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  • I live in NOONE NEEDS TO KNOW!
  • I was born on November 19
  • My occupation is I LIKE TRAINS LOL
  • I am Male

Day 1: hi im josh and i live where the crime scene is of this 'tails doll' i thought nothing of it since i am a happy man for getting a new house even though my family chucked me out i didnt think of the tails doll curse but i did find a disc on my bedside table it said 'do not use this if you want to live' i chuckled a bit since i was a big sonic fan and i wanted to play sonic games sooooooo bad but i chould not play a game since it was late at night so i got in bed and went to sleep

Day 2: i woke up feeling cold air i swear i closed the window last night then i looked at my alarm clock and it was beeping it said 01:00 on the time but i went back to sleep and then i woke up it said 7:20 in the morning and i went to work ignoring the sound i heard so then i got back and played sonic r but then i went outside and looked in the mail i saw a cd disc said 'tails doll' not with black marker but with a pen and a note saying 'play at your own risk' i was shaking a little bit in horror but then i put on my beside table and at 12:00 i got into bed and had a good sleep

Day 3: wow i just woke up and saw my window open even though i closed it i was very creeped out and went to sleep and woke up at 7:20 again but then i went to work then i saw what seemed to be a tails doll in the playground with the other little kids they ignored him but when i looked away and looked back the kids were gone and the tails doll was still there after i got home i heard somthing like a thumping noise when somone walks in a house i got my bat and it was that doll again but then i threw it out of the house and closed the door and locked the windows and the doors then i went to bed and yet again the window was open i went to sleep 

Day 4: i woke up and it was 7:30 i was late for work i got back home after hours of working then i went to try this 'tails doll' disc i inserted it and it installed all of the data so then i saw tails doll.exe on my desktop i went to click it then my screen went black then i heard a kefka noise then poped up tails doll in the ring where sonic was suspose to be and then sonic poped up he was scared then when i pressed enter the tails doll killed sonic and then i was on misson 1 the title was creepy even though my mind got the best of me i played the misson i played as super sonic and he had no eyes i was flying though the level then tails doll poped up and lunged at him then i heard sonic screaming then the scream ended and then a message box poped up saying 'do you want me to kill you josh!' i was creeped out he was talking to me and he said my name after playing it i reached the last misson misson 5 the title was 'times up josh!' so then i played as myself? i was confused then tails doll luged at me and he teleported alot then when i triped on a rock he killed me then a scream was heard then my computer shut itself off my friends went to my house and they asked what the hell was going on

Day 5: oh my god the tails doll is in my house if you can hear this then call 911 plz help m-

  • video log ended*

the police serched the house and nothing was found

even though they found a disc and a body of somone named josh they looked for clues but no clues were found

if you find a disc with tails doll it



may god help us all.....


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