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Clarie was at school, in the gym. She and her classmates were playing dodge ball. Some of them, anyway.

Clarie was running around, trying to dodge the balls. She noticed one, just on the floor, and it looked like no one was in range so she could run up and get it.

Just as Clarie was about to grab it, her friend, Melissa, went for it at the same time and they both hit their heads.

"Ow!" said Clarie in unison with Melissa. Clarie's hand flew up to her head, eyes still closed. Just as she opened them, she saw a ball flying towards her. Before she could do so much as move, the ball hit her in the stomach.

"Ooh!" the kids on the bleachers groaned. But then they applauded for the person who hit Clarie so hard.

Clarie sat down on the bench with her hit teammates. She looked at the P.E. teacher, who was watching the winning team. Since she was close to the door, Clarie snuck out of the gym and went in to the dressing room to drink some water.

While she was drinking from her water bottle, she noticed... a window? It was like a small square in the wall, with two doors. Of course, Clarie had seen the thing long ago, but she had never really bothered to check it out. It was always closed. This time, one door was slightly open.

Clarie put down her bottle, still staring at the little window. She came up to it, and tried jumping to get to it. The window was almost touching the ceiling, so she couldn't get it. She looked around for something tall enough, so Clarie could get on to it and see what's inside. She looked at a door, and for a split second thought what was that. Then Clarie remembered that it was the janitor's closet. She walked up to the door, and tried opening it, hoping there was something to lift her up.

Fortunately, it was open, so Clarie could look inside. The janitor's closet was lit by a single lamp, and in the middle of the room there was a chair. Clarie smiled. What luck, to find a perfect chair!

She got it out, and put in under the little window. Clarie got up on to the chair, having to steady herself first. She peered in to the little space where one of the doors were slightly open. It was like a little room, but pitch black.

Clarie wanted to open the door a little bit more. She put out her pinky finger and pushed the door a little more. It squeaked badly, like it wasn't used for years.

In a blink, Clarie saw eyes. Millions of small eyes, just staring at her. Then she realized what she was looking at. It was a black widow, and it just gave birth to many, many babies. And they looked very, very hungry.

Clarie was frozen to place. Her breath was caught in her throat. She couldn't move.

Soon, the spiders all jumped on her. Clarie finally found her voice. She started screaming as dozens of spiders crawled on to her.

She fell off the chair. On the floor, she was wiggling and squirming, like a worm, still screaming. Soon, there were spiders in her hair, eyes, ears, nose, and skin, passing poison in to her veins every second.

In a moment, there was nothing left of Clarie, except bones, a little bit of flesh and a lot of blood.

Soon, the janitor came in. He saw Clarie's dead body, saw the chair and the mess. He let out a sigh. "Not again." he said to himself.

He picked up the chair, but it in the exact same place where Clarie found it, got out a mop and mopped up the blood. Once he was done, he picked up the dead girls' body, went in to the janitor's closet, and put it in the unlit fireplace. Then he lit it and watched how the body burned for a minute.

Then, the janitor went to the Widow's home and looked inside, for he was tall enough. He opened the doors entirely, and put his finger inside.

Soon, all of the spiders which killed the innocent girl were around the man's finger. They weren't biting him, though.

"There, there now," cooed the janitor. "I see you have little kids now, don't ya? Don't worry, I won't let anyone touch you."

Then he closed the Widow's hiding place completely, unharmed, acting like nothing happened.