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Congratulations. You died.

Yeah yeah, I know, you aren't very happy right now. One moment, you were lying in a hospital bed, and the next, your here with me. Oh well, quit your moaning and whining, it won't help you. I can't send you back at all, because if I do, my boss will send me back to earth as a mortal, and I've read enough books and heard enough stories from the elders to know that a worker that gets banished never comes back here. They go to the void instead.

Whats the void? I hear you ask. Well dear soul, its not exactly hell. it's more like, well, the place were you just exist. People who weren't righteous go here. Good thing you minded your manners, did your homework, and went to bed early. Much better than any other teenager that ended up in the great beyond. Oh, and by the way, we're in the great beyond.

Oh, quit your crying and be a man!! Oh, your still upset that you died? Might as well go tell the boss, although it won't be happy about the new kid whining about something so useless to it. yeah, death is something the boss doesn't care about. They would rather just sit in their office, and decide who gets to die. Yeah, they decided that you would do something stupid, end up getting stuck on a train track, and getting ran over by someone. The doctors tried to save you, but you can't stop death.

So you many be asking, What now? Where do I go? Well, you'll stay in the great beyond and work here with all the other souls. Yeah, you ended up here, you you work here. trust me, I was also confused. This isn't a courtroom where you'll be judged, and either sent to a good place or a bad place. You aren't gonna get reincarnated, unless you upset the boss. So basically, the afterlife is a place were you work in a boring office cubicle, and just send information to the boss about the new souls that end up here.

Yeah, sorry about that. I was killed in the year 1902, by some crazy drunk in an alley. even worse, my wife had given birth the very next day! My little girl never got to see her father. At least you didn't have children. Then again, you had parents. They're definitely upset right now.

So anyways, you'll be led to your cube now. I probably won't see you again, though. But here's one last thing: I heard rumors that the void doesn't exist. Everybody just goes to the Great beyond to work. But that's just a rumor. So goodbye dear worker, and be safe.