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Dear Mother,

Hello, mother, it’s your son. I miss you and wish you could be here. The future is such a wonderful place. The world is finally safe, and I helped to make it this way.

That’s right. I helped to save the world. I’m sure you remembered when the scientists announced their findings: that the world was collapsing under our own weight. That we had developed too much of the world.

America chose to lead the fight against this problem. After carefully combing through their options, they set up what they termed “Demolition Squads.” I worked for them, getting rid of things that were deemed to weigh too much.

At first, the world was opposed to such drastic measures. However, after the results showed the plan was working, they reluctantly followed suit.

It’s hard living with what I did for almost two years. All the homes I wrecked, the families torn apart. I just remind myself I helped save the planet.

I’m also glad obesity is no longer a problem.

Your son,


Written by ClericofMadness
Content is available under CC BY-SA