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So there's a literally a category/genre on Goodreads titled "How Did This Get Published?" I just typed in "How did this get published" on Google to see what would come up and this category/genre page was the first result.

I've been binge watching a lot of videos made by this guy called Justin Whang, especially his Tales From The Internet series. I think some of my favorite episodes from this series are What Was in The Reddit Mystery Safe? #1 and The Lost Evil Farming Game.

Ah. So it appears that the Baby Trend from the 1990's has come back but instead of making whole TV shows where everyone from an established franchise has been babified, it's now taken the form of babifing only a single character from a franchise and established company mascots. If you had to put in a numerical guess, how long do you think this trend will last? For me, I'd give it about one or two months before it dies out.

Not going to lie. That Holiday Mr. Peanut commerical you sent me was actually kind of cute.

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So this channel called L'Orchestra Cinematique recently uploaded an orchestral version of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up song. Yes I'm serious. When I was a kid, this song was the hot thing on YouTube. Hell, I even remember this Family Guy episode where one of the characters sings a short cover of it at a high school dance.

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Stop everything! There's a Wooloo subreddit! Yes a Wooloo subreddit! Check it out!

Oh my god! I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was a little kid and yet I've never noticed those things about the Machop line before. Like, I thought the head ridges were supposed to resemble the kind of hairstyles bodybuilders sport.  

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Yeah. It's kind of amazing what you can find when you just type random stuff into Google. That's how I found that Wooloo subreddit.

I saw that "Youtubers portrayed by spongebob" video you sent me and I think the funniest parts are when Patrick says "The good plate" that follows all but one plate falling from the cabinet and the part where it cuts to a YouTuber's face plastered over Spongebob after Squidward says "Repeat after me. I have no talent".

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