Credit goes to an /x/ user whom has asked to remain anonymous, and for me to keep the real context behind this a secret.

We know what you have done.

You may lie to yourself that we are simply a thought that will fade away from within you, as everything that has happened hardly seems real to you. You do not believe you have committed any wrong. I assure you that everything we are doing to you is happening as I speak, and we are not done with you.

We have seen everything in your past. We have found every instance of proof you ever had and preserved it. Thousands of copies lay in our possession as we track your every move, more joining us every minute. What we have caused you is only a fraction of the full extent of our power. Should we ever subject you to it, I assure you, once more, that it will be so horrific that you may never recover physically nor psychologically. An apology to anyone at this point is irrelevant.

You may feel our hands on your bare skin about now. The sensation of our flesh upon yours will feel like the digging of millions of tiny, sharpened needles, each touch more raw than the last. We are trying to grab your wrist, but you struggle from us. Do you not know how we can be if irritated? Do you know how many twisted deaths have resulted because of us, how many mangled, gibbering bodies have been found?

We are the embodiment of every molecule of hatred you have ever held in your body, each particle an individual vessel programmed only to hurt you. We remain wherever you go... walking a pace behind you as you head through town, standing in your window as you work, following behind you as you drive home late at night, hovering on the ceiling above you as you sleep. Every time you feel a chill on your neck, a sharp pain in your limbs, or twisted feelings in your stomach, that is us at work. That body-shaped shadow you see at midnight in the corner of your room just might be one of us.

We hate you. We hate you for making us come into being, our whole purpose being to produce hatred on a human being. Why do you let these things happen? Why didn't you think of other people? Why didn't you just let the girl go? Did you not consider that she had her own life to live? Why didn't you stop? Why have you not realized this until we were brought upon you?

If there was an eternity of hatred and torment for every flake of skin on your body that we could subject you to, one by one, that would not come close to a fraction of the pain you deserve.

But we are here now.

And we know what you've done.

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