Walking the plank and soon to be drowned by falling.

I don’t know what I did wrong. Why do people get so worked up when you say something out of the ordinary? Like how a few months ago, I told my friends that I'm hearing voices, how they were loud but quiet and that they’re very unsettling to me so the principal called me and told me to get a therapist.

This was a few minutes after I was called into her office. She said I was scaring the students, but all I did was tell them my problems. Yet, my parents agreed with her, since she’s an adult.

Ever since that day, everyone was avoiding me. Probably thinking I'm a walking entity or I'm just a gal who’s losing her mind. Yes, I am losing my mind, all because of the isolation everyone is giving me. They also have been giving me stares, I was afraid. It’s not because they’re staring me down, it’s the look in their eyes. Terror. Just pure terror. It’s as if I'm going to shoot them down. It’s also funny to think that a skinny girl like me can just terminate them in a second. I’ve lost my friends at this point. The only people or shall I say “things” that accompany me are the voices in my head.

“Walk the plank...” They would always tell me, leave me alone.

Another day of isolation, this time my parents had the audacity to leave my plate empty. I guess they forgot I existed. I wouldn’t blame them, If I were them then I'll probably forget I existed, too. I checked the fridge to see nothing as well so I left the house with an empty stomach and rode my bike to school.

When I went into the school building, the laughs and jokes had stopped, soon turning into whispers and gasps. “I’ll get used to it, eventually.” I thought as I found my classroom and went inside. As expected, the class did the same thing they did in the hallway. I ignored it and took a seat at my assigned desk, in the middle. The room was quiet, you could hear the kids in the hallway starting to talk again. The silence ended as the bell rang and the teacher walked in to take attendance.

The voices started to talk again, “Consider it.” They said.  I had already zoned out.

“Lucinda...” They called my name calmly, “Lucinda…!” They called again but this time harshly, “LUCINDA!” I snapped my head toward my teacher, Mr Ortiz. “Y-yes?” I asked in confusion. He sighed, “Dear lord, I was going to mark you absent, please pay attention next time and don’t listen to ‘them’.” He rolled his eyes then continued attendance. Some kids would stop and look at me with fear after that.
It was lunch time, I didn’t bring anything due to my parents not bothering to restock the fridge. So during my lunch period I walked around the roof of the school. Mostly looking off the building and seeing how high it is.
The voices were at it again, “Walk the plank…”, I’ll think about it.

At the end of the day I went into my locker, as I opened it a few letters fell out, there was also a pile of them inside. Each one from every student that attended the school, I put them in my backpack so I could read through them when I got home.

After a stressful day, I got home and took off my shoes. My parents were in the kitchen, chopping up some carrots.

*Chop* *Chop* *Chop*

They didn’t bother to greet me, so I ignored them and went to my room.

I opened my back-pack and reached for a letter, not knowing what’s in store from me.

I really thought it was an apology letter, or maybe even some encouragement to keep on going but instead my hopes were crushed as I was greeted by death threats.

“Go die you witch.” The letter had said.

I really thought this might be the only letter that would have such a rude comment, no, there were more.

“We don’t need you.” “Witch.” “Can you hear the dead? Doesn’t that mean you're a witch?” “Kill the witch! Her name is Lucinda.” “Your parents are going to disown you!”

I started to tear up, why did I think I was getting hope? All they delivered to me was despair.

“Walk the plank…” The voices started, not now.

“Walk the plank…” “Walk the plank…” “Walk the plank…”

They repeated on and on as they got louder and louder, they wouldn’t stop. I covered my ears, but they still wouldn’t go away.

Just stop.

I slammed my head on the wall, making the voices stop and giving me pain on my forehead.

I’m now concerned about how my parents didn’t bother to check on me.

Maybe they don’t care about me after all.

I don’t understand what they meant, the voices.

Why can’t they go away?

I couldn’t take it anymore.

So the next day, I got up early and left without saying a word as I left my parents in shock.

They’re probably wondering what I'm up to.

I got to school, I went straight to the rooftop.

“I’ll do it, they won't mind.”

So here I am at the top of my school building.

Watching the trees sway as the wind blew.

As the thousand of angels told me,

“Walk the plank…”

I looked down at the wave of cars.

I do as they say as I take a breath and took a leap.

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