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I'm a visionary, you see. My ideas will save the world from an enemy, such a dark cruel enemy. They are extremely evil and disgusting.

Well, I'm going off on a tangent, allow me to explain:

They are monsters, with beady eyes, grasping claws and hooked noses. To the untrained eye, they seem so normal. But to me, I see them for what they truly are. Hideous monsters, slowly draining the world in a bid for domination. Waiting, watching, their greedy eyes set on all of us. Like rats, they are spreading a plague of horror and woe.

They invade - no, infiltrate our cities. And try to gain control over our people. It makes me sick. Everything about them, it makes me sick.

They perform dark rituals every week, planning and converting. They want to kill us. All of us. They have me trapped. I know it's them and that they are behind the world's problems. I will strike a blow at these demons and imprison them as they have imprisoned me. They will ALL die under my rule, every last one.

I'm a visionary, you see. I'll be out of this place soon, then the fight begins. I'll go down in history forever as the saviour of the world from these things.

My name is one that will be remembered.

My name...

My name is Adolf Hitler.