I heard the glass shatter. They had already been rampaging throughout town, and I thought I’d be safe out in the county. I guess I was wrong.

The oh-so-familiar sound of the hungry souls, wanting to feast upon my family and myself, rang throughout the house. I was upstairs, peeking down from a loft.

They were just like the newscasters described -- normal humans. Yet they reeked of rotting flesh, and they had a slight lust in their eyes – a lust for human tissues.

I finally convinced myself to go back to the game room in which the rest of my family was in.

”Jo, get in here!” My father cried before I had opened the door.

”I’m coming, Dad!” I replied, opening the door.

All of the windows were shattered. All seven. And they were coming through each window, all clumping in the corner. They then turned to face me. My whole family had that lust in their eyes.

”Welcome, Jo. Wanna have some fun?”

Written by JefftheKillerrocks
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