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Private Chat Room 12


11:15 pm

JamesMcBond has joined the chat

JamesMcBond: heyyy owen :p

Owen_the_Fisher_King has joined the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Hey, reprobate.

JamesMcBond: not very nice

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You hacked into the sheriff department’s security cameras and edited over them so it played a loop of the movie Citizen Kane for ten straight hours, I would think that makes you deserving of the term reprobate.

JamesMcBond: citizen kane is a masterpiece of a film

JamesMcBond: and anyway im at a corrective boarding school arent i? give me a second chance before labeling me

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You spent an hour after you toured the school moaning to me about how the academy only allows students to participate in chat rooms with students of the school.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: And yet, here you are, stubbornly, on our private server. How did you access it anyway?

JamesMcBond: hacked my tablet

JamesMcBond: :( i cant just sit here cant wait until christmas to talk to you

JamesMcBond: I waited 2 WEEKS TO JOIN THE CHAT!!! i was a good boy for 2 whole weeks arent you proud of me

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Actually, I am. You followed the rules for 14 days, that might be a record.

JamesMcBond: *happy sigh*

Owen_the_Fisher_King: So, how are you liking the school?

JamesMcBond: im not

JamesMcBond: its really tough

JamesMcBond: i have to work until like 3 every morning to finish all the schoolwork

JamesMcBond: something about “preparing us for the real world”

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Well, that is the point of school in general.

JamesMcBond: speaking of school i need to go study

JamesMcBond: ugh french :p

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I’ll let you get to it then. Update me on how things are going, okay?

JamesMcBond: Ok

JamesMcBond has left the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King has left the chat


12:03 am

JamesMcBond has joined the chat

JamesMcBond: heeellooooooo

Owen_the_Fisher_King has joined the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Didn’t we make a rule when we started this chat room that you aren’t allowed to message me in the a.m?

JamesMcBond: sorry

JamesMcBond: I forgot

JamesMcBond: and anyway, didnt you want me to keep you updated

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You have made me sigh, I hope you are proud of yourself.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: While I’m up, I guess I'll ask you how your day was.

JamesMcBond: weird

JamesMcBond: my trig teacher had a stroke or something

Owen_the_Fisher_King: What????

JamesMcBond: it was freaky. he was just in the middle of explaining the unit circle and just stopped and stared at us. His arms started jerking up and down and he was shaking violently. he started trying to talk, to continue teaching but it sounded all garbled like he was stuttering “wh-wh-when c-c-cosi-i-ine is n-ninety” and his eyes bulged and he just keeled over

JamesMcBond: hello?

JamesMcBond: helloooooo

JamesMcBond: Owen answer

Owen_the_Fisher_King: That’s scary. Is he okay?

JamesMcBond: i dunno

JamesMcBond: they took him out of the classroom a few minutes later, didnt tell us anything

JamesMcBond: needless to say, class ended a bit early

JamesMcBond: the strange thing was, people kept acting like nothing happened, like their teacher didnt just keel over in the middle of class

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Odd. I know I would be very confused.

JamesMcBond: i hope hes ok, he wasnt too bad of a teacher

JamesMcBond: also, the admin watch us a lot

JamesMcBond: ill be walking in the halls and see four or five teachers just staring at me

Owen_the_Fisher_King: That's creepy, ask them to stop.

JamesMcBond: maybe i will

JamesMcBond: aaaaanyway, i gotta go

JamesMcBond: my roomate is telling me to turn off the computer or he will tell a teacher

JamesMcBond has left the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King has left the chat


9:33 am

JamesMcBond has joined the chat

JamesMcBond: owen

JamesMcBond: owen you need to answer

JamesMcBond: dont ignore the notification going off on the corner of your screen

JamesMcBond: owennnnn

Owen_the_Fisher_King has joined the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King: What is it what's wrong

JamesMcBond: oh my god

JamesMcBond: owen hes back in class

Owen_the_Fisher_King: What?

JamesMcBond: hes back

JamesMcBond: im hiding in the bathroom so i can tell you this oh god

Owen_the_Fisher_King: James, slow down. What are you talking about? What happened?

JamesMcBond: hes freaking back. my trig teacher. i walked into the classroom expecting a substitute and there wasnt any teacher. i asked amy drummer who she thought the sub would be and she gave me a weird look and went back to scrolling on her phone. so i thought she didnt know. then the door opened and mr fraiser (my trig teacher) walked in and said, "sorry for my display yesterday, dont worry im all better now"

JamesMcBond: so i told him i needed to use the restroom and now im hiding in a stall

JamesMcBond: wtf happened i thought he was sick how is he better now

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Wow

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Maybe he wasn't as sick as you thought? Maybe it was just a seizure or something.

JamesMcBond: maybe

JamesMcBond: i have to go, fraiser will get suspicious

JamesMcBond has left the chat

​​​​​​​Owen_the_Fisher_King: I'm going to do some research.

Owen_the_Fisher_King has left the chat


4:17 pm

Owen_the_Fisher_King has joined the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Okay, so I looked up the school.

​​​​​​​JamesMcBond has joined the chat

JamesMcBond: ya?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: "Halcyon Academy, a corrective boarding school located in Flint Michigan, was founded in 1966. From grade 8-12, it offers honors, redemial, and regular courses. Electives include photography, 2-D modeling, orchestra, choir, marketing, culinary arts, personalized identity modification, theater technology, yoga and meditation, creative writing, speech, soccer, and much, much more!"- their website

Owen_the_Fisher_King: This is literally all I found.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I guess they don't advertise much.

JamesMcBond: thats disturbing

Owen_the_Fisher_King: What is?

JamesMcBond: "personalized identity modification"

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Uh . . .

Owen_the_Fisher_King: They probably mean, like, a life coach. If you're lazy, or negative, or not organized, they'll help you change that about yourself.

JamesMcBond: hm

JamesMcBond: thats the only thing that makes sense, i guess

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Wait, hold a sec.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I found some reviews on their website.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: "My son entered Halcyon Academy with bad grades and a worse attitude! But he came home raving about how wonderful this school is for him and how he can't wait to take theatre! Thank you, Halcyon! - Sandra K."

Owen_the_Fisher_King: "I was skeptical at first to send my son here, he has never been away from home for so long. But I am so happy I did! He's finally found a school that offers courses that challenge him and invite him to leave his comfort zone! When he left for school he could barely make a PB&J; however, this Christmas (with the help of some wonderful culinary classes) he made our entire Christmas dinner, which absolutely delicious! - Deidre H."

Owen_the_Fisher_King: "What a fantastic school, I love it here! - Sarah P. (student)"

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You get the idea, they're all super complimentary.

JamesMcBond: isnt there at least one bad review?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Not that I see.

JamesMcBond: weird

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Or maybe it's just a really good school that everyone likes.

JamesMcBond: except for me

JamesMcBond: my free periods over got to get to astronomy

JamesMcBond has left the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King has left the chat


5:36 pm

JamesMcBond has joined the chat

JamesMcBond: yo, owen

JamesMcBond: question for ya

Owen_the_Fisher_King has joined the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Yes?

JamesMcBond: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

JamesMcBond: asking for a friend

Owen_the_Fisher_King has left the chat

JamesMcBond: >:( rude

JamesMcBond has left the chat


8:22 pm

Owen_the_Fisher_King has joined the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Hey, you doing okay? It's been a few days since we've talked.

JamesMcBond: sorry. ive been really busy

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You can't have had *that* much schoolwork.

JamesMcBond: not with schoolwork, with reconnaissance

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Reconnaissance.

JamesMcBond: yes

Owen_the_Fisher_King: May I ask why?

JamesMcBond: really strange things have been happening

JamesMcBond: borderline creepy things

JamesMcBond: a few days ago i got to english class a few minutes late, and i looked in the window in the door before i came in. everyone was there, having an intense discussion, but i couldnt hear it so i walked in. they all went silent, when i opened the door and turned around at the SAME FREAKING TIME like it was rehearsed. the teacher kind of grimaced, and she looked like she was going to say something, and then she stopped. she looked uncomfortable, like she was in pain, then it stopped and her face was just smooth, like a doll. no emotion. then she told everyone that class was dismissed early, we could have a free period. but then she told me that since i was late, id have to stay the regular duration. so the entire class period was just her lecturing to me. and she acted like i was an entire class, shed ask a question and go, "anybody have the answer? mr smith? ms randall? mr applebaum? and then shed turn to me and say "mr mcdougal, what about you?" and then id answer.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: . . . That *is* strange.

JamesMcBond: and then i asked one of my english classmates what theyd been talking about and he just froze. it took him like five minutes to finally answer "nothing" and then he walked away, side eyeing me

JamesMcBond: also, whenever i go into a bathroom, its always empty. and ive never seen anyone walking in or out of a restroom.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Maybe you just don't look enough.

JamesMcBond: and sometimes the teachers dont show up for class at all until the last minute. like, last week we were having a test review in chem and the teacher didnt show up until five minutes before the class ended. he handed out the study guides quickly and said "these are for homework, fill them out and have them handed in tomorrow" and then ran out of the room

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Um.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Seems like the teachers aren't being very competent.

JamesMcBond: so i followed my chem teacher

JamesMcBond: hello?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You . . . followed him.

JamesMcBond: ya

JamesMcBond: he went to the teachers lounge

JamesMcBond: which is weird because he was supposed to be teaching

JamesMcBond: so i skipped class the next period

JamesMcBond: tried to open the door

JamesMcBond: but it was locked

JamesMcBond: im curious as to why youd lock a teachers lounge

JamesMcBond: i mean, we students have our own lounge, why would we go into theirs?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: People are weird. Especially teenagers. And maybe it just has a lock, for no particular reason. Don't worry about it.

JamesMcBond: nah im worrying about it. after curfew, im picking the lock with a paper clip and checking the room out

Owen_the_Fisher_King: NO!

JamesMcBond: . . .

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I mean, isn't that illegal?! You could get into a lot of trouble for that, and you're already at the academy for troublemakers.

JamesMcBond: too late

JamesMcBond: my minds made up

JamesMcBond: but ill take my tablet with me so i can keep you up to date on whats happening

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Please let it be, it's just a teachers' lounge!

JamesMcBond has left the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Dear god.

Owen_the_Fisher_King has left the chat


1:45 am

JamesMcBond has joined the chat​​​​​​​

JamesMcBond: ok my roomates asleep

JamesMcBond: im heading out

Owen_the_Fisher_King has joined the chat

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Please don't.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You'll get in trouble and have to stay at the school even longer

JamesMcBond: so i wont get caught, simple as that

JamesMcBond: ok im in teh hallwaay

JamesMcBond: oof its hrad to walk and type

JamesMcBond: ignore my typos

Owen_the_Fisher_King: There's nothing I can do to stop you, is there?

JamesMcBond: Nope

JamesMcBond: wlkaing down sttairs

JamesMcBond: quietly :p

Owen_the_Fisher_King: -_-

JamesMcBond: its creepy in teh dark halls

JamesMcBond: al by myslef

JamesMcBond: shadows evrywhere

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Are you scared?

JamesMcBond: a bit

JamesMcBond: the shadows look lik they want ti eat me


Owen_the_Fisher_King: Don't be silly, shadows aren't alive, they can't hurt you.

JamesMcBond: in front of lounge door

JamesMcBond: give me a sec to pick this lock

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Where did you learn to pick locks?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Ah right, I suppose I should consider who I'm talking to.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: It's sure taking you a while.

JamesMcBond: aha im in!

JamesMcBond: and . . . its empty

Owen_the_Fisher_King: See, you did all this for nothing! Just go back to bed.

JamesMcBond: no, im investigating

JamesMcBond: why would someone lock an empty room

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Good point . . . that's definitely an oversight.

JamesMcBond: hey there's another door

JamesMcBond: its on the left wall let me see if its unlocked

JamesMcBond: well what do you know it is

Owen_the_Fisher_King: A definite oversight.

JamesMcBond: im going in

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I suppose it's futile even attempting to stop you?

JamesMcBond: you know me well, owen fisher

JamesMcBond: ohh its dark

JamesMcBond: i think . . . stairs?

JamesMcBond: wow they go down forever

JamesMcBond: glad i have my tablet for some light, otherwise id probably trip and break my neck

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Who knows what could be down there? You could get trapped and die!

JamesMcBond: thats why im talking to you

JamesMcBond: if i get trapped you know where i am

JamesMcBond: going down

JamesMcBond: wow its dusty

JamesMcBond: oh god i herd a creak behin me

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Probably your imagination, could be the stairs settling.

JamesMcBond: yea, yea, thats probably it


JamesMcBond: definitly not my imagination

JamesMcBond: oh god theres something behind me

JamesMcBond: i shined my light but theres nothing

JamesMcBond: im freakig out

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Turn back, then.

JamesMcBond: no im finding out whats down there

JamesMcBond: i aint afraid of no ghost

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Don't be silly, there's no such thing as ghosts.

JamesMcBond: i hope not

JamesMcBond: stairs are done

JamesMcBond: theres another door

JamesMcBond: goign in

JamesMcBond: ok so im in this giant room

JamesMcBond: its really dimly lit but its an improvement from the pitch dark stairwell :p. theres a few sinks lining the walls on either side, hooks on the wall by them. some have towels or coats or what look like safety goggles hanging from them

Owen_the_Fisher_King: So it’s probably a lab. For a science class.

JamesMcBond: yeah whys it in the teachers lounge then?

JamesMcBond: its really clean in here. the ceiling looks kind of reflective, like glass, the sinks are too. the walls are made of a white plaster thingy, which is weird because the walls in the rest of the school are made of brick

JamesMcBond: i think theres a

JamesMcBond: yep thats a door

JamesMcBond: its unlocked

Owen_the_Fisher_King: That’s *quite* lucky for you.

JamesMcBond: i suppose

JamesMcBond: entering room

JamesMcBond: oh god

JamesMcBond oh god

JamesMcBond: oh god

Owen_the_Fisher_King: What?? What did you find?

JamesMcBond: beds

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Am I missing something?

JamesMcBond: rows and rows of flimsy metal cots

JamesMcBond: they go on forever

JamesMcBond: and

JamesMcBond: owen theres *people* in them

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Well, it is night, most normal people would be asleep right now. In beds.

JamesMcBond: no theres something wrong with them

JamesMcBond: theyre too still

JamesMcBond: too silent


JamesMcBond: their faces

JamesMcBond: their eyes are open

JamesMcBond: and they have the scariest smiles

JamesMcBond: like a kindergarteners drawing of a smile

JamesMcBond: all stretched out

JamesMcBond: i tapped one on the shoulder and he didnt move

JamesMcBond: he feels warm but he isnt breathing

JamesMcBond: owen im scared what should i do

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Get out of there.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this, but you shouldn’t be messing around in it.

JamesMcBond: wait some of the beds are empty

JamesMcBond: they have pieces of paper on the pillow

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Don’t read them, don’t go near the creepy beds!

JamesMcBond: read it

Owen_the_Fisher_King: -_-

JamesMcBond: it has a name and a physical description.

JamesMcBond: what do you think it means

JamesMcBond: im going to read some more

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Whyyyy

JamesMcBond: O.O

JamesMcBond: wtf

Owen_the_Fisher_King: What, what did you find?

JamesMcBond: one of the papers has *my* name

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Maybe it’s just a coincidence? It could be another James McDougal.

JamesMcBond: one with my exact physical characteristics?

JamesMcBond: this is too creepy, im calling the cops

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I’m afraid you can’t, James.

JamesMcBond: no service!

JamesMcBond: . . .

JamesMcBond: how did you know i couldnt?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: *sigh*

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I suppose it’s time to come clean.

JamesMcBond: what do you mean, “come clean”?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I would say “you might want to sit down”, but you seem to be already doing so.


Owen_the_Fisher_King: There’s a security camera hidden somewhere in the room you’re in. No, don’t try looking for it, you won’t find it.

JamesMcBond: owen whats going on?!?! this is too freaky

Owen_the_Fisher_King: To put it bluntly, you’re an experiment.

JamesMcBond: what do you mean an experiment

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Don’t respond until I’m done please, you’ll interrupt my flow; if you want information, I suggest making it easy for me to type it out.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: My real name is Owen Fisher, but I’m not who you think. I’m a doctor of robotics; specifically, I work with artificial intelligence. I am part of a small group called the Research and Development of Artificial Memories, or the RDAM. We at the RDAM believe that memories are crucial to making artificial intelligence as realistic as possible. We were recently given a project to create a group of “people” of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and all entirely manmade. You see, artificial intelligence has advanced greatly in recent years, but androids with artificial intelligence are all the same. They have no memories to give them personality, and that is what we were tasked to do.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You were created on the bed you now sit on. Your memories were implanted and grew right on that cot. When you were ready, you were “awoken” and sent to the school upstairs to see how you would function among other, android students. If you were able to function for two semesters worth of schooling at Halcyon, we would have sent you to a school with real humans, as we have done with a few of your fellow androids.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I was assigned to keep up with you, to be your “best friend” from the fake life you remember, to keep tabs on you and make sure you were functioning well.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: At first, I thought your curiosity was a good thing, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Your curiosity was far more than your memories should have provided you with. There must be a glitch in your system, so I will be shutting you down in exactly six minutes. Do you have any questions?

JamesMcBond: no man, youre messing with me arent you.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I can see the fear on your face. How else would I know what you're doing? I know you believe me, don’t waste your last minutes in denial.

JamesMcBond: so . . . all the freaky stuff that happened is because this school is filled with robots? like how my teacher had a stroke and was back the next day?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Yes, that was an unfortunate malfunction. We tried to wipe the memory from your hard drive, but were unsuccessful.

JamesMcBond: and why no one ever used the bathroom!

Owen_the_Fisher_King: It’s a glitch we are trying to fix. Our androids convert food and drink into pure energy, leaving no waste to dispose of.

JamesMcBond: But how could you be sure I was going to hack into the site? How could you be sure I would talk to you?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: Who do you think made sure that the page was so easy to hack? That hacking was an innate ability to you? 

JamesMcBond: oh god

JamesMcBond: so my parents

JamesMcBond: dont exist?

JamesMcBond: and everything i remember is fake

JamesMcBond: and

JamesMcBond: and you were never really my friend?

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I was your caretaker.

JamesMcBond: oh god

Owen_the_Fisher_King: You have three minutes left.

JamesMcBond: oh god

JamesMcBond: please, i dont want to die

JamesMcBond: please dont shut me down

JamesMcBond: please

Owen_the_Fisher_King: One minute.

Owen_the_Fisher_King: I hope you know, even though you are an android, and faulty at that, I did enjoy our conversations. You amused me.

JamesMcBond: please

JamesMcBond: please

JamesMcBond: I promise I'll stop being curious

JamesMcBond: I'll be good

JamesMcBond: please

JamesMcBond: please

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