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I was sitting in my room, my nose buried in my phone. I was checking out my social media messages. I had A LOT OF THEM! Some of my friends were texting me, some people were strangers replying to some of my posts. Suddenly, though, a phone rang. Not mine. It was my dad's. He bought this very old antique phone. It was ringing, very weird. It wasn't even supposed to work.

"Hello?" I asked, confused.

"Listen to me." This person's voice was deep and dark. "If someone knocks on your front door, don't let them in," the person said.

"But what if it's my parents?" I asked, nervous.

"How would you ever know? You don't have any cameras..." The voice replied.

"What? How do you know that?" I asked, frightened. I thought at that moment that the man was on my front porch. How else would he know?

"Listen. I need to put something in your head: You are in mortal danger! Enter the broom cupboard to your left, and whatever happens, don't move!" The voice was almost yelling.

"How on Earth do you know..." I stopped. Maybe he was telling the truth...

"Go! Now!" The voice ordered from the phone.

"Okay!" My voice was drowned out by a loud BANG coming from the door. Another one. BANG. BANG. Suddenly, there was a deafening SCREECH and a loud THOOM! The front door was ripped from its hinges! This is when I decided to run to the broom cupboard. I got inside, and didn't dare breathe. Suddenly, though, the broom cupboard door was swept open! A man with red eyes and blood all over him was staring at me.

"What did I tell you, boy? Hide. And you did. You should not have trusted me. Not me. Of all people, not me... You think He'll save you now? No. Not now. He can't save you. You may have survived the crash, but you won't survive this. You were destined a life of greatness... If only you had accepted my offer... You were offered from God, Corbon, to me, but no... You decided to follow the path of... righteousness."

"And I'm glad I did." I walked out of the cupboard. "You're a liar. You said you'd give me anything. But I know you. More than you know yourself."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" asked the man.

"You just told me who you were without realizing it. The crash? Of course that was some sort of evil. Why not Satan, eh? You may have thought you won, until you realized I was still alive. And now you've come to finish the job. Right?" I may have been acting brave, but on the inside, I was completely petrified.

"You... Are... Correct." He smirked a devilish smile.

And then... It all ended. The last thing I saw was an arm flying through the air at me. And then it was over. A black shadow covered my view, then a bright light. I saw nothing else. When I woke, I was in a room, standing vertically. Red blood all around me. I turned to my left, and the man was standing next to me. "Welcome to HELL!"