"Where Did Rebecca Go" Creepypasta Reddit Horror Story

In the Winter of 2006, my ex-girlfriend, Rebecca, disappeared from existence. All traces of her are gone, and I am the only one in the world that remembers her. This is our story.

We first met during my freshman year of college. I was on Facebook, which at the time was exclusively for college students, and came across her profile. I was almost immediately attracted to her big green eyes and snakebite lip piercings.

After about an hour of chatting it up over the AOL Instant Messenger, we decided to hook up outside of my dormitory. I was incredibly nervous as I saw her through the glass doors in the lobby, and when she first looked at me...I could feel the proverbial butterflies in my stomach. As I approached, she gave me the biggest and brightest smile ever.

"Hey there," I said shyly, scratching the back of my neck.

"Hey," she giggled in response, pulling me into a strong and tight hug.

I lost my breath for a moment as she squeezed me like a husband lost at sea that she'd finally been reunited with. My arms wrapped around her as well and by the end of the day our hook up lived up to its name. When I got back to my dorm, the smile on my face told my roommate, Jim, exactly where I had been all day.

"Well well well, somebody had a good time," he said as he turned in his swivel desk chair to face me. "Soo... what's her name?"

"Becca," I answered, staring up at the ceiling as I laid on my bed.

Over the next couple of months, Becca and I dated and it became obvious that I wasn't the only one with very little experience in the relationship department. She was extremely clingy and suffocating. At first, I found it charming, as I'd been very unlucky when it came to attracting the opposite sex, and before too long she became very difficult and uncomfortable to be around.

One day, I'd finally had enough and had officially broken up with her, or at least I tried to. There was yelling and crying, so much so that I nearly went back on the idea of breaking up, just to get her to stop freaking out. I couldn't do it though, and I ended up just walking out of her house, much to her distress.

I could still hear her screams and the sounds of objects being thrown as I walked away. I never looked back, but all of these years later I wonder if I should have made an attempt to work things out. Unbeknownst to me, that would be the final face to face conversation we'd ever have.

Over the next couple of days, Becca blew my phone up with call after call. She'd call my dorm room phone at all hours of the night, much to Jim's annoyance. Finally, after some harsh persuasion from my roommate, I decided to answer one of her calls.

The conversation was... not civil. I said horrible things to her... things that made even Jim stare speechless... things that I won't repeat here. She didn't say anything after I was finished with my tirade.

I could hear the muffled sounds of crying in the background. I immediately felt horrible, but before I could apologize she hung up on me. The atmosphere in the room was... bittersweet.

I was glad to finally be rid of her, but I felt terrible about how I accomplished it. Jim avoided eye contact with me, and I just stared at the floor. It's not how I intended for it to happen, but at least she was finally out of my life...

A couple of months passed and winter break came. While most of the other students stayed at their parents' homes for the break, I had a falling out with my family, so I stayed with Jim at his house instead. His parents were pretty cool, and I got to really get to know Jim more than I had all year.

I easily considered him my best friend, and while we grew closer as almost brothers, I was reminded of Becca, and the way our relationship ended. After hours of talking myself out of it, I eventually decided to look her up on Facebook, just to see how things were going for her. Surprisingly, however, after searching and searching I found... nothing.

Initially, I assumed she just deleted her account. I almost brushed it off and moved on with life, but something about it was bugging me. I hopped on MySpace to find her account on there and again... nothing.

Completely confused as to why she would delete both of her most used social media accounts, I decided to call her instead. I thought to myself that she must have taken our fallout harder than I thought, and I felt that I needed to make sure that she was ok. That's when things got weird.

I tried to find her number in my cell phone's contact list, but she wasn't there. I didn't remember ever deleting her, but I initially figured that I must have and just forgotten about it. Luckily, I remembered her phone number so I called her that way.

Every attempt to call her was met with a message implying that the phone associated with the number was no longer in service. I was completely baffled. It was like she completely vanished from the face of the earth.

I decided to talk to Jim about it. I figured this conversation would lead to frustration or pity... but in actuality, it was met with confusion.

"Who's Becca?" was Jim's response.

I was speechless. How the hell could he forget her? She spent days obsessively blowing up our dorm phone and making life miserable for both of us!

"You know... my ex?" I answered. "Short, piercings, completely crazy?"

"Bro I didn't even know you were dating," he chuckled. "Why are you trying to get in touch if she was crazy though?"

"Dude... Becca! We dated for months... I broke it off with her and she wouldn't back off? You know... called at 3 in the morning for days?"

Jim shrugged. "Bro I don't know who or what you're talking about but it sounds like your better off."

He had to be fucking with me. There was no way he forgot about her!

"Don't be a dick," I said, getting annoyed. "You can't seriously sit there and say you don't remember her!"

"Don't call me a dick, dick," he responded, sounding equally as annoyed. "I don't know who you're talking about!"

We talked for about an hour. I told him everything about her, from our first meeting to the look on his face when I verbally destroyed her over the phone. Even after all of that... he still denied ever knowing anyone named Rebecca.

We sat there in silence for a bit, and I decided to try looking her up again. There was absolutely no trace of her anywhere. She was completely... gone...

A little under a year passed. Jim and I roomed together at an on-campus apartment for Sophmore year. We had grown extremely close, and I considered him as a brother. One day, however, an old and forgotten part of our lives called my phone.

The number was unknown, so I answered out of curiosity. To my absolute shock, I recognized the voice immediately as Becca.

"Help..." she said in a whisper.

I felt my heart begin to race. She was whispering for help. I swallowed and responded.

"B-Becca? Where... where are you?"

"I was jumped... I'm with a family... I want to go home..." she continued to whisper... sounding like she was in pain.

"Where... are you?" I asked again.

She gave me an address that I won't put here. I didn't question how she knew or remembered for that matter, the address of a place where she was apparently being held captive. I just called the police and directed them to her location.

Later that day, I got a visit from a couple of police officers that didn't look very happy with me. Apparently, when they arrived at the address, there was only a family... but no trace of Becca. They had even done a search for Becca herself based on my descriptions... but came up with nothing.

They gave me a warning about calling in false information, stressing that it is a felony and next time I would be facing criminal charges. I had no words. I didn't know what to say.

After they left, the phone rang again. I stared at the phone as Jim stared at me.

"You gonna answer that?" he said.

I did so and was again answered with, "Help..."

A chill ran down my spine. My mouth went dry and my heart began to race.

"Becca?" I said... my voice shaking.

"I need you... please help me," she whispered.

I decided the only thing left to do was to go to her myself.

"I don't understand your obsession with this Becca chick, but I've got your back, bro," said Jim after agreeing to go with me.

"We drove to the address Becca had given me."

I looked out of my window and stared at a large, decrepit looking house that appeared entirely out of place in the very nice looking neighborhood. We got out of the car and proceeded to approach the front door. I noticed that the doorbell was broken so I knocked.

I was extremely nervous. These people were clearly dangerous if they did in fact kidnap Becca, but if what the cops said were true, then maybe this was all some sick game of hers. I deeply hoped that it was the latter.

After about a minute after I knocked, the doorknob turned and the door slowly opened. Standing before us was a tall, lanky, boy, probably about 16 in age. His hair was bleach blonde and his skin was nearly as pale.

Dirt covered the boy's arms and face. He looked at both of us and gave an extremely creepy smile. His voice was... not what I was expecting.

"What do y'all want?" he said in an unsettlingly deep voice for a boy his age. His smile never left his face.

"I'm.... uh... I'm looking for a girl," I answered, nervously

There was a look of recognition in his eyes as I said this. He knew who I was talking about.

"Oh," he said, his smile growing even wider. "Y'all here for Becca huh?"

Jim and I looked at each other in amazement, more so from him.

"Y-yeah," I said, with a bit of hope.

"Come on in," he said, motioning for us to enter. "I'm Boyd, by the way."

We were... hesitant. We looked at each other, unsure if we should actually go inside.

"Your girl," said Jim. "I got your back either way."

We walked into the house... and to my amazement... there she was. It was Becca! She was laying on a couch in the living room, completely passed out.

Looking around the room, I noticed more people. Two more teenage boys and an older man were sleeping on the floor. I looked over at Boyd, and he motioned for me to wake her up, still smiling.

I tapped on her shoulder, but she didn't wake up. I pulled on her to turn her over, and to my surprise... her hair was different. It was the same bleach-blonde color as Boyd... in fact... everyone in the house had the same colored hair.

"Get her outta here," said Boyd in a whisper.

I didn't have time for questions or to waste any time. It was clear to me that Boyd was helping us here. Why didn't matter right now... we just had to go.

After some more shakes, Becca finally woke up. Her eyes were sunk in and dark, her lips were chapped, and her face was as white as a ghost.

"What... the hell did you do to her," I growled in a whisper.

"It wasn't me," Boyd answered. "We ain't got time for all that though. You wanna help her? Get her outta here!"

With that, Jim and I helped her to her feet and slowly walked her towards the door. We were almost there when suddenly there was a click. I turned around to see the old man that was sleeping moments before standing there with a shotgun pointed right at my face.

"Not so fast, boy," he said in a deep, raspy voice. An evil semi-toothless smile formed on his beard covered face.

The other two boys were standing behind him, restraining Boyd by his arms. Jim and I stood with our arms raised in surrender. I'd never been so scared in my entire life.

"Please..." I choked out. "Please, just let us go."

I could feel tears form in my eyes. I was sure we were all going to die. The old man continued to smile as he grabbed Becca by her hair and shoved her back over to the couch.

"Hey!" I yelled as I tried to move forward, but then the old man slammed the butt of his gun into my nose. I shouted in pain and fell to my knees as blood poured from my face.

"She ain't going anywhere with you," he growled. "Don't you think she's had enough? You left her beaten down and broken and I was the one to bring her into my home. She doesn't need you and you ain't gonna hurt her anymore.

What was he talking about? Then I remember what she told me over the phone. She got jumped.

So what... he thinks I'm the one who jumped her? Then all this time later I came to finish the job? This guy was either drunk, stupid, or completely batshit crazy.

"You kept her prisoner you sick motherfucker!" yelled Jim. "You didn't take her to the hospital... you didn't try to find her family... you didn't even inform the police when they came knocking on your door! You're a perverted old fuck!"

All I could think was for Jim to shut the fuck up. The old man laughed out loud. He then grabbed Jim by the hair and shoved him over to the couch next to Becca, who was sitting quietly and shaking.

"Tell you what," he said to me, now aiming the gun over at the couch. "I'm gonna let you decide."

He aimed the gun at Becca. "Eenie."

He aimed the gun at Jim. "Meenie."

He aimed the gun at Boyd. "Miney."

He aimed the gun at me. "Moe."

"Choose," he said, the wicked smile on his face growing larger. "One will go. Who's it gonna be?"

He was making me choose. None of us deserved this... but only one would be able to leave. Jim was my best friend, so he was the obvious choice... He was only here because of me.

"Jim..." I said. "Let Jim go. He's got nothing to do with any of this."

The old man laughed out loud again.

"That's disappointing," he said. "I liked the little fucker."


Blood splattered all over Becca... all over Boyd... all over everyone. Brain matter and bone flew everywhere as Jim's lifeless corpse slumped over onto Becca, who screamed in horror. The whole world went silent except for the constant ringing in my hears from the loud boom of the shotgun.

"You.... you..." was all I could say.

"I said one will go... not that they would leave," he clarified."

The warm wet feeling of urine ran down my leg as I stared at the headless body of my once best friend. The old man and his psychotic sons all laughed mockingly at me.

He then turned to Boyd, now aiming the gun at him.

"So you and that little bitch was conspiring against our family?" he said.

"Pa... I," Boyd started before being interrupted by a blow to the gut with the butt of the shotgun.

"I found you in the gutter, a needle in your arm, and brought you into this home. I gave you a new life, away from the bullshit out there. Nobody remembers you or the fucked up shit you've done, and you thank me by betraying me... by betraying us?

Still, on my knees, I looked around the room for something... anything to help us out of the situation. There was absolutely nothing I could do.

"Please, Pa," said Becca, finally speaking for the first time since I'd arrived. "It was me. I made him give me the phone. He didn't want to... please don't hurt him."

"Naw, he knew better," said Pa. "He knew the consequences."

I covered my ears, ready for what was about to happen.


Boyd was dead. Jim was dead. I was sure Becca and I would be next... but that's not what happened. Pa turned to Becca.

"We're gonna have a talk after all this, girl," he said, aiming the gun at her. "Now get to the bathroom and clean yourself up."

With that, Becca looked at me, a defeated expression on her face, and walked away. That would be the last time I would ever see or hear from her. After she left the room, Pa pointed the gun back in my face.

"You know something, boy?" he said, a look of confusion forming over his face. "You shouldn't even know who she is."

"What... are you talking about?" I asked, almost entirely drained of energy.

"I mean... ain't it obvious to you by now? As far as the rest of the world is concerned, she never even existed. That's how it works in this house. I take in lost souls that the world barely even cares about, and give them a whole new life. All traces and evidence of their existence disappear from the world, and they are completely forgotten... but not by you."

He wasn't wrong. I was literally the only one as far as I knew that knew anything about Becca... but why? What about me was so special that I remembered someone that was literally erased from our reality, and moved to some kind of weird pocket dimension with a bunch of interdimensional psychopaths?

"Here's what I'm gonna do," he continued. "I'm gonna let you go. You're gonna leave, and your gonna remember this moment."

He grabbed ahold of my hair and pulled me to my feet. He then got close to my face and whispered.

"You're gonna remember the girl, your friend, and all of us... but you're not gonna say or do anything about it. If you do, nobody is gonna believe you... they're gonna think you're crazy... and you're gonna get locked away... because we don't exist. I suggest you move on, and don't you ever come back, you hear?"

With that, Pa dragged me over to the front door and shoved me out. I fell down the porch steps and hit my head on the way down, knocking me unconscious.

I woke up in a hospital bed... handcuffed. I was left unconscious and bleeding outside the house, which apparently was occupied by a completely different family before I was picked up by paramedics. I told the police everything... which as you can probably guess didn't go over too well.

As Pa said, there was no evidence of Becca ever being a real person. Not only her... but all traces of Jim was gone too. His parents were gone as well... as if they never existed either... which makes no sense!

Eventually, I was committed to a mental health facility. It didn't take me long to play along, and as far as everyone was concerned, my delusions of these people that never existed were just that... delusions.

I know the truth, though... I know I'm not crazy! There is a house that leads to some kind of pocket dimension... where a family of psychopaths lives and kidnaps people to add to their sick family! My best friend was murdered right in front of me and now he's gone forever, along with any trace of him ever existing!

I'm not crazy... but no one believes me. My mother tells me that I never stayed with Jim and his family... that I was in fact home for Winter break... but I stayed in my room the entire time and shut everyone out. She says that the only time I left the room was to talk to the police when they arrived... and again when I left to go find her.

The police tell me I was harassing an innocent family about someone they'd never even heard of. They tell me I began belligerent and threatening... and the father beat me down and threw me out of the house... but that is not what happened. I know the truth...

So I keep it to myself... I tell everyone what they want to hear... and I remember. I remember my friend... I remember my ex... and I remember Pa and his family. I find myself staring at my phone sometimes... waiting for her to call... but it never happens.

Where did you go, Rebecca... where are you?

Written by NerdxCorexCreep
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