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Beware of the beast that lies below

For its power slowly grows

For you're the prey, it’s the predator

For down there, no demon is a competitor

In down below, it is the god of the land

There are no others to command

He prays for those who can’t let go

When he hunts, his power overflows

It’s bad down there, it’s worse than Hell

When you're down there, you will hear the sound of a bell

If you're not obedient, he will rip you to shreds

As a trophy, he keeps his victims' heads

When you're in danger, do what he tells you

For your interaction with him is taboo

Beware of the Machtdämon, for what he’s called down there

For to his throne, no one is its heir

Beware of what lies below

For its powers it slowly grows.

Written by BetaKolider0
Content is available under CC BY-SA