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ClericofMadness (talk) 23:35, March 28, 2020 (UTC)

RE: Trouble uploading avatar

Hi Vesper,

I saw your message on Cleric's page and figured I try and assist. One possible avenue that usually works as a blanket solution for most issues is simply logging out of your account and re-logging back in. Try again to upload your preferred avatar and let me know if that fixes the issue.

Also, it's important to note that the image has to be less than 500kb in size and 150x150 pixels or larger.

Hope this helps!

Vngel W (talk) 13:34, March 31, 2020 (UTC)

No problem!
Take care!
Vngel W (talk) 18:01, April 1, 2020 (UTC)

I Just Wanted to Say...

...I like your username.  Welcome to the wiki.  :-)

J. Deschene (talk) 23:27, April 4, 2020 (UTC)

Re: Untitled Comment

No prob!

Just doing my part as a contributor!


If I count correctly, you have over ten stories.  That qualifies you for your own category.  All you'd need to do is request it from an admin.  :-)


J. Deschene (talk) 04:56, July 16, 2020 (UTC)

Re: Your Category

I brought it up with the other admins. While you do have eleven stories posted here, a number are part of an ongoing series that, if it's counted as one work, would bring that number to six. I think they should be considered standalone due to them each having their own rising action, climax, and resolution, but I want to make sure we reach a consensus before I get ahead of myself. I'm hoping to hear back soon and will try to let you know (and create your category if we agree) over the weekend when I get the time. Sorry for the delay. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 03:43, July 24, 2020 (UTC)

I'm sorry for such a long delay. Unfortunately my RL has been very active with finals and mock-clinicals going on and it has restricted the amount of time I'm able to be on site. We ultimately decided to give you your own category. I added it to your stories. All you need to do now is go to that link and add in a little bio (1-2 sentences for readers) and make sure you add your category to any new stories you post in the future. Have a good one. Once again, sorry for the delay. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 14:47, August 8, 2020 (UTC)

You're welcome.

Your pastas get quite a bit of traffic, so this stuff might be inevitable. 01:26, 3 November 2020 (UTC)


Hello there, may I asked you to check my draft?

Re: The Witch King

Looking over the abuse log, it seems to be filter 2 that's blocking it. That's the video game filter. I didn't really see any mention of any blacklisted content. The only thing I can see that might be causing it is the mention of "subsonic sounds" which it might be confusing for an attempt to bypass the filter for Sonic, but I'm not sure. We have a few options. I can upload the story for you (bypassing the filter) and cite you as the author. If you want to keep trying, here's a list of things that trigger the filter: pokemon, gameboy, n64, xbox, playstation, slendy, slenderman, sonic, zelda, megaman, mario, luigi, fallout 3, minecraft, fazbear, and roblox. Please let me know what you want to do. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 12:03, 14 June 2021 (UTC)

Wiki Contest

I understand you're probably not one to browse the wiki's discussions pages, so I thought I'd let you know that we're currently hosting a Halloween-themed writing contest. Leave a comment if you're interested in participating, I would really appreciate you lending us your writing skills for an entry.

Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 14:21, 2 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic