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Anton sighed and tossed himself on the bed. ‘Another screwed up blind date…’ Anton thought. He walked into the attic and looked for an old novel he read when he was a boy. He turned on a lamp and started digging. ‘Archie, no, that’s for girls… Little Women? Where did that come from? Looks like the dump just found a new friend…’ He dug. Eventually, he decided to settle with Ulysses by James Joyce, when he heard a floorboard crack. Terrified, he swung around. Nothing… Or so he thought at first. After reading a chapter of who knows what happening, Anton somehow found himself looking for a novel again. Almost immediately, he saw a novel he didn’t remember. The story was called What Could go Wrong. Oddly enough, it wasn’t dusty, like the rest of the things in the attic. He cracked open the book and began to read.

“Andrew got into his home and got cozy in bed. He swiped an Archie comic and began to read. He chuckled, glad that he wasn’t in the comic. Archie’s girlfriend had dumped him in the comic. Sadly, right before that, his girlfriend dumped him.”

“Heh, this guy’s kinda like me.” Anton laughed. Day after day, he would read the book and he always remembered that the story was a lot like his life. His grades went down, but he didn’t care because he could become a scientist with an amazing discovery like this.

A year later, he was near the end of the story. When he saw that he was in the last chapter, he was eager to see what happened next.

“Andrew was killed, 10-02-05, by a mental patient.”

Anton was confused. He tried to turn the page out of habit, but it was the last page.

He hoped this wasn’t something that would happen to him, as well. The rest of the words on the page said “Look behind you.”

Anton turned around.

Years later, there was a boy named Asher. He searched the attic for a book. Just as he was about to leave, he heard a crack in the floorboard. He looked behind himself. All there was was a dusty old novel. It was called ‘What Could go Wrong.’

The same thing happened to him.

He read.

He finished.

He died.

Check the title.