Jac 126-1220 old grey house

You'll always feel cold when you enter the house. It's been abandoned for years. It doesn't matter if it's a hundred degrees outside.

You'll feel like you've entered the Arctic Circle. The floors will be wood and old and will creak with every step you take. The walls will be stained, and the smell will be putrid.

You won't know what draws you to the house, but you'll have the insane need to explore it. You'll hear a small whisper at the back of your head saying, "Explore," multiple times, but your instinct will protest.

You'll slowly walk up to the old, gray, and withered house. You'll stare at the random door at the highest point of the house. The whisper will say, "Open it," and you will continue the mantra of exploration. The door that leads to nothing but a great fall now seems so appealing.

As you enter the threshold, you'll feel the mighty chill and the unease of the darkness. You'll walk through the many rooms and up the stairs. Your unease will grow and you'll feel like your being watched constantly. You'll want to leave, you'll want nothing more than to run and forget this dark house, but you're still drawn to explore the dark, and you're still drawn to that door at the very top of the house.

You'll ascend the stairs breathlessly, and continue to the attic. You'd finally look into the clutter of the tightly- spaced attic, and see the door. You'll feel cold fear shoot through your veins as you near it, but you can't seem to stop walking towards it.

As you open the door, you'll grow still. The fear is now controlling you and you feel nothing more than this gut-wrenching pain telling you to run, to turn around and never look back. But as you turn to run, something pushes you.

In your crippled form on the destroyed front-lawn you'll look up to see a Cheshire smile and hear a small whisper.

"You should've listened to your instinct."

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