It's funny how human beings, relatively so large and so intelligent, tend to be distressed when in the presence of a house fly.

There's probably some rational reason for everyone. Flies might spread diseases, they might spread filth, they might breed and multiply, they might innocuously fly into your nose or mouth while you sleep... it's vague reasoning, but it exists. It certainly doesn't help that hatred, disgust and fear of flies and other bugs classified as "pests" is so ingrained in our society.

We all like to think that we stand out, right? I used to always go out of my way to make sure I was unique, but I'm not a child anymore. I'm mature enough to at least admit that I'm another piece of the human hivemind.

Just like most people, I don't like flies. One of my most distressing everyday experiences is dealing with the flies that show up in my room. I'm not only worried about nyself, but also my pet rabbit that lives in my room. Realistically, flies really can't do anything to her. But at the same time, I know they'll infect her or taint her surroundings or just hurt her in some way.

Unfortunately, I'm not very good at getting rid of bugs. Sometimes I get lucky and clap them into my hands, but more often than not, the flies win, and at night, I have no idea what they'll do to me.

I don't know what they want. Maybe my trash bin is too full, but I've had flies in a room with no trash before. Maybe they're attracted to my rabbit's droppings, but they don't usually go near them at all.

Maybe there's a source of decay elsewhere in my room.

I don't use my closet much. Most of my clothes are in my dresser. I have some dresses hung up in my closet, but I don't need to slide open the door very much to get to it. There's no rancid odor of any kind, so it's probably not the source of the flies, but it doesn't put me at enough ease to open my closet door fully.

Even if I knew the source, though, I still don't know what the flies want to do to me. They're much more torturous than they may seem. They'll prick at my skin and rip it up while somehow leaving it entirely intact. It almost feels like a delusion. I usually don't see the flies buried in my scalp and crawling around my legs, but I feel them every day. My only fighting chance is to dig my nails deep into my skin in hopes that I will have ended the threat, leaving nothing but flaky, bloody skin.

But the threat never leaves. The flies are a hidden swarm. The ones I see in my room are individuals, separated from the swarm and visible to the naked eye, vulnerable to being ended. But I see the swarm too, black spots in the corners of my vision, quickly fading away when I look directly at them. I know where they are, how many there are, but there's nothing I can do, until the flies totally eat away at my matter as if I'm a corpse covered in maggots and it's too late to protect myself.

I just don't understand why they come here. I think it has to do with my rabbit. They started infesting me after she started living here. But they don't seem to gravitate toward her or her droppings, and of course she's alive and well.

It's not as if one of us is dead and decaying, right?

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