I am surprised to be one of the few survivors of this sudden phenomenon, although I do not know how long I have left to live.

I am a poor homeless person who used to live in cardboard boxes near an alley, next to a restaurant. They always dumped food scraps, and luckily the owners had allowed me to stay there as long as I was crouched down and out of the sight of others.

Going out to ask for coins while the drivers waited for the green light of the traffic light, was what saved my life. That restaurant had stopped throwing food away a few days ago, and I had no choice but to find money to buy something to eat. My stomach was probably the size of a pea, due to how hungry I was. That day I could only get $4, I thought that with this, I could buy some candies, or some cookies.

I remember the rain, the intense cold that made my hands and feet numb and my stomach felt empty. I was 2 blocks away from reaching a little shop when suddenly all the people including the drivers had exploded out of nowhere. I remember blood and organ debris bathing me completely, cars crashing into other cars or buildings, and rain slowly washing away the big red spots on the asphalt. My shock was indescribable I looked around me in horror. Hardly anyone had survived not even the animals, they too had burst. 50% of the street was stained that bright red, decorated with the remains of the intestines. They did survive but not for long; their screams of agony forever echoed in my mind. They were all divided in half and I can still remember that strange writhing figures emerged from their remains. I thought it was some alien invasion or something like that, but I was wrong.

Cows, rabbits, pigs, chickens, even fishes, and some occasional animal that did not remember its name had risen from the bloody remains completely red and covered in guts. I remember the sounds they made maybe they screamed because of the confusion of the moment. I did the same. Everyone got up and ran disoriented from one side to another, those in the cars tried to escape anyway (I even saw a horse emerge from a man in a suit, he seemed to be someone important and rich).

As I said before, the street animals had not been saved either.

Dogs split in half with a cat or squirrel in the middle of their remains, birds totally burst with worms coming out of their guts, dead cats (most had rats that had appeared out of nowhere just to nibble their meat), etc.

In my state I didn't know what to do, so I started walking aimlessly, maybe I wanted to see if someone had survived. Interestingly, I found 2 more homeless people who were just as shocked and confused as I was. The three of us went looking for more survivors, stepping on the slippery guts of dying people. At the end of the day we managed to group some people most of them were homeless, I even remember that there was a young man in normal clothes (leaving aside the blood) we started talking and trying to find out what the hell happened. We couldn't figure out anything so we went into a building to try to rest. I think because of the shock I had forgotten my appetite but that night it came back. Coincidentally, the place where we stayed was a supermarket, and it still had all kinds of delicacies that I could take advantage of.

Everyone was sleeping so I got up and checked the place not sure what to choose. In the end I had a packet of sausages, they were raw but I didn't care. As soon as I managed to open the package I heard a noise, I think someone had woken up. It was one of mine, hunger had awakened him just like me. We looked at each other and after a while I handed him the package to give him some sausages. He gladly agreed and began to eat. We started chatting about what was happening and just when I was about to eat a piece, that man exploded into a thousand pieces in front of me, some of his blood entered my eyes. I had to rub them to get that disgusting liquid out and as I did so, I heard a loud screech. I opened my eyes and saw that a pig had come out of that poor man's guts. His shriek and my cry of horror alerted everyone, and they came to see what I saw.

The pig was slipping on so much blood as it tried to run and escape from the scene. He got lost in the corridors of the building and everyone turned to see me, shocked. I told them what happened and we couldn't help but panic, maybe one of us would be next. Amid all the uproar the young man I mentioned earlier hadn't said a word and just stood there, thinking. Then he silenced them all and asked me if I had eaten anything. I told him we were hungry, so we opened a package of sausages and started eating... well, at least he, because I didn't get to. I thought I saw something on the young man's face that I wouldn't know how to describe.

Maybe realization.

He told us a theory that could perhaps explain all these events.

He told us that he was quiet at home practicing yoga when suddenly he heard the unpleasant sound of something meaty exploding. The pieces of his cat were scattered throughout his room and between screams of horror, he noticed that from those guts, 2 birds and a mouse came out which escaped as soon as they had the opportunity. He said that his cat had a bad habit of hunting rats and pigeons and that was not enough, it also ate them even even though he bought croquettes. After this, he listened to the chaos in the street and went out to see what was happening. Carnage aside, he noticed that from various corpses mostly chickens and cows came out. Taking into account these details, plus the fact that this man had eaten sausages he came to a terrible conclusion. We looked at him skeptical, although deep down it could be true under the circumstances.

We decided to do a test but there was a catch: none of us were volunteering for this experiment. The hours passed and finally one succumbed to hunger and volunteered to take the test. I still had the package of sausages so I gave him 2. He ate them instantly and we waited. For a few minutes nothing happened, we believed that the young man's theory was a fallacy. We thought so until we were sprinkled with blood and guts while our screams were mixed with the characteristic squeal of a pig. There was no doubt, the young man was right and now that we were aware of this, we realized that we were doomed to die of starvation. Maybe you think: "but you have vegetables and fruits to eat". I have to say that this option did not work either. As strange as it sounds (and this is something that I omitted accidentally), the fruits and vegetables would grow back in the stomach and expand until it burst. I know this because I could see vegetation dyed red in the filthy guts, and because thanks to another brave volunteer we were able to confirm it.

The young man practiced yoga and could stay several days without eating. We were poor indigent who could barely put anything in our mouths. Since the incident 3 days have passed and I don't know how much longer we can hold out. My stomach shrinks with each passing hour and I feel it devouring my body to replace the lack of food. Yesterday one of ours died and to be honest I don't know if I'll be the only one who has this doubt but... what would happen if someone eats another person?

I don't have the courage to do so, and I don't dare to ask if they would be able to verify it. The lack of food is making me think this kind of things, I came to think that maybe if one person eats another maybe it would explode and expose a newborn, or maybe a grown man, i don't know.

That young man is admirable he controls his appetite quite well, you need a mind trained for that. The corpse is still in that corner and due the low temperatures its body is taking longer to decompose. The only thing others can do is sleep although some of them are still awake and talking to distract themselves. I have slipped into that corner with a knife in my hand that I previously took from the floor. Nobody is watching me, I take one of his arms and cut off a piece of meat. Despite the disgusting idea of ​​cannibalism and the hairs on that piece of skin I gather the courage that I did not have days ago and I eat that piece.

The taste is so gross, I don't even bother to chew as the blood runs out of my mouth. To be honest I think what prompted me to do this was the fear of starvation. And even if I die because of a human who comes out of my gut at least I know that death will be faster. Minutes pass and nothing happens, I hear the young man and someone else coming closer and they see what I'm doing. I turned to see them but I can't hear what they say because I start to feel a cramp in my gut. That feeling made me remember the first time I had my daughter except that this was much more painful.

I sincerely hope that my experiment will help them somehow.

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