Artwork by QueenKami

Known as the WhitHand.gif, this was scripted to appear as a Pokémon on the third floor of the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town.

It's divided into four separate animations: an introduction (the Pokémon "cry"), an idle, and two attacks. These attacks are unknown, as they are listed as "Fist" and "Brutal".

The animation is proven to be hazardous, while viewing the frames of the model has no adverse effects. The White Hand is a shriveled, decayed hand, with attention to the detail: flesh is peeled back from the bone, tendons dangle realistically from the wrist. For the first attack, the hand balls into a fist and swings forward.

The "brutal" animation is missing several frames, as the hand seems to open up, then cuts out. After a few seconds, it reappears, closed again. No record has been found of these missing frames.

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