I sat with my hands twitching on the steering wheel as I was cruising down the backstreets. Every few minutes I would unconsciously and uncontrollably twitch my right eye. The hooker I picked up pointed it out to me.

It’s okay though. It’s been five days and I am already through the headaches. My body still feels a little strange, but I heard the first week is the hardest and I’m almost through that. All I keep doing is reminding myself that it is better for my health, better for my life to stop. It wasn’t until she lit the smoke that I had lost the ability to fight the urges. My mind went blank as my hand dipped into the cubby on the side of the car door.

She had no idea the knife was coming, and I let out a sigh of release as it slid deep into her stomach. Her screams reminded me of the first time and that was what it was all about, chasing that first high.

As I dumped her body over the guardrail and into the river below I felt bad. All five days were lost and I would have to start over again. But hey, withdrawals are a sonofabitch.

Written by JohnathanNash
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