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1982- A normal man waits for a train at a train station with five members of his family. He is there by himself with his four children. The man mentions to one of them he forgot to call their mother. When he was done dialing the number on his phone, the dial tone was missing.

On the last ring, a voice unknown to him says, "She is dead... 1. I'm coming for 1." In horror, the man hung up and threw his phone against the wall.

He turns his back on the first child for a minute, then finds the dead body of his first-born daughter with a kukri in the side of her head. She ended up looking as pale as snow.

The third one had a voice as light as a feather, and she told the man, "He killed him... My eyes darkened when it happened, the killer almost looked as if he were..." The third one's eyes began bleeding before he finished the sentence, and he fell dead. The man turned the corpse over, and he saw what looked like the bullet holes from a shotgun blast. "Strange... no sound of gunfire when he died."

"Train 760 boarding," the man on the intercom announced. The other two children were already on the train. Weird, he thought while boarding.

When he sat in his seat, he noticed his two children in the seat next to him, but something was wrong - VERY wrong. When he looked at them, they were not breathing, and their eyes were soulless and without pupils. He could not get the thought out of his head: it was 3:30 A.M. and there was some kind of demon or killer demolishing his family. "OK, this is probably a nightmare," he told himself. "Besides if there were a demon or a killer near, where would it be?"

About three seconds after that, he heard that same voice he had heard on the phone say, "Behind you."


This is all shit I made up off the top of my head, this is just a ghost story I thought of.