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  • I live in Miami, Florida
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is student n a lover >_<
  • I am a girl


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EmpyrealInvective (talk) 02:26, May 21, 2015 (UTC)


I mostly edit the stories. Being a showcase moderator means that I can move threads on the forum, close, delete, highlight, manage the boards...

But like I said I mostly edit stories/organize stuff.

02:32, May 25, 2015 (UTC)

Tobit series still going

Worry not, this is far from the last installment. I predict the Tobit series going at least three more stories before the tale is told. Expect another one in June.

Thanks for supporting the series too, I am very happy you enjoy them.

Banningk1979 (talk) 08:22, May 25, 2015 (UTC)

That's an easy one

There's a lot of great options for quality checking a story, the most comprehensive being Creepypasta Wiki:Writing Advice/So We Deleted Your Story: An Overview. There's also this page, which touches base on a lot of topics, Creepypasta Wiki:Style Guide for Writing. I even wrote a blog myself where you can view stories selected to demonstrate particular elements of fine writing—What Makes a Great Creepypasta?. I would also suggest the Board:Writer's Workshop where you can post your story and obtain feedback based on your story. Hope I've been able to help, let me know if you ever need help with anything.

«SoPretentious» 09:46, May 25, 2015 (UTC)

RE: Message on Emp's Talk

Hey, I don't know if Empy's online right now, so I hope you don't mind me responding. To answer your question, no, two stories on this wiki cannot have the exact same title. For example, you can't have more than one page named Penpal - there can only be one.

« UnderScorre » 05:51, May 26, 2015 (UTC)

Message on Dream Hacked's talk page

The user you messaged has been inactive recently. Type {{USERNAME}} to output: <insert name here>.

Inside there is thunder in your heart 03:47, June 27, 2015 (UTC)

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