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I couldn’t have been more than 16 or 17 when this all went down.

But, for the sake of things, I might as well try my best to remember what happened. Here it goes.

I was young. I enjoyed doing stupid and dangerous things, that would most likely get me into trouble. However, my parents were incredibly laid back, and I took advantage of this fact as much as possible, and, for some reason, they never cared. At that time, I thought it was “Super awesome” How I had parents that wouldn’t care even if their own child broke a bone. But now, when I look back on my rowdy, reckless childhood, I realize that they were terrible parents.

I had friends, too. They had the same situation as me, so we had lots in common, and fun never seemed to run out. We could do pretty much anything we wanted 24/7. The youngest one was around 15 or so. We all went to the same school, although sometimes we would sneak out to get McDonalds or buy more cigarettes to smoke under the bleachers at free periods.

Anyways, me and my friends were what you might call the “Potential Drug Addict” Types. In fact, we had already started dabbling in tobacco and alcohol, so really, we were already set up on that road. Anyways, one night, we had just started on our way home from a party. We were drunk, and being the dumbasses we were, we decided to stop by the Mineshaft that runs deep below the city. The entrance had been closed off long ago by the Parks Department, but there was a hole under the barbed wire fence big enough to squeeze our adolescent bodies through.

Once all of us were through, we decided to go as deep as we could into the mine. We thought we would just explore a little bit, and then return home. However, we were drunk beyond any hope of straight navigation, so that was where we ran into trouble. We wandered down the main shaft for about 30 minutes, until we ran into a cluster of boards, obviously covering up a hole. Leading down into it was a rope that was obviously rotting and old. However, as I said, we were drunk as fuck. So we had no idea what was going on down there. Plus, the rest of the shaft was partially underwater, because of runoff and floods from the nearby lake.

We pried back the boards with ease, as they were old and the nails holding them in place had decayed.

“Who wants to go first?” Asked my friend.

I don't quite remember his name; So I'll just give him a generic one, like "Todd". That’s when we heard a sound from deeper in the hole. It sounded like something was moving a minecart across the rails. That by itself should’ve been a sign for us to leave. But we were too intoxicated to turn back.

“Heh. I’ll betcha $2000 that this mine thingy is haunted.” Said my other friend, whom I will be referring to as “Jeff”.

“Yeah.” Said Todd.

At the time, I thought that was pretty funny, and if it was haunted, that we would “Kick that ghost’s ass”. Well, as I said earlier, I was young, and I was drunk. So really, I was oblivious to the horrors that awaited me. So, we decided to climb down the rope. However, when Jeff and I had reached the ground, Todd started on his way down. But the rope snapped, and he took a tumble. He hit his head on a rock, and was knocked out.

Jeff turned on his iPhone flashlight.

“Oh, shit!” I said.

“Maybe he’s dead!” “Let’s leave him,” said Jeff.

We looked around. There was no way up; The hole must’ve been 60 something feet deep. The only way that was available for us to go through was a long shaft, with a set of minecart rails running along the dusty, sodden ground.

“Damn. this place looks haunted!” Said Jeff.

“Uhh… this place kinda gives me the chills, man.” I said. “Maybe we should call for help?”

I had started to return, finally, to a sober state. However, Jeff wasn’t so fortunate.

“Nah, man. We shoul--” But before he could continue, I grabbed his phone.

“Hey, man!” He said.

“I’m calling for help!” I said.

I went to his contacts, and chose the “911” Option.

“911, what’s your emergency?” Said the operator on the other end.

“Hi, we’re trapped down in this cave, and we need immediate help!”

“Sir, I need y--u to specify wh--t ca--e you m--”

“Um, you’re cutting out a little bit?” I said, now fearing that even the almighty power of 911 couldn’t save us.

Then, Jeff spoke up. “Uh, dude--” “Not now, man! I’m trying to get us outta here!”I yelled back at him.

“Don’t look now, but--”

He pointed farther down the mineshaft. And there, standing at the end, was a man. He didn’t seem to notice us, at first, but then Jeff yelled out

“Hey! Dude! Help us!”

Then he noticed us. And his body started changing. His features couldn’t be made out very clearly, but as he got closer to us, I could just make out a skeletal figure, with glowing red eyes, walking slowly towards us.

“Get the fuck outta here, Jeff!” I said.

Jeff scrambled towards the hole, and attempted to climb the rocks.

“Wh-wh-what do you want?” I yelled at the entity.

Then, he, or rather it, spoke back to me.

“It is very simple what I want, Timothy.”

How did it know my name? The voice was cold and piercing. It reminded me of thunderstorms, darkness, and destruction. But most of all: It reminded me of the fact that one day, we will all die. And that the figure of this concept was walking towards me and my friends.

“I want your life.”

The feeling of death is an odd sensation. Well, particularly the way that I died. It feels as though something is being sucked from you, and then, you wake up. It feels just like being alive, except, you aren’t. You just pop up from your body, and then, you have all of eternity to live.


So, here I am. The afterlife. It just turned out to be Earth, but no one can see you. Damn, I can’t even see other ghosts, or fly, or pass through walls. So here I am. Waiting out eternity, in this hole, next to our rotting bodies. Just always remember: Your time will come. And when it does, it’ll be sudden and unexpected, yet slow and odd. Enjoy life while you can. Because really, you have much less time than you think.