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As I close my eyes, I can imagine the deep sleep that awaits me, like every other night. However, during my sleep, came the most unexpected surprise.

I slowly fell into a slumber, when I had a dream. A very realistic dream, as if I was lucid dreaming. In this dream, I was surrounded by darkness. It was a general void, with a surface that felt like weak gravel or sand, yet a hard concrete or metal. Even though there was a surface, everything was dark but me, so it felt like I was floating in mid-air. While it was visually confusing, I was also met with a presence. A feeling, as if the darkness was a physical being. Both of these things gave me a very nauseating feeling, a pit in my stomach. I thought to myself,

"What is this?"

"Who are you?"

"Where am I?" This feeling began to worsen as if the presence can read my mind and was aggravated.

I started to walk. Walk forward, and further into the nothingness. Even though I knew, or thought I knew, there was nothing, I still felt like I had a purpose. Walk further into this strange void. It felt like I walked for hours and hours on end. But it kept me away from the fear and nausea I had felt against what was supposedly surrounding me. Even though that was the original intent, I ran into something. A small little shack that looked to be abandoned. I thought nothing of it at first, but then realized where I was and had a quickly arousing curiosity. I went up to the building and knocked on the door.

The most unexpected voice asked, "Who is it?"

It was my grandfather's voice. I was extremely hesitant, and then said,


I then heard footsteps to the door.

Filled with fear, I wanted to escape. But then the door opened. I then saw my grandfather, except he was extremely contorted. I almost instinctively screamed, but I stopped to ask,

"Grandpa?! What happened to you!?"

He smiled the most disturbing smile I have ever seen, and said,

"Well, after the things I did to your mom, I died, and became this!"

He then got really close to me, and said,

"You know, you will become like me too if you become what you will forever regret." He laughed freakishly, and I screamed.

I then woke up. My vision was blurry, and I was sick to my stomach. When my vision finally came to me, I saw my mother, crying.

"Mommy," I cried.

I didn't know what to think at this point. She instinctively got up and cried tears of what now seemed to be joy.


She then hugged me, very tightly, as if she missed me. As if she was afraid for my life. The doctor then came in, jumped a small jump, and yelled down the hallway,

"Everyone! Hurry to room D-13! It's a miracle!" I started getting extremely confused.

The doctors asked me questions, like

"Have you ever done drugs?" and

"What is your diet like?"

They even asked my mom big questions, questions I probably couldn't answer at the time. My confusion and anger got bigger and bigger until I blew up.


All the doctors and nurses turned to me. The doctor I'm still friends with to this day, who announced me said,

"You came to the emergency room because you had a heroin and alcohol overdose."

I immediately silenced myself, out of fear.

"You were originally pronounced dead," The doctor quietly announced, "We don't know how the hell you're still alive."

I gasped, and couldn't believe it.

Throughout my high school life, I made terrible decisions. I did drugs, beat people, committed arson. I even considered murdering someone. But ever since that incident, I never did such things. I realized where my life was heading, and could not shake that out of my head. I'm a 28-year-old male and live with my wife. I have a beautiful child and a successful business. But if that incident hadn't happened, I guarantee that I would not be here today.