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Your story has been deleted because it doesn't meet the wiki's quality standards. If you feel that it did meet the standards, please state your case on Deletion Appeal. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter there, or your appeal will be automatically denied.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REUPLOAD YOUR PASTA. If you upload it again, you'll receive a 1-day ban from editing, as per the rules.

Read the Deletion FAQ and our Style Guide for Writing for details on the 'what' and 'why' of the deletions we make.

Read this guide and these blog posts for further details on how you can improve your story/stories to make them meet our quality standards.

For additional help, submit your story to the Writer's Workshop for feedback.

There were frequent issues in the poem involving basic mechanical errors like not properly capitalizing lines as well as issues with the rhythm, flow, and rhyme scheme (a frequently changing rhyming pattern) which resulted in your poem not meeting our quality standards. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 01:05, 8 September 2021 (UTC)

Wiki Contest

I read your story, Dead Man's Hand, and thought you might enjoy being included in the wiki's most recent writing contest, the details of which can be found here. Leave a comment if you're interested in participating, I think you'd make a great addition.

Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 14:34, 3 October 2021 (UTC)Cornconic