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I was a lonely kid. Never bullied, just lonely. I kept to myself most days never talking to to anyone and minding my own business. That was how it always was. My parents tried their best to talk to me. Of course I had no interest in them I grew up being told "Family loves you no matter what." Bullshit. Family loves you if you do what they want. Where this dress, put on these heels, and most frustratingly be a girl. I can't do that no matter how hard I try. I'm not a girl I'm a boy. This is why I would take walks every night. I still remember the day fresh as a lemonade out of the fridge. It was just like any other the wind annoyingly pulling down my hood as I walk. The quiet steps echoing through the neighborhood. I was walking for a while dogging any house with lights on. Soon enough I came to it. A open field with a little parking lot in front and one lone tree. I laid down and sat for awhile watching the world go by. "You okay kid?" A strange voice said. I jumped in surprise and looked around "Who said that!" I said still surprised by the unwelcome guest. The leaves in the tree seemed to sway a bit more as the person responded. "I'm just a friend here to help." "You aren't a friend I don't know who or what you are show yourself then we may be friends." "As you wish." It responded. Out of the shadows stepped a lynx. This however was not a normal lynx, For one it was far too tall it seemed to be at least 10 ft. in height. Second it stood on 2 bull hooves. Its eyes were red not the kind of red out of a horror book but more of a loving red like a rose. Its whiskers were long and it wore a purple suit with dark red buttons. It had a bow tie on the suit also a dark red like the buttons with 2 sets of sharp teeth. But most striking of all was its purple horns which bent around its ears it had thin black and purple bat wings and a long line for a tail ending in a heart. "Now can I be your friend?" The thing said slowly almost as if he were talking to a infant. I sighed as I solemnly said "Fine." With that its smile grew larger and it ran to me. It picked me up and hugged me. Ever since then I came there everyday we would talk about life. He loved anything to do with anime. We would talk about the new episodes of One piece. We even pretended to be looking for the One Piece at one point. There were some odd things about him though. He would talk about murder and how he hated random people that I hung out with. He would say things like "I don't like how so and so never says thank you to you." Slowly I agreed with him. "Yea he is kind of mean." "She does seem like she would get into drugs." He was right. It seemed like he wanted to help me. So I let him. They were one of the reasons I came out. This all was too good to be true. Slowly he would talk about killing people. That's when I knew something was up. I trusted thought this was my friend my only friend. He would never want to hurt me. Years past we talked everyday still he got worse and worse with his habit of murder. Going as far as to give me a dead rabbit for my 15th birthday. By my 17th he did it he killed someone. It was a nice girl who I talked frequently with in class. She was a amazing smart, helpful, and kind. Me and her were going to have a sleepover on my birthday. That never came once he got wind of this. She was gone, He gave me her body as a birthday gift later that night. I cried for days after that. Soon he would put me into it. Dragging me to places so I could kill someone he didn't like. I should have ran I should have left, but I stayed. Soon he went to far and made me kill my own parents. With no-one now, all I could do was do as he wanted. I was husk of a person I had no mercy killing whoever I saw fit. I was as you could say a shadow.

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