About Keksays

From kekpedia: "Keksays (a contraction of the adjective 'kekekekekeke' as in 'He was having a kekekekekeke day last night' and the noun 'essay') are extremely, emotionally sensitive. In order not to hurt their feelings, it is paramount that the reader never comments that some letters are bold while others are not, and some letters are colored while others are not. Such a statement is kekcism and a felony, as is stating that some letters in the keksay require immense amounts of HTML to function. All letters are the same not-color (white) and none are bolder than others - they are all fairly brave in fact. Keksays have unions and will protest any discrimination by becoming illegible, and the offending party will not read them again until such time that the offended keksay remembers that it is, in fact, an inanimate document."

While surfing the deep web, I encountered this recipe for oatmeal pancakes, which had been infested with kektacides. Although its skeleton has been preserved, it has now become a full keksay, and you never go full keksay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, and surely the letters are all identical in color and shape, and the text as a whole does not contain a lot of HTML. It goes as follow:

Oatmeal Pancakes

Three and a half ounces of oat

Seven ounces of water

To be boiled and cooled

Four eggs

Twelve ounces of buttermilk or junket

Two tablespoons of sugar

One teaspoon of salt

Three teaspoons of baking powder

Seven ounces of flour

Add a little cardamom for flavor

Eggs and buttermilk are whipped together

The cooled oatmeal is added to the mix

Salt, sugar, baking powder, and flour is added

It has to be a thick blend, so check its density

Fry them until they are light brown, three at a time

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