Many ghost stories have easily traceable roots in deep psychological fears ingrained in our basic instincts. We want to protect our children and fear what will happen to them the moment they’re out of our sight. We fear corpses, as they indicate our own mortality and make us wonder if whatever killed them could get us as well. We fear the darkness because it blinds our senses.

Why, then, do certain images keep appearing again and again? An image, a description that many describe when trying to conceive of a terrifying entity that has no resemblance to any known predators. A human, bald, with black eyes and an elongated, slender figure, with long fingers and pale skin. A description that was once used to describe certain vampires of old, and now an image assigned to other entities, such as Slenderman, or many a nameless monster in a ghost story. What could have happened to burn this image so deep into our subconscious?

Could it be that a creature fitting this description exists? One whose behavior is so terrifying that it dwarfs our fear of other, more apparently practical fears? I would doubt it, but considering certain circumstances, I can’t help but think it must be true. I believe there must be creatures who fit this description, creatures like the one that’s watching you through your window.



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Watching you

Watching you

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