind of had to wait a while.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 00:07, December 14, 2016 (UTC)


I love secrets! Especially Chick-Fil-A secrets, thanks for showing me this!! I'm glad you and your mother had a good time at Chick-Fil-A, I really love their food! :D Luigifan100 01:20, December 14, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Never Heard of That One" Message

I don't blame you for not hearing about it before. Anything after the first 31 books in the O.G Goosebumps series tend to get over looked and I think that sad because there are some really good ones like Werewolf Skin (#60) and I Live in Your Basement (#61). Heck, some books in the O.G series are out of print which means that physical copies will cost more.

I've got the best lost episode pasta ever. Ready for this? Okay... It's called... Full House: Michelle Gets Hurt! In this episode, Michelle becomes a horse rider. One day, while riding with a friend, she falls off of her horse... and dies! Joey tried reviving her with his Popeye impression but alas, it was futile. After that, the credits started to roll abruptly as Kimmy Gibbler came in and did a jumpscare Five Nights at Freddy's style.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 02:29, December 15, 2016 (UTC)

retard kid story

I'll have to ask mom and see if she knows what happened with that family. I'll get back to you on that.--Mikemacdee (talk) 05:53, December 16, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "Heeeere's Eeeeviiiiiil!" Message

I too remember seeing a news report about Ernest Borgnine and funny enough, they also mentioned Mermaid Man. I think I saw the report on NBC. Is that where you heard about his passing?

Regarding Chicken Chicken, I've read the book myself (in PDF format) and it isn't exactly great. I think this quote from Troy Steele's review of the book, "I will be perfectly honest with you, Blogger Beware reader, I had a lot of trouble coming up with things to say about this book that weren't just a string of swears and empty threats against the author. I poke a lot of fun at these books, but that's still in part due to a less than hidden fondness for the material. Some of the books in this series are bad, some more than others, but Chicken Chicken exists on a whole other plane of quality. It's not just a bad book, it's an ugly one." sums up the book rather well.

Speaking of Goosebumps, I was browsing around the Goosebumps wiki and came across this. This article basically talks about a Goosebumps book that was never published. I already knew that a series called Goosebumps Gold was never published due to Stine's contract expiring but I never knew there were other unpublished Goosebumps content. I'm surprised that Lost Literature pastas aren't a thing because I think there's a lot of content you can use as a basis for a story. For example, Wikipedia (the most credible source in the world) has a list of lost literature you can browse. If you don't see anything of interest there, they also have a list of unpublished works by notable authors.

As you can tell, Lost Media is a favorite topic of mine because there's so many examples of Lost Media to look at and it seems like every medium has lost content from films to books and even video games!

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 19:04, December 16, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "(Insert Pun Realted to Go Set a Watchman Here)" Message

I did a bit of digging around and from what I understand, Go Set a Watchman is the supposed first draft of To Kill a Mockingbird but got marketed as a sequel by its publisher. I think that because it got marketed as a sequel, it may have gotten some flack for various elements drasitically differing from the elements seen in To Kill a Mockingbird such as the charcter of Atticus Finch being a racist, despite the fact that he was a far more progressive character in Mockingbird.

You should see Siskel and Ebert's review of the movie North. They bashed the hell out of that film. Here's a quote from the review: "Ebert: I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it." That's a lot of hate. To be honest, I think North had a rather interesting premise. The film is about a kid played by the guy who played Frodo Baggins who divorces from his parents and searches the world for better ones. However, the execution is what kills it. First, it relies way too much on cultural stereotypes and the humor in the film just doesn't hit the mark.

To be honest, I'm not sure how exactly I came across Jorge's content. My best guess is that I stumbled upon a random video of his, saw a few more of his videos, and eventually subbed to him. I think I might've watched one of his "lost media" videos when I first stumbled across him but I honestly don't remember.

I'm going to read over my Haunting Hour pasta to see if there's any plot holes I need to iron out. So far, I have found one. Earlier in the story, the protagonist says that they are scared to open their windows at night yet when night falls, they go over to the window without hesitation. I fixed it upon discovery. By the way, I still haven't heard back from Dr. Frank and I'm getting kind of worried about them. Maybe they made a blog post about their situation and I just didn't see it.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 23:55, December 16, 2016 (UTC)

adding new message

RE:Something Ironic

That's quite a coincidence about something similar in my story happening to your mom in real life. I think it was dad who suggested the rheumatic fever idea since this also happened to my grandma when she was a little kid.

I thought you were talking about a hunting licence in real life and not something from an anime.

--Mmpratt99 deviantart (talk) 01:54, December 17, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "They Don't Have Permission!" Message

Regarding Go Set a Watchman, I wouldn't have much of a problem with it being released if it's something that the author wanted to do (granted the book still wouldn't have been good but I would've at least respect their wishes). However, since the original author didn't want the book to be published and it got published anyway, that's when I take issue with it. From what I've read, I can see why she didn't want it published. Though I do have to ask. If the book really wasn't up to scratch, how the hell did it even get published? I mean, aren't manuscripts of stories usually reviewed before publishing for quality control and whatnot?

So I recently sent a message to Frank. Now all I have to do is wait for a response... I'm not sure if he'll respond but we'll have to wait and see. Oh yeah! I do remember talking to you about that film before! Man I can't believe it's been that long since I brought it up!

Speaking of the creepy children's characters countdown, for the Monster From My Past pasta, I'm stuck on this here part: (Anyway, the day after the incident, I told my friend about what I saw on television during one of our class activities. “Wait! They can just put something like that on television?!” he exclaimed as his eyes widened. I nodded and a couple moments later, he stopped what he was doing and slowly curled up into a ball. He whimpered and started to cry. As he was crying, our teacher walked over and sat down next to him. “What's wrong, Marek?” the teacher cooed. He told the teacher that I said I saw a monster on television.) I'm trying to figure out what the teacher is going to say to the protagonist. I want the teacher to react realistically to the situation but I'm not sure if the teacher should also bring up the protagonist's habit of letting their imagination run away with them.

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 03:27, December 17, 2016 (UTC)

Valley of Interests


Haha, yeah XD That's what I love about the series, how flawed and awkward everything in that universe is for Tomoko, intended or otherwise.

Rogue One is pretty much Episode 3.9. It takes place between Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith and 4, A New Hope. It's about the theft of the Death Star plans. It had some instances of moral grey areas in it which is a first for Star Wars films. There were times were the Rebellion struck me as terrorists (this wasn't a fault of Rebellion command, but rather a few of its members). I'd recommend it and then watching Episode 4 immediately after if you have the time for it XD It came down to the other films being named and having numbers in the titles, would've been sort of jarring if it was: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Star Wars, Episode 5, Episode 6, and Episode 7. A New Hope is a rather corny title in my opinion tho. Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 20:13, December 17, 2016 (UTC)

Me too. RE:Zero did a good job of having the protagonist turn more and more into an arrogant jerk, in fact, they did it so well that a lot of episode comments I watched had people who didn't understand what character development was starting to hate the show. I'm just like, "The protagonist has died a bunch! You'd probably go insane and get grumpy too!" One Punch Man is really good about doing a lot of things. The thing I think it does best is showing Saitama's lack of interest over everything (save for grocery deals!).
I guess, I don't know what they intended with it. Yeah, I've seen people insist that too and I always tell them how wrong they are XD The Old Hope was Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, who was supposed to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force. I really like the fact that he still does, he just needs some help from his son of all people to do it. Rogue One was a play on the fact that this was the first live-action film that wasn't an Episode, it was the rogue one of the bunch.
Yes! Such a brave episode! I was floored after I finished watching it the first time :D The series only keeps getting better. I hope you paid attention to everyone present at Dio's Castle >:D Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 20:13, December 18, 2016 (UTC)
Photoshop and rebranding to fit a conspiracy, I tell! It might also be a nod to the later on formed Rogue Squadron, but I'm not sure if that is still canon or not :(
  • Lord Dio is fabulous and must not be allowed to have his face turn to ash!
  • Hmm....
  • Haha, yep! They should have checked the coffin before allowing it on the boat (Who am I kidding, that was getting on the boat one way or another)!
  • Worst Vacation Ever...
  • It was the eye beams, I believe, but he was probably very fatigued too.
  • You haven't seen anything in terms of intellectual prowess yet :D
  • Ironically, that child isn't of much interest ;D
  • Dio's plots are more important and timeless than love!
  • There certainly is a reconciliation!
  • It certainly is poetic and was something that made me go, "Oh my gosh, that's brilliant!"
Nuuuuu! I'm glad that you made it through episode 9 unspoilered, that was really impactful for me! Buckle up! I'm going to be popular 02:43, December 20, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "How to Avoid Cliches" Message

So for the teacher's reaction, this is what I have so far: (The teacher then turned her head towards me. "Karina," the teacher said calmly, "I know you love to tell stories and all but now's not the time to do that. Understood?") Though I'm not sure how well it matches with what you said: "He or she sees that they're both scared, and that the narrator didn't purposely frighten the friend to be mean or anything. The teacher gently implies that maybe the narrator just imagined it and the narrator insists that it was real, going into detail about it. The teacher isn't sure what to think. He or she tries to be reassuring, but tells the narrator not to talk about it anymore since it's causing distress."

Speaking of North, I'm surprised that the film even got greenlit given how many cultural stereotypes there are in the film. If this film was made back in the 40's or 50's where that sort of thing wasn't seen as too offensive, then I would understand how the film got greenlit. But this film came out in the 90's! So there should be no excuse for it!

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 05:25, December 18, 2016 (UTC)

Soon OUO

Yes, soon those secret items shall soon be yours!!!! I hope you've been super! Luigifan100 15:56, December 20, 2016 (UTC)

Reply to "The 90's Are All That!" Message 

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you in a couple of days. I've been busy fine tuning the story that I submitted to writer's workshop. I've also been practicing writing and properly formatting dialogue. To do this, I wrote a practice prompt for practicing writing different elements like dialogue creation and plot hole filling. If you want, I can show you an example of one of these prompts. 

I'm not sure if I told you this but I'm a huge fan of Planet Dolan. I'm subbed to the Planet Dolan and Super Planet Dolan channel because I'm such a dork for their content. I often share stories and ask questions in their subreddit. 

If you'd like to see the latest version of that Haunting Hour pasta, I can send it to you. 

Heeere's Hailey! Wanna Talk? 23:59, December 20, 2016 (UTC)

(Waves hand)

Hi Raidra. I've seen your comment on that blog (and Christian's). I was actually writing this message while I saw the one you sent me. I wanted to say thanks a lot for having my back, but I don't know if that guy should be treated like that outright. Although his behavior was extremely uncalled for, from the message on Christian's talk page I think he should be given another chance, as he might mean well. We'll probably see in the next days. As for the blog, the comment didn't affect me much since I consider that an ended chapter (I'm wondering how did he find it though).

How are you doing for the holidays?

(Also, I think it may be time for another archive)

You bring the bodies, I handle the rest (talk) 14:16, December 21, 2016 (UTC)

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