From the moment we are born we are greeted to violence - often in order to awaken to the world we must be hit, the sharp stinging pain causing us to scream out as we find ourselves torn from the safety of the womb and tossed into the sea of chaos which we have come to know as reality.

As we grow up we are taught right from wrong, yet we always have a desire to do what we have been told not to - what man is born who has not committed some base, degenerate act simply because he could? Who amongst us can truly say they have not at least contemplated the most vile of things... if only for a moment...

Within each and every one of us there is a monster, a creature that claws at us and seeks to destroy everything around us - when this unseen monster can no longer lash out at others it begins to eat away at us, like a parasite devouring its host. The voice that continually degrades us, spits at us and fills our dreams with dread.

There are some who say this monster is not real, others call it Satan and try to give us comfort in empty prayers and ancient rituals - yet as we close our eyes we all see the same darkness, the realm of the beast that lurks within.

For some the monster inside is too strong and at last they give in, to the outside world they are murderers and freaks - perverts and animals. Yet to those who know the truth they are just the puppets of the monster lurking within us all.

For others the fight against the demon inside is too much to bear and they take the plunge into the abyss - the bittersweet embrace of death releasing them from Hell's embrace as they finally go to that quiet place where no one hurts.

Yet for those left alive the battle continues, we are the Damned and this world is our Purgatory. We are not dead... for it is not the dead who should fear Hell. It is us...the living. It is us who must suffer the trials of Hell. The demon inside us continually pushing us towards our own doom...

We can pray for salvation yet it will never come, we are already condemned - the only escape is death... yet we have come to fear it, the monster inside us has managed to trick us into seeing our only escape as something terrible and alien. For death is the great comfort, the path to freedom. In darkness we were born and in darkness we must ultimately return... to the quiet place where no one hurts...

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